National City

A skater takes to one of the mini ramps at the Sun Diego skate demo.
Eager fans line up out front of the newest Sun Diego location in National City, anxiously awaiting autographs and freebies from some of their favorite pro skaters.
Frank Kimball founded National City by purchasing a large tract of land. Once he bought the land he surveyed and laid out the town. From then on the building of the town became his obsession. And by his side was his wife Sarah who he called sister. Their Italianate home still stands and is open for tours.
National City has many structures over 100 years old. One of these is the the Santa Fe Depot built in 1882. It's now a museum.
The stately tudor home of Frank Kimball was built 140 years ago in the year that Kimball and his brothers purchased Rancho De La Nacion. As his fortunes changed later in his life, he lost the home. Saved from the demolishing, it was moved to Heritage Park.
The Kimball family plot overlooks National City. The La Vista Cemetary holds the remains of many of the cities founding fathers. Frank Kimball died in 1913 but left us about eighty years of diary entries.
Carnival Kimball Park July 3rd
This was taken in my garden and done with Photoshop On my comp for a kind of Andy Warhol look.
after a long days work, its time to play.
On Euclid Ave heading south and looking up at the 47th st overpass onto Hwy 805 north.
Little Darsire resting in a bench. We were at a relative's home for a Quinceanera.
Old school Firehouse in National City.
Love how the cross is co-mingled with the Church sign-very inventive.
Old school Firehouse in National City.
This will have to suffice for utility box art here in National City.
Lovely home for wedding planning!
Birthday celebration balloon flying above Cafe La Maze in National City.
Eatery sign amid brickwork.
The restored trolley, Salt Works, that now rests in front of National City Depot.  Which is now operated by the San Diego Electric Railway Association. The Depot is located at the corner of Bay Marina Drive and Marina Way in National City.
Nasty City sign in National City.
Hello to National City sign on Sweetwater Road near 805/
My kids taking a stroll on the Pepper park pier in National City
La Vista Cemetery National City
I let this osprey take my bait while I was fishing so it can feed the babies that were in the nest  at pepper park.
Thankgiving Sunset at National City Pepper Park
Giant Tree with Rope Swing in National City
National city.  Ship yard sunset
The historic Wallace Dickinson House in National City (1988)
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