Downtown San Diego

Seaport Village
Some of the artwork hanging on the walls of the Buzz Clothing Warehouse.
Java Jones Coffeehouse which has live entertainment and sells their own beans.
Barbarella shakes her Divatini at the W
Barbarella serves her Divatini for Celebrity Bartender event at the W
San Diego skyline as seen from the I-5.
Panoramic view of downtown from the harbor
Eye on San Diego
Hard Rock Cafe
At the Buzz Clothing Warehouse, where they often have DJs and events. This candleholder was on their back patio, where all the smokers hung out.
Downtown Trolley Station
Horton Plaza
The California Theatre at 1122 Fourth Avenue.
The fountain outside the Wells Fargo building on 5th & B.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Promenade in downtown San Diego,
California. Near the convention center.
San Diego County is North of the Mexican border. 20 minute drive to the border from downtown.
San Diego is the second largest city in Caifornia.
Rody Horse Toy has been a favorite with kids since its inception in the 1980s.
Farscape's Gigi Edgley was spotted signing autographs at the San Diego Convention Center during Comicon 2008.
Valentines is a popular fast-food Mexican restaurant Downtown San Diego. The Potato burrito is MAJOR!
Art, Food, & Drinks at Pokez Restaurant Downtown San Diego.
When eating at the famous Pokez Restaurant Downtown San Diego - wait to be seated or you won't be served!
The Gaslamp sign on 5th Street.
Gateway to the Gaslamp Quarter.
Think, Play, & Create at the New San Diego Children's Museum.
Graffiti & creativity at the San Diego Children's Museum.
Sculptures and more at the San Diego Children's Museum downtown.
Architect Rob Wellington Quigley has created a dynamic space for children downtown.
View all images from Street Scene 2008 here:
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Street Scene 2008
Tokyo Police Club
Tokyo Police Club
Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara
The Night Marchers
The Night Marchers
The Night Marchers
Street Scene 2008
The Night Marchers
The Night Marchers
The Night Marchers
The Hives
The Hives
The Hives
The Hives
The Eagles Of Death Metal
The Eagles Of Death Metal
The Eagles Of Death Metal
The Eagles Of Death Metal
The Eagles Of Death Metal
Del The Funky Homosapien
Del The Funky Homosapien
Del The Funky Homosapien
Del The Funky Homosapien
Hot Chip
Hot Chip
Hot Chip
Hot Chip
Hot Chip
Chester French
Cat Power
Cat Power
The Fulano stage at Street Scene.
MTS Trolley etiquette = Carry your board.
hanging out during Street Scene.
Fair food at Street Scene 2008.
Dengue Fever performs at Street Scene.
Street Scene 2008 - 24th annual event returns to the streets of Downtown San Diego.
Street Scene 2008 - 24th annual event returns to the streets of Downtown San Diego.
The 2008 STREET SCENE line-up: Beck, Devo, Justice, STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9), Michael Franti & Spearhead, The National, Spoon, TV on The Radio, Atmosphere, Cat Power, Hot Chip, Tegan and Sara, The New Pornographers, X, Vampire Weekend, The Hives, Cold War Kids, Ghostland Observatory, Spiritualized, Antibalas, Man Man, The Mother Hips, Tokyo Police Club, DeVotchKa, The Night Marchers, Nortec Collective presents Bostich + Fussible, Does it Offend You, Yeah?, Del The Funky Homosapien, Eagles of Death Metal, Foals, The Muslims, Dengue Fever, MGMT, Sea Wolf, West Indian Girl and Chester French.
STREET SCENE founder Rob Hagey has teamed with Casbah's Tim Mays this year in an effort to reinvent the festival as it returns it to its roots in downtown San Diego. Most of the bands in this year's lineup got their start in San Diego at the Casbah or at other local venues on shows produced by Tim Mays/Casbah. The pairing up of Casbah and Street Scene brings a fresh approach to the event with many of the bands making their first STREET SCENE appearance ever.
"This is a return to our roots both musically--with a band like X who played our first year in 1984--and our location that started in the streets of downtown San Diego," stated Rob Hagey, producer and founder of Street Scene. "This year's line-up--with acts like DeVotchKa, Spiritualized and Hot Chip--and being back in the
streets will have such a cool vibe with so many great indie artists in an urban setting."
CNN campaign = Join the League = at Street Scene.
The Artist = Spiritualized performed at Street
Volunteers make the festival happen in the Gaslamp.
filmmakers trying to make a difference at the San Diego Film Festival in the Gaslamp. will connect you to filmmakers and the Gaslamp.
The San Diego Film Festival is held at the Pacific Theaters in the Gaslamp.
The 3D Film Factory demonstrating AWESOME 3D technology at the San Diego Film Festival.
All ages enjoy the San Diego Film Festival.
The San Diego Film Festival takes over the Gaslamp to show films and celebrate the arts.
Residue the movie at the San Diego Film Festival.
The Gaslamp in San Diego hosts one of the best film festivals in the world.
Become a volunteer at the San Diego Film Festival.
See a familiar face at the San Diego Film Festival in the Gaslamp.
Downtown skyline.
Sign posted above the banana display at the Rite-Aid in Horton Plaza. Cracked me up!
Dark Clouds Over Symphony Towers: Taken last year at the east-facing window of my cubicle on the 30th floor of the SymphonyTower, downtown San Diego where I used to work. In front of us was a building construction with a crane about 30 floors high at that time. There was a guy who stays in the box on top of that crane all day. I thought if I was that guy, I would be freaked out with those dark clouds looming right ahead.
Parking lot between 2nd & 3rd, and Ash & A St. On some occasions the lot is full at night, other times no customers.  Picture taken from 14th floor of Luther Tower at 2nd & Beech in January of 2009.
Patrick's II
Well camouflaged, isn't he. This is one of the cats that live at William Heath Davis' House in the Gaslamp Quarter... having a blissful afternoon nap.
San Diego Convention Center
Sidewalk on First Avenue, between Ash and Beech downtown. The pavement, laid and stamped in December 1895 by concrete contractor O. E. Winders, may be the oldest to survive in the downtown area, or even the county. (If you find older, let us know!) It sits between the Reiss Hotel and the Brunswick Hotel, two other survivors of old San Diego. The block had been slated for development, but fortunately for sentimental walkers, the real estate slowdown has delayed developer ’dozers.
Officer Ulysses Harvey stands beside the fountain in the forecourt of SDPD's headquarters, 1401 Broadway, downtown San Diego. The original plan for the 1986 building was to create a stone memorial for officers who had died in the line of duty, but that would have been too heavy for the underground garage to support.
The jeweled crowns and spears guarding the entrance to the Churchill Hotel, 827 C Street, downtown San Diego (no, Winston didn't stay here). The hotel, nearly a century old, was last given a facelift in the 1980s and is due for another later this year.
