Mission Valley

Mission Valley is the area to shop in San Diego. Check out all the popular stores.
Exit the 163 to visit Fashion Valley.
New construction in Fashion Valley. Looks like a new apartment complex.
Eat yummy food and shop til you drop at Fashion Valley.
The famous Cheesecake Factory at Fashion Valley
Popular shopping at Bloomingdale's in Fashion Valley.
Find the perfect container at the Container Store in Fashion Valley.
Valley Center versus Madison at Qualcomm Stadium for the Division IV championship
Playoff Fever
Westbound view of the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot during an SDSU Football game in October.
Road, river, and rails intersect near Avenida del Rio at Fashion Valley. The Green Line trolley bridge dominates the 163 and San Diego River here, crossing the river four times as it snakes eastward to Qualcomm and SDSU.
The Mission Basilica, San Diego de Alcala at Mission Valley.
The San Diego River
Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala’, California’s first church at 10818 San Diego Mission Road, founded by Father Junipero Serra in July of 1769, was originally built on Presidio Hill. It was relocated to its present site in 1774, near the Kuumeyay villages, where there was water and farmland. A year after completion, it was burned to the ground. In 1776, Father Serra returned to begin reconstruction, covering the church and mission buildings with adobe to protect them from future fires. The mission withstood many trials and transformations, including the Mexican Occupation and later, U.S. Calvary occupation. 50,000 acres of land were restored to the Church in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln. Pope Paul VI declared the Mission Church a minor basilica in
Under the Senator Jack Schrader Bridge, 805 over Camino del Rio South
Mural on Hotel Circle
Mission Valley
Train station near Qualcomm Stadium
Rainbow in Mission Valley
Yesterday's clouds from Mission Valley 8 West
Who would ever guess that this idyllic scene was taken from the San Diego River overpass on Mission Center Road in the heart of Mission Valley?
An excavation site at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala looks more like an abstract painting than an eighteenth century ruin.
This interesting architectural detail is from the entrance to the chapel at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala.
The facade at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala. The mission is a National Historic Landmark and is listed as a California Historic Landmark # 242 and a City of San Diego Historic Designation
The sign in front of Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala.
The covered portico at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala. Directly behind this walkway is an excavation site that dates back to 1769 when the original mission was built was on this site. The
current church, which is actually the fifth incarnation of the mission (due to expansions and a rebuild after an 1812 earthquake) was built in 1813. This portico was built in 1931 during a period of restoration. It is a re-creation of the original portico which had long been destroyed.
Hazard Center during a film festival.
The Mission Valley Library is one of the most interesting and beautiful libraries in town. The building was designed by Wheeler Wimer Blackman & Associates, and features an interior art piece by Joyce Cutler-Shaw titled "Sycamore Leaf Canopy," consisting of eight columns topped by cut metal sycamore leaves. It is both dramatic, refreshing and gives you the feeling of being in an outdoor space. The exterior of the library has what I believe is circular patterned brushed aluminum walls. It's super shiny and reflects the surrounding scenery.
This glass and metal circular structure serves as the back porch for the Mission Valley Library. The library has an upstairs loft featuring both indoor and outdoor sitting areas. It's a gorgeous,
restful place to enjoy a good book or to use your laptop to write reviews for the San Diego Reader.
The Mission Valley Library has an outdoor water feature reminiscent of the San Diego River that runs nearby.
Reflections and algae on the rocks in the stream in the water feature at the Mission Valley Library.
A bright white cement buttress is reflected in the sloping, shiny brushed aluminum wall of the Mission Valley Library.
Little League baseball underway at Presidio Park.
California's first mission
Purple "freeway daisies," otherwise known as African Trailing Daisies or Osteospermum Fruticosum.
A spray of purple and white "freeway daisies."
The Trolley Station
Mission Valley right after sunset with bright Venus and Mercury to the lower right.
The Stadium
 The Highway
The San Diego River Foundation sponsored River Fest-in celebration of River Days at Qualcomm Stadium, May 16.
Lots of Volunteer Action happening at River Fest in Mission Valley, May 16th, 2010
Airplane marks in the sky.
What time is it? Time to shop at Fashion Valley!
Taken from the walkway between AMC Fashion Valley movie theaters and parking garage!
Public Art on Wall along Mission Center Road-Mission Valley.
"Our River" mural alongside Carl's Jr. driveway on Mission Center Road.
Leftover disco ball from the Sex & The City II movie promotion at Ultra Star Hazard Center Theater.
Hanging from the ceiling and looking pretty at Ultra Star Hazard Center Theater.
Looking up at the outdoor patio roof of Sammy's Woodfire restaurant in Mission Valley.
Our building area.
Fixing up a dishy new look at Fashion Valley mall's Food
Court area.
Religious imagery inside Scottish Rite Center.
Vibrantly-patterned floor rug at Scottish Rite Center.
College workshop for high school seniors at Scottish Rite Center.
These people were waiting in line for the Wipeout open call at Seau's on October 30, 2010.
Brown-tailed hawk hanging on a palm tree found along the San Diego River bike path.
These activists protested fur outside of Bloomingdales at the Fashion Valley Mall on "Fur Free Friday," November 26, 2010.
This is a section of the stained glass windows from the First United Methodist Church of San Diego, the one that you can see up on the South side of the hills when you are driving on the I-8 through
Mission Valley. I think this is probably one of the most beautiful churches in San Diego and an excellent example of mid-century architecture. It was designed by Reginald Inwood and was dedicated in November of 1964.
Colorful graffiti along Mission Valley Preserve bike path
Flooded south parking garage at Fashion Valley Mall.
Lifeguards patrol Fashion Valley during rain deluge in late December.
Friars Road near Western Division Police Station flooded during great rain deluge.
JC Penney Optical Dept. in Fashion Valley got inundated from a broken water pipe on 01/12.
Opening day of Little League baseball.  Some kids are a little distracted from the ceremony.
Along Mission Valley bike path-Drug abuse warning.
The Wiener Dog Nationals taking place on Aug 28, 2010 next to Qualcomm Stadium.
Interstates 8 & 805 interchange in Mission Valley.
Colorful action at Dave & Busters.
Sunday, December 4, 2005. Sorry Raider fans, but it's one of my favorites.
A shot of Mission Valley taken from Old Trolley Barn Park on Adams Ave. in University Heights.
State of California gov't building in Mission Valley.
Trolley Tracks in Mission Valley, across from Hazard Center.
Walking with my son by the San Diego River, in Mission Valley.
Fashion Valley movie theater.
Trolley crossing Friars Road near Napa St.
Trolley crossing guards going down near Napa St. and Friars Rd.
Info kiosk near Friar's Road trolley crossing.
Retro View Q

