Chula Vista

Downtown Chula Vista
Lower Otay Reservoir, looking East
Lower Otay Reservoir, looking East
Boys playing soccer, Heritage Park
This is an artist's rendering of what the Gaylord hotel might look like.
A typical street repair in Chula Vista.
Across the street from an elementary school in southwestern
Chula Vista.
The condition of many of our streets in the southwestern
part of the city.
The MMC peaker plant 350 feet away from homes, 20 feet away
from the front door of businesses, and 1300 feet from a school. This is
how much the city of Chula Vista cares about its residents. Is your
neighborhood next?
If we are going to protect our neighborhoods and get the city council to pay attention to the residents, we must organize, become informed and demand the right to vote. No more no bid contracts and secret meetings of council subcommittees. More at
PARK VIEW LITTLE LEAGUE 2008 10-11 ALL-STARS CONGRATULATIONS to our 10-11 All-Stars on a remarkable All-Star season. The 10-11's started their quest for the District 42 Championship on June 28th. After playing 12 games in the next 26 days they finished with a District 42 Championship, a Section 7 Championship, and finished 3rd in the Southern California Championship Tournament in Rialto, CA. That finish in the tournament ranks the Park View 10-11's 4th in the State of California. The 10-11's outscored their opponents 113-48 and as a team, they hit 26 home runs. This team has so much to be proud of. The entire Park View family is so proud of them. The 10-11 players have made memories that will last a lifetime. Thank You for another great run.
Eastlake attempts a field goal against Oceanside
The line of scrimmage
Eastlake's marching band performing at halftime
The Eastlake marching band
Eastlake junior Tony Jefferson played both ways and returned a punt for a touchdown against Oceanside
Otay Ranch cheerleaders celebrate a late score
Bonita Vista's marching band performed at halftime
Fireworks concluded the Chula Vista Spartans homecoming ceremony
Helix players celebrate their semifinal win
Sunset on My Block - February 2009
J Street Marina
EastLake with Mt. San Miguel in background
The morning after the fires are reflected on the water; from the J st marina
Sunset at J Street Marina
Romance at J Street
J Street
otay ranch town center.  car show fund raiser , bonemarrow drive.
Hawk at Chula Vista Nature Center.
This thundercloud appeared over our East County on the afternoon of Septmeber 5th, 2009.  Took this from the an elementary school in Eastalke facing east.  It reminded me of the cloud that the alien ships flew out of in Independence Day.
While I was waiting for the Dave Matthews Band Concert to start at Cricket Wireless, I took this time lapse picture from the lawn section.
Another awesome Chula Vista sunset. Taken from F Street at the Bay
Mountain Hawk Park in Chula Vista overlooks Lower Otay Lake. The name of the park pays homage to the fact that the area is haven for birdwatchers. The 13 acre park has a very cool "spitting fountain" water feature for the kids to run through, several large covered picnic kiosks, an ampitheater, brand new playground equipment (for both big and little kids) and several multiuse sports fields. And there's plenty of grass for just running around. The park has some very nice bronze sculptures of the local wildlife for an artistic touch. And there's a lovely paved  trail that hugs the lakeshore for walking and biking if you're so inclined.
E Street Salt Water Marsh Nature Reserve.  Cactus flower photo taken at one of the hiking trails.
Taken at Eastlake in Chula Vista. I go to Southwestern College and decided to get up earlier than usual to take some pictures at Eastlake. This was taken approx. around 7:30 a.m.
One day I was riding my bike along the Bayshore bikeway in Chula Vista and I noticed these beautiful salt mines. I took this photo one day after work for a school assignment.
Horizontal Palm Trees?  A Storm must be a Brewin!
Windsurfing at Chula Vista Bayside Park
On our VTX Bike on March 20, 2010, headed to a bike event near Otay Lakes.
Evening lights over Chula Vista
Boys playing basketball, Heritage Park
Cinco De Mayo Celebrations in Chula Vista
311 in concert at X-Fest-July 25, 2010 at Cricket Wireless.
X-Fest, Cricket Wireless on July 25, 2010. No the haziness is not just from the weather-more like what was being
music lovers unite at Cricket Wireless for X-Fest.
I took this random photo of a ladybug in front of my old house in Chula Vista.
Michael Pasapara, 15 of City Heights, CA plays true or false game with Truth crew member Daniella Sloane at Vans Warped Tour. Truth Tour Stops in San Diego.
Trolley Station
Parking lot of Cricket, Pre-Green Day concert!
Green Day blowing minds and melting faces at Cricket.