World's largest Hawaiian shirt, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It hangs in the window of the Gaslamp's Hilo Hattie store at 301 Fifth Avenue. Tailors at Hilo Hattie, one of Hawaii's biggest fashion retailers, made the shirt for its Kamehameha Day parade float in 1986. It measures 14 feet around the chest, 5 feet around the neck, and needed 26 yards of fabric.
The lace bustier that Madonna wore during her 1985 Virgin Tour, now an artifact displayed in the new Hard Rock Hotel at 345 Sixth Avenue, downtown. The hotel, which opened last December, is packed with some of the chain's $50 million collection of 69,000 rock-memorabilia pieces.
This is a photo of the Santa Fe tower, with a building backdrop. The symmetry was great.
Horton Plaza Downtown
The Chinese New Year celebration downtown near the Chinese Museum.
The Palazzo in Horton Plaza. The overcast clouds gave it the right colors, and look.
looking past north island san diego skyline
 The Central Library downtown San Diego
Free Hugs
View of Downtown San Diego Skyline.
Statue in San Diego along the Embarcadero
Downtown skyline
Skyline from the Top Floor of Horton Plaza
pelican at 12 o'clock high
This is a panoramic view of Downtown San Diego right in front of the T-Mobile store.
A view from the bottom of the stairs at the Convention Center.
I recently took alot of photos for the City Digz retail/thrift store website and I like this one. I volunteer there and
the people are great who work there. The proceeds go to Father Joe's Villages. If you love vintage style clothing plus a mixture of new modern style clothing.....go here
This is photo I took inside the Chee-Chee Bar on Broadway St. I like the way it is lit up, just light enough, but inside dark. It's great for pics and the bartenders are friendly.
This is feral cat we have living in our apartments who loves to play in the garden. We call him Sylvester the cat.
Pokez Vegetarian Mexican Restaurant on corner of 10th and E
What is more beautiful than downtown San Diego?!? This is the best place to live and the greatest vacation destination. This photo was taken coming into San Diego on a cruise ship.
san diego skyline
Moonrise over downtown San Diego
Moonrise over downtown San Diego
The U.S.S. Nimitz
Mock sea battles on San Diego Harbor
 A proposal in the sky during the 2008 Street Scene
Me (Gadget) sign guy + Free Hugs to everyone !  this is what,I feel that is really important to make people happy +
have a warm hart ! to give out lots of hugs is something fun and rewarding ! I see the people happy after they see me and give a hug ...I cant wait until the Circus Sees me again_______
After a short operation the previous week, NIMITZ left on deployment July 31st unusually with all her aircraft on board.
The Mummy Soldiers were displayed in Downtown San Diego in front of the Convention Center during Comic Con 2008.
Downtown at Night
Night shot of downtown San Diego from Coronado
Come and Get your Free Hugs -the only real Free good thing here in Dan Diego,Ca.are free hugs
let me make your whole day better get your free hugs now while I'm HOT !!
Two kids play in the sand watched by grandparents on a hot day. San Diego Downtown and navy ship in background.
sail boat crossing the skyline
 a fairy statue sitting on a mushroom
Before work each day, I like to take a walk past the U.S.S.
Midway Museum. I have wanted to take a photo of this statue for many
months and I knew when the light would be at its best. The day I showed
up with my camera, the sun was so bright with no clouds in sight. I took
several photos and was already in my car preparing to head to work when
I noticed the USS Dubuque steaming into the area. I hustled back to a
favorable spot and waited for this to happen.
A picture of downtown San Diego taken from a boat ride on the harbor.
Shot of the Convention Center as seen from Embarcadero Marina Park North during Art Walk on the Bay by Jose Gutierrez.
Lights of the Night. Downtown, San Diego
Downtown Santa Fe Station
looking at the bay
This was taken downtown San Diego in October near a local lawyers office. I love the mixture of the old bike with the newer but vintage look scooters. The scooters all looking like a vintage pic out of mod England.Taken with my trusty and well survived digital camera.
Taken downtown on a cool day. I wanted to take a pic of different view of a scooter. Next time I am going to have to get the owner in the pic.
I'm just watching you work for money - I think I should try this on the city hall council .... ha ha ha
There are a lot of creative street artists in downtown San Diego. There is an longstanding mural on the back of the Churchill Hotel located downtown. This is a view of a potion of the mural.
The tuna boats of San Diego at rest.
The clouds of the harbor near sunset.
Outside the cruise ship terminal at night. Unedited photo showing shadow of urban tree.
Taken in front of the downtown library. A vintage-style scooter parked outside caught the attention of alot of passersby.
Downtown, Broadway
Bum Line
Horton Plaza
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo
Downtown Driving thru Gaslamp at Night
Santa Fe Train Station
Sunset as seen from 9th, looking west!!!!  This is my view from my home.
The BMW Oracle Racing Team pulling in during sunset
Night Swimmer
My beautifully decorated, ecletic, piney Christmas tree.   Luvin it!
Lindbergh Field Runway
Rush hour traffic can make you see things
 The Beechwood hotel at 4th and Beech St.
This was taken just before friends descended into their annual sweets coma. I spent many weeks making dough and then just over 2 days doing nonstop (almost) assembly line baking.
rain day
The fountain by Wells Fargo
Statuesque art by the harbor
Cruise ship pulling into port at sunrise
Downtown at sunrise
The USS Midway and the Coronado Bay Bridge at sunrise.
Boats docked at Harbor Island
This was taken from my patio on Christmas Day.  I had not seen a horse on 9th before!
Room with a view
Lobby of the El Cortez condos building, taken through a window.
San Diego Downtown skyline at sunrise
Bayou Brothers band at the Multicultural Festival 2010
Perspective in Downtown San Diego. Taken in the Horton Plaza Mall
Seaport Village carousel
View of downtown on a warm summer night
Twilight just off the USS Midway
At the Embarcadero
Statue of Alonzo E. Horton at Horton Plaza
Sea Port village
San Diego Chinese New Year Fair 2010 on Fourth Avenue sponsored by the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum.
Mardi Gras in downtown.
Downtown (2).
Downtown at night.
Ladybug with downtown in the background.
Ladybug with view of downtown.
View of downtown.
Another view of downtown.
Downtown at night.
Battleship at the harbor front.
Harbor front.
The Kissing Couple on Haborfront
Dog "restroom" on Cortez Hill
3-30-10: The old Horton Plaza fountain itself is out of use and fenced in, while the small gazebo park around it is completely unmaintained and overgrown. 

