Mount Laguna

This is the Laguna Mountain Lodge in the Cuyamaca mountains during winter. It's a fun place to stop for a quick snack or a souvenir after a day of frolicking in the snow. If it's getting late, you can rent one of the rustic cabins out back and enjoy the site of icicles hanging from the eves. In the summertime, it's a nice mountain getaway.
This photo was taken on highway 79, the road that winds through the Cuyamaca Mountains toward Mt. Laguna and Julian. Most of this highway has no stopping areas in which to pull over and park, so I snapped this photo as we were flying past Stonewall Peak.
Desert View
Lifted from an old and slightly-blemished paper photograph, this shot of a remote campsite in the far eastern reaches of San Diego County is still pretty cool.
Early morning sunrise over Laguna Mountains
October Sky at Laguna Mountains
Laguna Mountains sunrise
Top of Laguna mountains at sunset
Mt. Laguna last week, 16th 2012, right after the snow fell.
it's so lovely up there!
Laguna Mountains California
Hiking in Laguna Mountains.
In the Laguna Mountains, California, looking at a natural tree sculpture, looking down over 5,000 ft into the ANZA BOREGGO Desert towards the Salt and Sea.
"ICON" As photographed in the Laguna Mountains on the GARNET PEAK trail.
Deer ? , A burnt out tree from the CEDAR fires back in "2003" this does in fact look like a white tail deer known to frequent this area and at dusk, one could easily be convinced this was a deer. Photographed by Robert Chartier in the Laguna Mountains.
 "WORKING TREE" Just another example of a miricle in nature as this tree appreared to be bent over and cultivating the field it was standing in like a farmer in his field. Photographed by Robert Chartier in the Laguna Mountains.
"Halloween Mask" A tree in the Laguna Mountains that looks like it has copied an image off a  Hollywood horror flick movie poster. Photographed by Robert Chartier.
"HOW CLOSE" ??? Mountain lion paw print in SNOW on the NOBEL trail in the Laguna Mountains which was very FRESH:-)  I estimate this to be a 160 to 190 lb. These wild cats are well  known to attack humans from time to time and they can take down a full size white tail deer in the area with little problem. This print was just about the size of my hand!!  Photographed by Robert Chartier
Mountain Biking @ 6,000 feet, high in the Laguna Mountains of San Diego. Photographed by Robert Chartier on 3-2-2013.
"Old man"  walking from left to right with a pack on his back or an "Indian totem pole carving" looking towards the left of this image? You decide:-) Photographed by Robert Chartier in the Laguna Mountains.
"BIG SKY" Beautiful cloud formation in the Laguna Mountains 3-3-2013 caught in between a rain storm followed by sunshine. Photographed by Robert Chartier.
P.S. I frequently break the rule of THIRDS in my landscape photography, this image is another fairly good example of why breaking the rules can indeed work when a frame can express more of an image going outside the box:-)
"Indian Goddess" Original natural sculpture discovery as Photographed by Robert Chartier in the Laguna Mountains.
"Moss Prints" Original natural elemental artwork as discovered and photographed by Robert Chartier in the Laguna Mountains.
"Blue Desert"  From the "CHARTIER Fine Art Landscapes Gallery". View from Garnet Peak in the Laguna Mountains overlooking the ANZA BOREGGO desert. Phototography by Robert Chartier.!i=2404104158&k=374nPLX
Day 3 on th Pacific Crest Trail in Laguna Mountains on a 5 to 6 month journey!
Yucca in full bloom, Laguna Mountains California.
Lizzard @ 6,000 ft. "Garnet Peak"  Laguna Mountains California.
6,000 ft. "Garnet Peak"  Laguna Mountains California.
"Mountain Coy"  Fine Art Photography by Chartier. I shot this piece in the Laguna Mountains.
"Gentle Giant" Fine Art Photography by Chartier. Photograph was taken in the Laguna Mountains.
Laguna Mountains
Laguna Mountains "Pond in the woods" area
Looking east into the Anza Borrego Desert from the S1 in the Laguna Mountains.
Laguna Mountain Sunrise by "Chartier"
Pre-sunrise early Morning -in-Laguna-Mountains "Chartier"
8.22.13 Clairemont, image by "CHARTIER".
This IMAGE Aired in NEWS 10 for 2 days in a Row during the Weather forecast.
Aired: 8-21-13 and 8-22-13.
Sunset Trail on Mount Laguna offers views of expansive meadows, lakes, and forests; an excellent way to get away.
Laguna Mountain
A statue of the Buddha in a museum in London.
High atop Cuyamaca Peak
Springtime lupines, Mt. Laguna
My trip up to Meadow Loop, Laguna Mountains, San Diego, California
View along route through Laguna Mountain Recreation Area
San Diego Autumn in Cuyamaca
Cuyamaca in Autumn
Deer in Cleveland National Park
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