North Park

North Park is a San Diego Urban Village.
 St. Luke's Church Episcopal in North Park.
North Park is Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) friendly!
 Classy street signs in North Park.
Northeast of Balboa Park is North Park.
North Park sign in February.
Take public transportation in North Park. Thing Green!
A North Park Must! check out the Historical Craftsman Neighborhood.
Detail on the Birch North Park Theatre marquee.
Artwork by Rik Erickson.
Tidy Tips at Morley Field.
More artwork, trompe l'oeil, by Rik Erickson.
Sidewalk view of Paras News, a North Park institution.
This is a view looking up at La Boheme condos from 30th street.
I was walking down 30th street in North Park and saw this striking scene, the rough texture of the bush is a nice contrast to the velvety sky.
Fog enhances the beauty at Morley Field.
Architecture firm in North Park on 30th Street. Great contrast of artistic recycled metal against green wall.
North Park sign on University Avenue at 30th Street just before the start of the 46th Toyland Parade on December 5th, 2009.
Flooded street
Dog Park in Morley field
A rainy day in North Park.
Saw these interesting stickers on the side of a building in North Park.
One of the IndieFest participants which took place in North Park. This DJ was playing for one of the acts at The Women's History Month Stage.
One of the acts during Indiefest in North Park.
This is a photo showing my best friend Dan Galant as he finally saved a kitten who had somehow gotten into a storm drain. Dan was down there for almost two hours with different food bribes to get the kitty to come over.We were able to get her a new home with a friend.
"North Park" sign (University Ave. & 30th St.)  taken after a rain
Ray St Art -T-Chokes
'80s Big Hair Cover Band "Lipstick n Leather" Performed at True North Tavern's Summer Kick Off Party. These Guys Rocked The House!
80's Big Hair Cover Band "Lipstick n Leather" Performed At True North Tavern's Summer Kick Off Party. These Guys Rocked The House
The crowd at packed-out True North Tavern goes wild as USA scored its 1st goal In the World Cup match against Ghana
Tilled Garden Art 07/13/10