Around a dozen homeless people were inside the chained-off park, hanging out on the unmowed grass, most of them having easily maneuvered shopping carts and other belongings past the simple dangling chains - 

The result was like a bizarre zoo cage, set smack dab in the middle of the city, with everyone trying hard to look away from and ignore the cage and its contents.

Oddly, not really all that different than the old pre-Gaslamp dayz of the 1970s, other than the abandoned state of the acreage, which the City only obtained from the late Horton (shortly before he died a pauper) by
promising never to raze the fountain and the park. 

Now, it's a strange and depressing monument to the epic mismanagement of San Diego's most iconic pop culture treasures --
a bird's eye view of SD
On 4/14/2010 I took my girlfriend flying for her birthday and this is on of the aerial photos.
On the Embarcadero near The Fish Market. I used a slow shutter speed to capture this photo. It was at dusk.
Downtown San Diego
An afternoon at Seaport Village.
San Diego Harbour
The Harbour
San Diego's Skyline
The Harbour
San Diego's Harbour
This photo was taken from the second floor of the County Administration building on Pacific Highway on May 2nd.
Flying free with the breeze
View of Horton Plaza and beyond from the US Grant Hotel
Lights in Mr. Tiki's
Chelsea's Light Facebook group gather at downtown Courthouse steps and hold sunflowers and lilies in memory of Chelsea King & Amber Dubois on John Gardner's sentencing day.
Colorful art adds pizazz to Anthony's Restaurant & the waterfront area.
Noble sentiments, indeed, from the interior of the Grand Jury office at the Hall of Justice.
Walkway between Hall of Justice and Criminal Court building. Looks like a mental institution bridge to me!
Naked Bike Ride-June 12. Exercise is so much better bare-skinned!
Downtown San Diego
Wyland's Whales along bank building wall on Kettner Blvd.
Fine Art.
Looking down from the bridge spanning the Hall of Justice and the Criminal Courts building downtown. Don't jump!
Trolley Crossing At The Foot Of The Gaslamp
Downtown 4th July Fireworks
Horton plaza parking lot painting.
Downtown San Diego skyline
Downtown San Diego
Horton Plaza Downtown
Horton Plaza Downtown
Fireworks after Summer Pops
I took this picture while on an outing to Seaport Village here in San Diego this past week with my daughter and we saw these beautiful birds
I took this picture of what I this is suppose to look like a Japanese Garden in Seaport Village
Downtown San Diego through a wine glass. This picture was taken from Coronado Island.
Ask me about tickets!
Festival of Sail!  The Curlew with the Pilgrim in the background.  San Diego Bay.
Seaport Village
Seaport Village
View of Downtown San Diego from a 12th floor high rise.
"The Other Side of Downtown"
The U.S.S. Midway
Photo was taken of the train tracks downtown San Diego near Harbor Drive.
Picture was taken on the docks off of Harbor Drive, San Diego.
Father and Daughter enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon looking at the sail boats pass by off of Harbor Drive, San Diego.
Bunk beds on board the U.S.S. Midway
5th and Market Fridays and Saturdays
Hip hop Star
Downtown at 5 th and Market
Truly Spoken
Fisherman's truck.
Gujarati Association Garba at San Diego Convention Center.
Entry way to the Vin De Syrah Wine Parlor.
This picture was taken on 10/22/2010. It is the full moon rising over Seaport Village as seen from the docks of the Tuna Fleet.
Cell phone lot instructions along Harbor Drive.
Cheerfully colorful graffiti along a downtown wall near 4th & B.
Ornate moldings downtown but spray-painted address numbers.
Vivid textured exterior of NBC Building downtown.
Heavy duty steel protection for a candy vending machine at the cell phone lot downtown.
Port of San Diego public art on display near Anthony's Restaurant entitled "Sea Level."
TV trucks gather at the Cruise Ship terminal in anticipation of the Carnival Splendor's arrival by tow.
Public mermaid art along Embarcadero.
Carnival Ship Splendor 11/11/2010
Traffic mayhem along North Harbor Drive as the crippled Carnival Splendor comes limps into port.
Shot from R22 heli on transition over Lindbergh field.
The flowers in the foreground are at the entrance to the stairs of the meditation gardens. I was looking to capture the vivid colors of the flowers in contrast to the shadowy background of the stairs.
Another beautiful sunrise downtown.
Dizzys tango night, Sunday December 6 2010
Dizzys tango night, Sunday December 6 2010
This is a colorful, elegant picture of our city taken from Coronado.
View of Downtown.
Piazza Basilone
View from Influx Cafe
Gate at Commercial fishing pier.
Harbor View
Midway Carrier
New Broadway Pier.
Broadway And Harbor
Shot from high atop Point Loma across the bay, a peaceful downtown San Diego awaits the crowds of New Year's Eve participants
Reader Street Team @ SDIAS.  Like the Street Team on Facebook!
Downtown skyline as seen from the flight deck of the USS Midway
the lobby of the US Grant Hotel.
Office Building
Utility box art along C Street and trolley tracks downtown.
Near 4th and B
Shot this photo while walking around the harbor one day. Edited in Photoshop.
Beautiful Balboa Theater.
public art along the Embarcadero.
view from dining area of Anthony's Fish Grotto.
A server in the downtown area makes her way home after a closing shift (3am).
Downtown Sunset, January 16, 2011
View of Downtown from Tom Ham's Lighthouse on Harbor Island 1/23/2011
Delicious dessert at Anthony's during Restaurant Week.
2010 Gaslamp Pet Parade.
The Iconic Gaslamp Sign
Car view of downtown buildings.
On the ferry, view of downtown.
Sunset in San Diego boats in the harbor downtown on a warm.
Tree outlined by sun showing San Diego boats in the harbor downtown on a warm sunshine day
Colors of the sun reflecting from San Diego figure in Sea Port downtown waterfront - Feb 12, 2011.
Chinese New Year Fair
Public art along the Embarcadero.
Public art sculpture along Embarcadero.
Colorful vendor tables along the Embarcadero.
