University Heights

Why Ostrich images in University Heights? In the 1900's Harvey Bentley's Ostrich Farm (Located in University Heights) supplied fashionable ostrich-feathers for ladies hats and garments.
University Heights sign on Park Boulevard.
University Heights is a neighborhood of San Diego. Located near Downtown, University Heights is a busy community with clean and large sidewalks and an art, theater, music life.
Craftsman homes, palm trees, and great weather in University Heights.
El Cajon Boulevard sign at night
There's no place like home
No place like home.
I took this photo at sunset of the Steeple of the Church at the corner of Oregon and Madison in University Heights. I couldn't resist the photo of the clouds with the splash of yellow from the setting sun, with the blazing yellow color on the Steeple. It was a winning combination.
Wall mural on Park Blvd.
A tree fell on El Cajon Boulevard blocking traffic
Coming home from school.
The sign at University Heights.
Outside bathtub.
El Cajon Boulevard
Inside Mystic Mocha
Howl-o-ween at the Trolley Barn Park Diego is shown in the photo.
Squirrel outside my window on tree. Since this photo was taken, the neighboring land owner trespassed and attempted to remove these trees! After maliciously injuring the trees, Morgan only halted removal of them after heavy threat of legal action.
I like to capture the essence of a place whenever I do location specific photos. In this case...there are a ton of scooters in the area so this seemed appropriate :)
If you look closely, you can see this scavenger's butt!
Flowers outside a home on Florida St. in University Heights.
A shot of Mission Valley taken from Old Trolley Barn Park on Adams Ave. in University Heights.
The townhouse section of the Lafayette Hotel is getting a yellow paint job. This section is located at the corner of Howard and Louisiana streets.
The main hotel is located on El Cajon Blvd. on the border of University Heights.
This is one of the most unusual structures in University Heights. It's located at 4740 Kansas St., just North of Adams Avenue. A plaque on the front wall of the original house states: House of STANLEY ESTABLISHED June 6, 1936.
This is a cool waterfall at a home on Mission Avenue in University Heights.
A ramshackle house in University Heights. It doesn't look so bad after some Photoshop tricks.
University Heights, Park Blvd. and Polk St. intersection: "So, should I just wait here, or...?"
Jesus as Art. University Heights.
OMG! Face melting at Muse show @ Valley View Casino Center!
An artificial waterfall in a house yard in University Heights. You don't necessarily see it when walking by this house, but you can sure hear the babbling water.
I shot this hummingbird feeder in University Heights. I used an in-camera partial color effect, then enhanced it in Photoshop (using the Poster Edges filter).
I took this at a cactus shop on El Cajon Blvd. in University Heights. I think that scary wooden creature protects the cacti!
Three Stars on Door, Five Generations of Prosperity. House entry gate in University Heights. San Xing Zai Hu, Wu Shi Qi Chang.
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