(from Qualcomm stadium)
Best Buy store in Mission Valley.
In store line-up to purchase new iPad 3 tablet at Best Buy in Mission Valley.
Colorful signs at Del Taco in Mission Valley.
My Beautiful San Diego, The San Diego Mission
Sunset at Playa Pacifica
Mission Bay
A beautiful day for a mountain bike ride at Mission Trails
Remember when Fashion Valley flooded a few years back?  I was going through an old cell phone and found this in the pictures....pretty cool.  The trolley says No Water To Waste but in my pic it only captured Water to Waste....that happened to be up to the stop sign!!!!  Thought I would submit it.
Entrance to Fashion Valley Mall with Mission Bell in foreground.
The bells of Mission Basilica de Alcalá, California's first mission
Chef Instructor at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of California – San Diego Rudy Kloebe demonstrates how to carve ice during The Art Institutes Food Truck Tour festivities in Mission Valley, Saturday, Sept. 22.
Culinary students at the helm of The Art Institutes Food Truck and a member of the God Save the Cuisine truck race to select the secret ingredient, passion fruit, to incorporate into their dishes during a heated cooking battle. The winner of last season’s Food Network show The Great Food Truck Race, Jesse Brockman of the Lime Truck, was on hand at The Art Institute of California – San Diego to declare the winner: God Save the Cuisine.
Getting hungry while stuck in traffic on Friars Rd. in Mission Valley.
Charger / Kansas City Thursday night game at Qualcomm min Mission Valley.
Herb, a Kansas City fan, visiting from Fresno at Qualcomm Stadium.
Stadium not looking too full for a nationally-televised game at Qualcomm Stadium.
Exciting game. Well, not really, at Qualcomm Stadium for Chargers/ Kansas City.
Football action from some good seats at Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley.
Freeway signs along Interstate 8 West in Mission Valley.
Lots of flocked trees here at Mission Valley mall.
Mission Center Road Charger utility box art in Mission Valley.
Freeway choices along Interstate 8 West in Mission Valley.
Chess anyone?  The jumbo chess board at the Mission Valley mall.
New Digiplex theater my mom & I went to...AKA UltraStar in Mission Valley.
Beautiful oak in mission trails!
The raging San Diego River as seen crossing Fashion Valley Road after a rainstorm.
University of San Diego from the floor of the canyon through the brush.
Mission Gorge Trail Running Stream.
A group of sqooters hangin' out at the San Diego Mission
Media circus at Anchorman II casting call in Mission Valley.
This photograph was taken with the traditional 4x5 camera, or view camera. This image is a double exposure on one sheet of film. It was taken at mission trails regional park. 

-Dana Winkler
Mission Valley Sunset
The beautiful San Diego river at sunset.
Time to hit Happy Hour (@Mission Valley)
Mission San Diego de Alcalá
Mission San Diego de Alcalá
Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá
Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá
8/805 Freeway Bridge shot from below
San Diego Comic Fest 2018, Batman from the Year One comics - http://sandiegocomicfest.blogspot.com
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