Proud to be an American!
Fishing boats lined up next to Tuna Park just north of Seaport Village
The USS Midway
Skydivers letting out smoke trails as they glide past the Fish Market downtown.
On the water Downtown at sun down.
Lights on the water Downtown at sun down.
USS Midway and downtown San Diego as seen from aboard the C-15.
Medical marijuana advocates make their voices heard downtown in front of the Federal Courthouse.
At 7th and C- colorful utility box art.
More utility box art downtown at 7th & C Street.
"The Man" watching medical marijuana protests downtown.
Even cars agree that it is not right to ban medical.
This was the free CPR training day put on by the Red Cross the weekend after the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan in March 2011.A ton of people showed up to get free certification.These are the
"dummies" we used to train with.
DO WE NEED TO SAY MORE: pa·tient/ˈpāSHənt/ Noun: A person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment. ISNT OUR HEALTH OUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN?
Still a wonderful landmark.
By the harbor area.
The Coronado Bridge
Picture taken next to Horton Plaza Mall. Balboa Theatre.
Hotel St. James.
Tree in Front of Building
I took this picture of downtown San Diego with my Nikon d90. i came here to take pictures for my engagement and snapped this picture and fell in love. this is why i love San Diego so much, it's so beautiful.
Trees with red flowers backlit by the sun near Hyatt in Downtown, San Diego.
View of Downtown from the Hyatt.
Wind Chimes Seaport Village
Girls with Kites in Seaport Village.
Girl looking at colors.
Gumballs in Horton Plaza.
Port District safety sign along San Diego Bay.
San Diego, City.
A nautical string of pearls from the Maritime Museum.
Hotel Churchill sign with added decrepitude.
Mama Hippo and her (not so little any more) Baby :) Taken 4/21/2011
The morning sun comes up to shine down on the city of San Diego!  A gorgeous city!
Rainbow ends at the convention center
5th avenue at night
You want gator on a stick, jambalaya, crawdads or pulled pork?  It's all here at the Zydeco, Blues & Crawfish festival - Gator by the Bay.
With six stages, there's always Zydeco music to dance to at the Gator by The Bay festival at Spanish Landing Park.
This man traveled from Louisana to attend our Gator by The Bay festival at Spanish Landing Park.  Check out the necklace.
Parents snapping pictures at MTS Scholarship awards.
Winter sunset
Coca Cola & MTS VIPs with kids who won free laptops in Scholarship essay contest.
Streets of Downtown.
Streets of Downtown.
Another beautiful morning along the waterfront in downtown San Diego.
Another beautiful morning along the waterfront in downtown San Diego.
 Medical marijuana wheelchair patient at anti-Dumanis rally downtown.
At anti-Dumanis rally downtown, a protester makes a point.
Protest sign at anti-Dumanis rally downtown.
Eugene's bullhorn aimed right at Atrium where Bonnie Dumanis held her campaign kick-off.
Young couples enjoy the sunset at the harbor side next to the historical aircraft carrier USS Midway.
Interesting protest sign at Electra building.
San Diego Fireworks
An artistic shot of the trolley leaving America Plaza Trolley Station at night.
My dad snapped this shot of a clever Mom during yesterday's Zombie Walk.
Packed City Council chambers full of observers and media--on hand for medical marijuana debate.
Masked observer at City Council meeting discussing medical marijuana ordinances.
Harbor sunset.
One of the statues on the boardwalk.
Sunset at the boardwalk.
Planes overhead with sunset.
In 2002, I had gone down to Seaport Village to take some pictures of the Olympic torch as it toured San Diego en route to Salt Lake City.  I'm standing on the wall,  here comes the torch,  and some
guy jumps out of the crowd and puts out the Olympic Flame.  I never heard one word about it in the media.
A ship off the harbor in San Diego, Ca.
Callan Hotel sign on the corner of 5th and Island Ave.
Royal Thai sign on the corner of 5th and Island Ave.
Aircraft carrier lit up at night.
I took this photo looking north on Harbor Drive near the Convention Center.
Inside the convention center.
View of Downtown San Diego from Coronado Ferry Landing with sunset reflecting off Marriott Hotel at the Marina.
A long exposure view of 5th & Broadway during the blackout of 9/9/11. Classic symbols of downtown such as the Hotel St James sign are off, the only lights visible are the few cars on the street and the red safety lights marking the high points of buildings and bridges.
Downtown 5th and G about 10pm on Sept 9th 2011 during the countywide blackout.
This was at the Broadway Pier during the blackout. People watched the big football game on the police truck. September 8, 2011
On the Midway at a 9/11 ceremony 9/11/11
On the Midway after a 9/11 ceremony 9/11/2011
On the Midway at a 9/11 ceremony 9/11/11
On the Midway at a 9/11 ceremony 9/11/11
On the Midway at a 9/11 ceremony 9/11/11
At the Broadway Pier a Jefferson Airplane concert at a 9/11 commemoration ceremony 9/8/11
Dolphin sculpture
Chevelle performing at 4th & B.
Bush concert at 4th & B.
Gargoyle-festooned stage at House of Blues for Erasure concert.
Erasure concert at the House of Blues.
One of the many signs at "Occupy San Diego" on October 7.
Part of the large "Occupy San Diego" crowd that gathered at Civic Center Plaza on October 7.
Beautiful day in Downtown San Diego!
Chanting "We are the 99 percent!" and "You are the 99 percent" and flying the flag upside down as a sign of distress this young protestor was seen chanting at the OccupySD protests downtown, October 14th, 2011
Night tunes on a street corner downtown.
A Day with the Grandkids!
16th & Market Street Downtown San Diego
Occupy San Diego October 12, 2011
The Queen of Beer. 100 beers, 30 days. Upon her throne at Red Pearl Kitchen downtown!
Sunset at the harbor.
Little feet at Broadway & 1st Ave. Downtown Oct. 31, 2011
Demolition/Renovation @ Westin Gaslamp Quarter Oct.31 2011
The enormous Midway standing proud.

