Palomar College

The big letter "P" on the side of the hill in San Marcos lets you know you are in Palomar College country. Go Comets!
A view of the geodesic dome gymnasium next to the swimming pool at Palomar College. It  looks like a scene from a mid-century spa hotel that could have existed back in the 50's in Palm Springs or Desert Hot Springs.  Either that, or a giant space ship landed on campus. Does anyone remember the Sands Hotel that used to be by the 163 right near Clairemont Mesa Blvd.? It wasn't a geodesic style dome, but it was a big cement dome that was from the same era. Architectural domes are really interesting and we don't have enought of them in San Diego.
This is a closeup of the dome that covers the gymnasium at Palomar College. It is an example of a "Kaiser" geodesic dome because it was built by Henry J. Kaiser's company Kaiser Aluminum in 1959. That's the same fellow who came up with the concept of providing healthcare to workers at his factory and eventually founded Kaiser Permanente. The hexagonal-style geodesic dome at Palomar College was designed by Buckminster Fuller, who although he did not invent geodesic domes, he was the first person to record the mathematical computations and present them as a formula, and so became the person most associated with them. He received patent number 2682235 for his troubles.
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