An Outdoor Composition of NP's clay soil plus a mixture of Sand, Steer
Manure, Gypsum, Coffee Grounds, and lots and lots of elbow grease!
Stainless Steel Wind Mobile...
Lefty's Hat collection...
Custom Sidewalk in NP
Recycled Aluminum
Just what the tin man was looking for...
Sunset edges on Sharp NP art
July's full Moon 2010
Variation on Variegation. 
Two colors of the same plant equals unlimited variations!
Tomato Art on Ray St.
Morning Sunlight reflection causes reflection...
In NP 08/23/10
Sunflowers Shining on Ray St.
"Dia de los Muertos"
Espolon Tequilla Release, True North Tavern, Aug 31 2010
Compost Ball
Wile Squirrel. The most agile "lineman" in NP!
NP Trash Can ♡  Art.
A piece of yarn got stuck on a "nick" of the black plastic trash can and spend the day waving about!  This was not staged or manipulated in any way before the photo was taken.
Birch North Park Theatre has a nice new sign.
 late night #7 bus ride home. only me and the bus driver
Rain brings out the Lichens in North Park.
Black Hondo performing at SoNo Park Holiday Fest 2010.
Joey Harris performs at SoNo Park Holiday Fest 2010
Water wise plants display blooming colors
North Park sign. Decorated for the holidays.
North Park Toyland Parade.
A Double rainbow follows the Storm Train Eastward
The big Storm Train heads East and leaves a Rainbow in its wake 12/22/10.
Palm Frond Art Show on Ray St.
Remember, "Park where you see the Art". The North Park Parking Structure is finally getting art hung on the 4 sides of the structure located at 29th and North Park Way! The first side to be completed faces the Historic North Park Theatre. Very soon all four sides of the structure will have large images filling all the different "frames" that were designed to enhance the 380 space North Park Parking Structure, which features very low daily & monthly rates and makes finding safe off street parking easy, especially at
Bright sunlight passing through old glass creates morning optical art in NP.
Even the trash cans contribute to the Art on Ray Street, ground zero for the Art District in North Park...
Mural painters in North Park.
Friendly neighborhood signage to help make North Park a better place to live and sleep!
First grapes of the season are the sweetest!
Some hoods have tennis shoes. However this hood sports a Unicorn, Fur boa and a bottle of MD 20-20.  What that represents escapes me.
The iconic "North Park" sign at 30th and University Ave. taken June of 2011.
Late Labor Day Rain Shower Clouds, seen from Ray St. 92104.
The 730-seat Birch North Park Theater was built in 1929 and restored/re-opened in 2005 after sitting vacant for many years.  A fantastic space and community resource.
Wang's North Park is almost ready for Prime Time!
A ladybug drying its wings after being rescued from the pool at The Lafayette Suites
Caffe Calabria on Fresh & Easy night.
This was the first day I moved into my house in North Park. I rode my bike to Morley Field, and watched the sun rise.
Clouds over the North Park water tower.
North Park loves to make statements.
Workmen install windows at the new Wang's North Park restaurant, at 3029 University Avenue.
The North park sign at sunset, shot from University and 30th
This low-income apartment building is under construction on Florida St. in North Park (between University and Robinson).
A bird of paradise plant in a house garden along Polk St. in North Park.
What's the fate of North Park Theatre, with their filing Chapter 11 BK?  Watch and see what happens in Act II (after intermission).
Cigar store Indian outside a store on University Ave. in North Park. I added the posterized effect with Photoshop.
This structure on Arizona Street sure needs a lot of TLC!
Just before it's night
At a certain height
When the light is right
You can see this sight
Painters at a high-rise senior apartment building in North Park.
The sun appeared to be both rising and setting, over NP 92104, thanks to the oncoming storm clouds. 11/04/11
Morning sunlight creates a Sunbow under the oncoming thunderstorm clouds over NP 92104
Rainbow showing reflections inside and outside itself over North Park.
Close up of the rainbows reflections seen over North Park after the big storm!
These cool cats fill up a mural on the back of a building at University Ave. and Ohio St. in North Park.
The huge moon seem to pulse as it bid adieu to 11-11-11 over North Park.
pigment's Cactus on 30th St.
Hanging out in North Park
Pigment's twisted lights
Can illuminate the nights
Creating great sights
One of North Parks cool cats watches as a hummingbird puts on a mealtime air show!
Nothing to see here!
Majestic sunset in North Park, November 26, 2011
Morning glory plant along a house fence in North Park.
12/10/11 Lunar Eclipse over Ray St.
Late Dec. 2011, even the Moon smiles on NP's Ray St.
North Park in late December 2011
There is always free a free Art show on Ray St.
 North Park 92104
The smoke from a local fire produced Maxfield Parrish clouds at daybreak over Ray St in North Park.
Rose outside a house in North Park.
January 9th was the first Full Moon over North Park and it was really something to see!
Having a little fun on Photoshop with 2 of North Park's most recognizable landmarks. North Park
Mural just off University Avenue in North Park.
Nature's Early Morning Art Show,
Daybreak on Ray Street 01/25/12
north park. 32nd and landis.
Alley Art, North Park
North Park Water Tower.
North Park
North Park
Flowers outside a house in North Park.
Feeling safe in North Park
Wang's North Park adds it's own Art to Ray St.
A contrast between the old and new. Taken on Louisiana St. in North Park.
Even the LIme Trees in NP produce Art on Ray Street...
Even the rain in North Park produces ART on Ray Street.
North Park - Switzer Canyon Bridge repaving-Really-really-leap-year project Feb 2012
Ray St.'s High Wire Artist
Is something to see in NP.
A Cinco de Mayo streetlight shines on Ray St. in North Park
The First Solar Powered Street Light in California is in North Park, CA 92104.

It was Installed in Sept. of 2001 on Oregon St. between Meade Ave and Monroe Ave at Garfield Elementary School by the NP-LLMD, (North Park Lighting and Landscape Maintenance District) which was later morphed into the NP-MAD...
Morning light puts on an artistic light show on Ray St. CA 92104
Alley Art is the next BIG THING in NP, despite what the "Professionals" say...