(San Diego waterfront)
Taken at the tattoo expo, downtown
Looking over the city with camera in hand from the helipad on top of San Diego Police Headquarters.
Located at Seaport Village right on the Midway.
Seaport Village by the Pier.
Having some fun with the Cousins.
Picture of Beautiful Downtown San Diego.
An Idle viewing port looking out upon the bay at sunset

I took this picture at about 9 at night in front of the Midway,4 the night before Veteran's Day.
Star of India
Star of India at night
santa fe railroad station
convention center
Uss Midway
This is a photograph of a red rake statue that I took in Downtown San Diego in the harbor area.  The unique angle adds to the photograph's interest.
Taken January 12 at the back door side of House of Blues downtown.
kissing sailor statue
Downtown San Diego, 5th Ave.
Trolley Station at Market and Park. Downtown San Diego, CA
Balancing Rocks at Seaport Village
San Diego
A Nightclub I passed by that stood out to me.
Van Gogh-ish looking utility box art near 4th & B parking lot.
Lovely art on utility box near Civic Theater downtown.
Sailor kissing nurse, Downtown San Diego, ca
Downtown San Diego, ca
Holiday Inn overlooking San Diego Bay.
Colorful bench near the Midway Museum.
The new Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group facility rises downtown, on Fourth Avenue between Fir and Grape streets.
San Diego's skyline taken from Coronado around sunset.  Took about ten photos to create an HDR and added a little painterly texture.
San Diego, CA. Taken on the marina side of the San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA. Building on the San Diego waterfront.
Dusk on July 4th at Seaport Village
View from the Greystone Bldg. at 3rd and Market looking south. Had a view, once upon a time.
A splendid day on the waterfront!
Kids goofing around at "First Kiss" statue downtown.
Port District art sign near the Midway Museum.
Interesting hair styles at "Kiss-In" downtown.
Spectator at "Kiss-In" speculating on what's really up there!
Bob Hope sign near Tuna Harbor.
Sculptural-looking trees along San Diego Bay waterfront.
From this weekends Kiss Off
From this weekends Kiss Off
Convention Center, Downtown San Diego
Sun setting
Seaport Village
Seaport Village
Ocean Beach photographer Michael Realpeople aiming for a photo op at the "Unconditional Surrender" statue downtown.
Flight deck on the U.S.S. Midway looking towards the Coronado Bridge.
'San Diego Marina' 

With no ripple in sight, this perfect reflection of the San Diego bay area was caught with a 30 second exposure.
The Kri Dewaruci, an Indonesian training vessel, in San Diego harbor
Hooters Downtown San Diego March 2012- No, we did not know the guys behind my friends in the photo, nor did we know they did that until after I took the photo
Trayvon Martin Rally 2012
Photo taken by: Thovan
The Buskers Festival 2012, at Seaport Village
Hall of Justice (Trayvon Martin 2012 Rally)
Photo Taken by: Thovan
Downtown San Diego
Flying Tortillas rocking it at the Buskers Festival 2012, Seaport Village
Little feat...a stilted performer collecting tips among the spectators.

