South Park

I'm always looking for horse rings.  Here's one on Dale in South Park.  I think most have been removed.  Probably thought of as just old fashioned at one time.  In Portland, OR a man has a project of attaching toy horses to the rings.  This makes people aware of the history around them.
The South Park clock at the intersection of Fern and Grape.
Mural on the wall of the laundromat (in the alley, next to 7-11).
Southpark as seen from the 2 MTS bus on 30th Street.
South Park banners along major streets of South Park.
Daisies in the spring time.
Shepard Fairey's "Burmese Monk" mural.
Shepard Fairey's mural on the back of the building at 30th and Ivy in south Park.
Example of businesses getting loot paid for by MAD-assessed resident property owners:  Alchemy Restaurant gets $800 bench, $400 ash tower for smokers, both shipped from Pennsylvania, all paid for by residents. The trash receptacle, also paid for by MAD assessments, cost many thousands of dollars, and it and the ash tower cost residents many thousands of dollars annually to empty and maintain.
One of the most beautiful homes in South Park. Built in 1910 and never more impressive.
Signature South Park bicycle.
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