12th Avenue and Imperial Street Transit Center

  • 12th Avenue and Imperial Street, San Diego, CA 92101 | Directions

Call this "filling in time." Waiting for the Blue Line, here at 12th and Imperial. I know it's gonna be another ten minutes. Starved, as usual, just after midday. Sun's beating down. Head for the shade in the trolley HQ. Hmm. Behind the snack shop, there's this eatery, Pacific Star Deli. Place is pretty packed. MTS staffers, I guess.

First thing you notice inside is the front of an old-fashioned trolley car, green and cream, bursting through the wall. "Away We Go, to San Diego," says its logo.

I go straight to the counter. Join the line. Ask the lady, Wasan, if they have something quick, cheap? Turns out they have, like, a full-on restaurant. And daily specials. Today, Thursday, it's Italian. Lasagna or mostaccioli (penne) with veggies for $5.99.


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