Buskers Festival, 2012
Seaport Village
Under the moonlight 

San Diego Pier, San Diego California
Over-looking San Diego Bay near the Midway Museum, downtown.
"Californian" in San Diego Bay
Downtown San Diego Nightlife
Downtown San Diego
A family flies kites near the Hilton San Diego Bayfront
San Diego from Coronado Ferry Landing.
MONA opening for Noel Gallagher at Balboa Theater, downtown.
Beautiful detailed ceiling fixtures at Balboa Theater, downtown.
Ceiling detail at Balboa Theater, downtown.
San Diego Downtown Trolley Station
"America's Finest City"
Seaport Village
A picture taken of Downtown San Diego, from a view atop the Martin Luther King Freeway.
Boat in the Harbor. Downtown SD.
Downtown Fire Escapes. SD
San Diego from building skyline
Urban Architecture. Downtown San Diego
Cafe 222, downtown San Diego
Justin-- plane-spotting today caught this new SDSU-themed Alaska Airlines plane.
Regal Sta of India unfurled along downtown Embarcadero.
Control board at House of Blues downtown.
There is a type of beauty that words cannot describe.
San Diego Bay/ Coronado Bay
Downtown building
Red (Alysia), white (Candis) and blue (Bridget) at Altitude Bar, downtown San Diego.
Unusual alien sign encounter near San Diego Bay.
The aircraft carrier Stennis leaves San Diego bay on July 5, with carriers Carl Vinson and Midway in the background.
A gloomy day in Downtown San Diego.
Carrier Leaves SD Bay
Beautiful day on San Diego Bay.
Early morning boat ride next to downtown san diego
Navy ceremony at park behind the Midway Museum downtown.
Tourists admire Midway Museum downtown.
Star of India on N. Harbor Dr, downtown.
Fence with sign along San Diego Bay,
Stay classy, San Diego!
Righteous protesters at Medical Marijuana rally downtown.
Pretty little park behind Federal Building downtown.
Construction of the new San Diego library through my car sideview mirror.
Southwest Airlines landing after descending over Interstate 5 downtown.
Hard Rock Hotel-downtown San Diego.
On one of my weekly prayer vigils at the Port of San Diego. The Power of Hope compels me. (Photo credit: Anita Mae Cadoody)
On a weekly prayer vigil at the Port of San Diego. The Power of Hope compels me! (Photo credit: Anita Mae Cadoody)
Downtown San Diego on a nice summer night. The view is from Coronado across the bay.
Sailor and nurse in front of the Midway
Looks like a UFO landing on Harbor Dr. near the Holiday Inn downtown, but it is just the reflection of my digital camera flash in the glass window of Anthony's restaurant.
Pedi-cab driver along downtown's Embarcadero.
Sol Lewitt Six-Part Modular Cube polyurethane on aluminum Collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Museum purchase, Museum Art Council Fund. © 2012 The LeWitt Estate / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.
Marcos Ramírez ERRE Sing-Sing 1999 iron structure and wood, pillow, bedsheet Collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Museum purchase with funds from the Benefit Art Auction 99. ©Marcos Ramirez ERRE 1999. Photo by Pablo Mason.
Downtown, near Seaport Village at Sunset.
San Diego Skyline.
New San Diego LIbrary under construction.
San Diego Bay Front Hilton
Taking a walk in Crosby Street Park.
Beautiful San Diego
West Broadway San Diego
The sun shines through at Seaport Village
From Sea Port Village
Glowing San Diego form Coronado
"Cloudy San Diego Sunset over the Embarcadero before the crazy storm"
Downtown Diversity and Architecture. Neighborhood. 2012
Skyscraper View of Downtown and the Bay. Neighborhood Photo.
Reading Cinema (Downtown San Diego)
Dog in a Remote Control Car Waiting for the Light to Change (Downtown San Diego)
Our Star Of India dressed for Halloween
Santa Fe Train Depot
On the move.  Downtown San Diego
Maybe he doesn't need the sign anymore.  Downtown San Diego
Blue Full Moon over San Diego .
San Diego Skyline at Sunset ....
Downtown San Diego
Along San Diego Bay downtown.
Anchor at the downtown corner of Harbor Drive & Laurel Street.
Betty Boop had a little trouble navigating a stoplight in front of the Star of India in 2010
San Diego skyline from Coronado
Went for a cruise along San Diego Bay and took this image of beautiful downtown San Diego.
MTS // Gaslamp District

Chris Nies 
View of the San Diego Skyline from Coronado Island
Nighttime fog on San Diego Bay creates a sense of limbo between water and sky.
Star of India with view of San Diego Skyline
Downtown San Diego, near the Convention Center 