One of the proposed North Park 2010 Alley Art™ Projects.
Photo by Chris Hernandez, found in r/sandiego.
neighborhood May 2012 bbq north park
The Festival of the Arts,
Flower Arts that is, on Ray Street, North Park 92104
Ray Street Homeowners use House Art to add to the "flare" of their Art District!
05/20/12  North Parks Festival of the Arts final act was a Solar Eclipse, as seen on Ray Street using a special dark glass filter that allowed viewer safety. Kudos to anti-vibration and digital technology, without which this hand held image would have been nothing but a blur...
05/20/12  North Parks Festival of the Arts final act was a Solar Eclipse, as seen on Ray Street using a special dark glass filter that allowed viewer safety. Kudos to anti-vibration and digital technology, without which this hand held image would have been nothing but a blur...
Design concept from the North Park Park and Recreation Council Meeting April 2012 report
The Lafayette Hotel on El Cajon Blvd. in North Park has a new cafe just off the lobby. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to soon.
An old beater pickup in North Park, which I Photoshopped to look colorful and cool.
An old Studebaker in North Park, which I colorized a bit!  My parents owned a Studebaker once, but not this model. It ran just fine, and was built tough like a tank!
Two Bees or not two Bees
Do their thing on Ray St.
Even the Roses on Ray St. are artist!
a north park porch a few warm days after halloween
Photo of a framed photo of Marilyn in a store window at 30th and University in North Park.
North Park - Hats on Ray Street
The original Wonder Weavers location, on El Cajon Blvd. in North Park since 1950, went up for sale. [The business moved sometime back to a house on Texas St.]
Even the Blue Moon is artistic in North Park, 92104
Easy to see the point of art, in NP's Morning light
The Sun lit up the North Park sky on 9/02/12
The giant Blue Moon exits North Park's sky on the morning of 9/02/12
Sometimes the light makes its own Art with shadows on Ray St, San Diego's Art District...
Even the peppers are artistically HOT on Ray Street!
It was standing room only on Ray St, SD's Art District.
There is always something sharp on display, on Ray St in SD's Art District.
There is even more free parking for cyclists in SD's Art District.
north park porch after a few pumpkins had a bit too much heat
"The beauty of life is the unknown." 
(My niece Phoenix Jade in North Park - San Diego, CA)
Art Produce garden in North Park, just across from CVS.
If you loiter behind U.S. Bank on University Avenue in North Park, you will probably NOT be prosecuted according to their sign.  But you WILL be "PROSECTUED"  for it!  Not sure what it means, though.  ;-)
Magnetic Art makes even rain downspouts artistic on Ray St.,
THE Art District of San Diego!
This "no dog pee!" sign in North Park means business! Hopefully it will work for them, as they DO have a wonderful lawn and landscaping.
Local artists add to the Public Art collection in North Park, San Diego's Art District.
Another shot showing the corner of the building as work progresses... 10/28/12
Slum apartment building in North Park
Lincoln Ave. and Idaho before the rain, North Park.
On 11-11 at 11 AM, on Remembrance Day, I planted a Labyrinth Flower Garden in our Altadena Community Pocket Garden, to remember all that have come before us and gave of themselves, so we could be free. God Bless A Vet!
Lemons growing on a tree in a North Park yard. Shot in b&w, then Photoshopped with poster edges effect.
I love my neighborhood! This photo was taken by my friend while we were strolling on the first Saturday of December afternoon at our hood.
San Diego Department of Environmental Health, District Attorney and City Attorney investigators examine the contents of a Walgreens dumpster in North Park. Photo courtesy District Attorney's office.
Street sign in North Park with KONY sticker.
The last full moon of 2012 bids North Park adieu as it rolls away from Ray Street
The Boulevard // North Park 

Chris Nies 
A new addition to Ray Streets Skyline!  Now North Park has two famous Tanks!
Is North Park going NUTS?
Some of its long time residents think so and are very happy about it...
Aztec Bowl sign in North Park.
I liked this colorful booth at the North Park Festival of the Arts on May 18, 2013. I tweaked it a bit with Photoshop.
North Park Unicorn Crossing
Early morning showers provided more Natural art on Ray St., San Diego's Art focus!
Jack welcomes the beginning of the post-Filner, business-friendly era by unveiling new late-night munchie menu specifically for contested North Park location.
Almost raining in North Park
North Park Sign lined up with the iconic water tower
Sun illuminated atmospheric waves put on quite an art show at dawn, high above Ray St., which is located in the apex of the best known Art District in San Diego, North Park, CA. 92104-3620.
North Park
North Park
Breakfast for two...strawberries in North Park.
Good morning, North Park.
Blue Jay in North Park
North Park Water Tower
North Park Water Tower
North Park has amazing gardens, some folk are just a tad tardy on their weeding. :-)
Chicken Pie Shop sign outside the restaurant in North Park. Created with in-camera effect (monochrome + one color).
North Park Night Shoot right outside West Coast Tavern.
North Park Sunset
North Park Sunset
North Park Sunset
Brugmansia flowers, also known as angel's trumpets, growing in North Park. Posterized in Photoshop.
North Park
Mississippi Street in North Park
Double rainbow in North Park
North Park Sunset
North Park Giant
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