 Green Day on a Thursday at Cricket in Chula Vista.
Lasers, strobe lights, cannon blasts, fireworks, awesome visuals-all at the Green Day concert at Cricket Wireless.
Italian Cypress trees line the Cricket Wireless venue in Chula Vista.
Yes, that is a Green Day concert video screen shot!
Chula Vista Police Department Statue.
The Met Life blimp floating over Chula Vista.
Pillars and poplars line the drive up to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.
Australian Rappel practice, Lower Otay Dam, San Diego, CA. I like the Top-Siders!!! Makin' a statement, don'tcha know?
A gorgeous afternoon in the Eastlake area of Chula Vista.
Glare of the PONY Field night time lights..gotta Love It
Driving home on the 805 South Rainbows and rain drops.
Lionfish at The Chula Vista Nature Center.
Starfish and Sea Anemone at The Chula Vista Nature Center.
Mantis Shrimp at The Chula Vista Nature Center.
Lady Bug love, sitting on the Foxgloves in my back yard.
Getting ready for big X-Fest show in Chula Vista.
Warm breezes at X-Fest at Cricket Amphitheater.
Incubus performing at X-Fest concert.
Salt mine
Boats and other boatly things
Chula Vista Marina
Chula Vista Sunset  Nov 8 2011
Aztec patterned utility box art on the corner of E Street and Woodlawn in Chula Vista.
Cotton Candy clouds in Chula Vista
(South Chula Vista)
SDG&E office drive-thru with reflection on H St.
SDG&E drive-thru on H St.
Driving to work on H St., in Chula Vista.
Sun setting over Chula Vista backyard.
Aztec-inspired utility box art near H Street trolley station.
New drive thru Carl's Jr. being built to replace the old one near H St. trolley station.
Santa doesn't like the kiddies in Chula Vista
South Bay salt pond.
South Bay salt factory.  The second oldest business in San Diego County, the South Bay Salt Works is hidden away on a stretch of San Diego Bay in Chula Vista.
Hot cocoa guy selling warmth to chilled Cricket Amphitheater's concertgoers at Beach Boys show.
Dusk at Cricket Amphitheater in Chula Vista.
Chula Vista... The Marina "When you're having a shitty day, look for beauty in the world."
Tropical Clouds in July, Otay Ranch High School, Chula Vista, California
Mountain Hawk Park
New Red Lobster restaurant in Chula Vista on H Street.
New boutique hotel being built in Chula Vista near trolley stop.
SDG&E drive-thru office in Chula Vista CLOSED AGAIN!
Taken: 06-24-2012
Where: Otay Lakes
Event: Fishing
Incubus's Brandon Boyd at the Honda Civic Stop @ Cricket Wireless in Chula Vista.
San Diego from The South Bay Salt Works
Otay Lake Wednesday morning
BMX track created to train athletes before the London Olympics. (Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista)
A view with trees from Chula Vista Marina
My mom & I went down to Chula Vista REALLY early to see that Power Plant implode.
People make a quick getaway from watching the South Bay Power Plant implode in Chula Vista.
Chula Vista power plant implosion.
Terra Nova in Chula Vista made to look like a miniature.
Chula Vista Power Plant implosion.
Chula Vista sunsets.
Amid the slices, hooks, the sound of "Fore",  and that occasional Eagle or Birdie, peace and tranquillity can be found at Eastlake Golf Course at Eastlake Country Club.
Chula Vista Bay
Neighborhood: Chula Vista.

Don't forget the South Bay! Sunset over the J Street Marina in Chula Vista.
Neighborhood: Chula Vista. Sunset bike rider at Chula Vista Bayfront Park.
Beautiful Sunset at J Street Marina, Chula Vista
Mount San Miguel Sunset
'J'  Street Marina in Chula Vista.
J Street,  Chula Vista  (Sunrise)
A colorful November sunset over Mt. Miguel.
Chula Vista Harbor on my birthday January 30th
Otay lakes, Chula Vista
Otay Lakes in the evening
At Otay Lakes with reeds in the foreground and boat in the background
Sailboat on Otay Lakes, Chula Vista
Closeup of reeds in Otay Lakes
Heron waiting for fish at Otay Lakes, Chula Vista
At Otay Lakes, Chula Vista
San Salvador gets ready for its bath. Photo by Jerry Soto, San Diego Maritime Museum
Clouds and color reflection, Chula Vista Marina
Otay River Valley Bridge, behind Olympian High School, Chula Vista, CA.  From March 2017.
San Diego Sunflowers along the Rice Canyon trail off East H Street in Chula Vista, 5/17.
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