Ness W Photography 2011
Trolley station in downtown sd.
Aboard the USS Midway
A bright full moon over downtown
A calm downtown night
The sun sets behind the stacked rocks at Seaport Village.
Daryl St. John performs a solo number on his trumpet next to the MIDWAY downtown San Diego. Photographed by Robert Chartier.
In Blue
Santa Fe Depot
my son Fin, watching the trolley go by at the Santa Fe Depot
Architecture on Kettner, downtown San Diego
Star of India
waiting for the train at Santa Fe Depot
El Cortez, downtown san diego
pedicab crossing cruise ship in san diego harbor
San Diego embarcadero in HDR
The kissing statue is back
Sante Fe train station
New "Kiss" statue downtown with the Midway in the background.
Pogo Fred at the 2013 Busker Festival at Seaport Village
This guy is not impressed with the romantic Kiss statue along the Embarcadero.
Cruise ship at the harbor, San Diego
kites at the Embarcadero, Seaport Village
A mother duck guarding over her babies as they rest at seaport village San Diego
A wonderful ground view of the duck pond at seaport village
This is a photo i captured just before a fishing trip out of San Diego harbor. I call it "Harbor Rise"
BUSKERS at Seaport Village (part of San Diego Fringe Festival)!!
An old boat removed from the bay floor. Photo: Port of San Diego
Downtown San Diego, image  by "Chartier"
Photo taken of the firework show in the bay on 23Aug2013. For more photos I have a facebook page. Thank you
Gaslamp Quarter on a late August evening.
Downtown San Diego from afar: Crossing El Prado to Balboa Park.
San Diego Sand Castle Competition 2013
Trolley In Downtown
Skyline view from the boat
Downtown San Diego at night from Coronado.
Inspecting the General at the Chinese Hstorical Museum in Downtown San Diego.
New ship and old ship - San Diego Bay
Beautiful San Diego's Embarcadero
Beautiful view from the new Downtown Library Dome! Photo by Mike Krattli.
An incredible sunrise over the harbor. Photo by Evgeny Yorobe Photography.
The Star of India, part of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, out on the harbor over the weekend. Photo by Brian Connolly Photography.
Harbor Island view of Downtown between the night sky and the break of dawn.
America's Finest City. Photo by Gigante Imagery - Adam J Reiter Photography.
The essence of nature: simplicity. 
Seaport Village
This photo was take it at lovely Downtown san Diego
 #star of india
The Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge - Downtown San Diego
City lights from Coronado.
America's finest!!!!Downtown!!!
Crooked Teeth, San Diego
By Arturo Espinoza of Polarity
San Diego March 2014
Downtown from Shelter Island
Downtown San Diego at warp speed! Passing trolley in front of the Gaslamp Historic District.
The Manchester Grand Hyatt from Embarcadero Marina Park near Seaport Village. ©
The San Diego Skyline seen from my favorite spot in the city in Coronado.
I've never taken photos downtown so one night last week I set out to change that ... I ended up falling in love with this city all over again! A upstate NY native, I fully understand how lucky we are to live here and I take nothing out here for granted. I've traveled a lot and San Diego is hands down the most beautiful, active, vibrant city I've been to. That's why I'm proud to call myself a San Diegian!
"While You Were Sleeping"
(taken from Coronado Island @ 3am on a Wednesday morning)
San Diego Mirror
A look at the Convention Center from the Hilton.
Petco Park and surrounding Downtown San Diego.
LGBT Choir (the rainbow in center field) singing the National Anthem at the Giants / Padres game.  Padres played an excellent game and won.
Downtown Street Art
Downtown Street Art
Downtown Street Art
Downtown Street Art
Downtown Street Art
San Diego Bay
Downtown SD Marina.
Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego
USS Midway
USS Midway
My daughter Aidan across the street from the Central Library, downtown.
Downtown San Diego after hours.
San Diego Pedestrian Bridge
San Diego Pedestrian Bridge
San Diego skyline at dusk.
San Diego Trolley on C Street, San Diego, Ca.
Neighborhood: Coronado. Downtown San Diego skyline from Centennial Park. ©
Downtown San Diego Skyline "Colors of the City"
Neighborhood Photos
By the San Diego Bay
Neighborhood Photos
Reflections on Sea Port Village.
Neighborhood Photos
Reflections on Columbia´s Place
Calm Waters at Sea Port Village, Downtown San Diego.
A beautiful calm night at Seaport Village with the beauty of Coronado Bridge in the distance. 

Taken by Joshua Kelsey
Fireworks over the San Diego Bay on the 4th of July, 2014... from Coronado Island.
A panoramic view of our beautiful city from across the San Diego Bay on the 4th of July, 2014.
Night shot of San Diego Skyline
San Diego during Christmas Season.
Seaport Village
The Finest City
Spanish Landing.
Downtown San Diego
One of the best places to go to in San Diego at night #USSMIDWAY #DOWNTOWN #SEAPORTVILLAGE
Downtown San Diego Library from above!
St. Joseph Cathedral from above at sunset.
Altitude Sky Lounge In Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego
Early morning San Diego.
The view from our table on the patio at Il Fornaio in Coronado
Neighborhood contest - Downtown photo
Looking thru the center of the dome on the new library
L-O-V-E San Diego
seaport village
A beautiful Fall evening in San Diego
Downtown San Diego 10/11/2014
Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego
This was taken downtown the day the lights went out....
San Diego clouds
San Diego Sunrise
San diego skyline
Downtown in the Gaslamp District
Downtown San Diego trolley station.
Seaportt Village
San Diego Embarcadero
i missed my train
Downtown San Diego - Petco Park

by Taylor Scalise
Downtown Red Trolley
3 shot HDR of the Pedestrian bridge crossing over Harbor Drive for access to Petco Park.
Five shot HDR of the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway

Commissioned in September 1945, Decommissioned April of 1992, she is now the USS Midway Museum in our beautiful city, San Diego
View from Horton Plaza, Downtown
Downtown San Diego from Coronado Bay.  December 23rd, 2014.
San Diego skyline just before sunrise January 3, 2015, taken from Harbor Island.
5 shot HDR of San Diego. Shot from some pier on the San Diego Bay (to the left is Seaport Village. Sunrise on 12-28-2014
Seaport Village docks at sunset.
Embarcadero Marina Park at Seaport Village
Embarcadero Marina Park at Seaport Village
Embarcadero Marina Park at Seaport Village
Embarcadero Marina Park at Seaport Village
A view of downtown at Christmastime
1st photo with my new Sony 16-35mm lens on a Sony a7 camera.
5 shot HDR from the rear of the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway. 1▫13▫2015 
Commissioned in September 1945, Decommissioned April of 1992, she is now the USS Midway Museum in our beautiful city, San Diego.
A glimpse east from Cortez Hill at sunset... Direct flight from London arriving: 1/25/15
Tuna Harbor at Seaport Village.
Panorama of Seaport Village from the pier
A pot of gold! That's San Diego!
Night Skyline
san diego home of they padres.
Petco Park & new Library in distance
Mackerel Sky Over Downtown San Diego
Mackerel Sky Over Downtown San Diego
Sunrise beating on the Hyatt! 
Hyatt Hotel & Seaport Village in San Diego
🔹5 shot HDR, photo realistic 🔹 Shot from the Embarcadero Marina Park North
Just after sunset looking south towards the end of Hwy 163 at Cabrillo Bridge in Balboa Park
🔸For people not familiar with this Bridge:
It's a 2 lane, 120 ft high, 450 ft long Bridge above Cabrillo Canyon which is the pathway of highway 163, a 2 lane highway each direction going through the arches & it's considered one of America's most beautiful highways. The bridge connects the south and north sides of Balboa Park.
🎆On New Years Eve, celebrating the 100th year anniversary, the new lights under the arches were turned on!
🔹3 shot HDR, photo realistic
Seaport Village a San Diego favorite
🔸Shot from the Embarcadero Marina Park North. Morning
🔹5 shot HDR, photo realistic
🔸Pedestrian bridge at Scripps Institution of Oceanography & La Jolla in the background
🔹5 shot HDR, photo realistic
The Pedestrian bridge crossing over Harbor Drive for access to Petco Park.
🔹5 shot HDR, photo realistic
Cloudless sunset to my back reflecting off the mirrored buildings 
🔸San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina 🔸Shot from the Embarcadero Marina Park North
🔹5 shot HDR, photo realistic 🔹ND4 & ND8 Gradient Filters
San Diego Harbor on a cloudy day
San Diego Harbor on a cloudy day
The Hyatt in Fisheye View
Fire Engine at Seaport Village
The Big Clock at Horton Plaza
Big clock at Horton Plaza
Administration building at night
san diego red train
Blue Line
Santa Fe Train Station
San Diego Skyscapers
pigeon inside Santa Fe Train Station
Old and new
Accumulation of Vespas in Downtown
Sky Rise in the Making
Central Library Downtown
6 shot panoramic of the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway.
🔸Commissioned in September 1945, Decommissioned April of 1992, she is now the USS Midway Museum in our beautiful city, San Diego. 3▫16▫15
"After the Storm" Huge clouds over San Diego. Shot from Cabrillo National Monument    2▫26▫15
Here's my 1st 32 bit HDR of Waterfront Park at the San Diego County building    1▫16▫15
Downtown San Diego
SD Street art.
Sweet SD street art downtown.
Downtown San Diego
Downtown at Night
Harbor island drive
San Diego Bay
At 4:15am the water is comatose on the San Diego bay.
32 bit HDR of the Pier Cafe, an icon of Seaport Village in our beautiful city, San Diego.   3▫25▫15   D.Warner
Fog rolling in on a Sunday night at the Pedestrian bridge crossing over Harbor Drive for access to Petco Park.   2▫15▫15  D.Warner
Seemed right to be in black & white...
5 shot HDR of the 25 foot tall "Unconditional Surrender" sculpture By Seward Johnson & the Aircraft Carrier Midway in San Diego   4▫7▫2015 D.Warner
Saw this at 4:24am and the bay was comatose. 5 shot HDR of the Crown Princess cruise ship docked in San Diego   4▫9▫2015  D.Warner
Sunrise over the San Diego Bay.
Coy Pond at Seaport Village.
Star of India on the San Diego Harbor Front.
Storm laden skies over the Star of India.
The San Diego County Administration Building and The Guardian of Water statue.
Seaport Village.
The San Diego waterfront.
el salvador de partamento la union
The San Diego Harbor Front and Cruise Ship Terminal at sunset.
An incredible early summer sunset over the Star of India.
A vibrant sunset over the USS Midway during a stormy summer evening.
Kissing sailor statue at Seaport Village
San Diego Waterfront and Maritime Museum I  August 25, 2015
Stars in the morning sky over the San Diego Bay.
Woman with dog outside San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA, taken at 5:40 p.m., Sept. 19, 2015.
What an amazing event to witness!! A harvest moon, a super moon, and a lunar eclipse all rolled into one awe-inspiring view. And where better than San Diego to watch it all happen?! You gotta love this town =)
"Electric Avenue",  Pedicab in the downtown Gaslamp District
Downtown at sunset
Downtown San Diego, Castles of the new Era.
The America Plaza Trolley Station at night.
Dawn Over Downtown- View from the 94
San Diego, CA
Horton plaza, Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego
This long exposure photo, taken from the Altitude Sky Lounge in downtown San Diego, shows the skyline from the famous Gaslamp District, while an airplane passes in the background and traffic moves on the ground. Photo by Andrew Barnhart (Email:, Instagram: @oncloudmine)
Downtown shot from Park Row
New Horton Plaza fountain.
Sturgeon Moon over downtown San Diego. August 18, 2016
Sun rising behind San Diego. 10/30/16
Downtown San Diego at night...another perspective, still beautiful!
Our Beautiful County Administrative Building
One of the most beautiful downtowns...our own San Diego, near the harbor
Unconditional Surrender Statue - taken on January 15, 2017.
Embarcadero Marina Park at Dawn - taken on January 2, 2017
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