The English subtitles on the summit call this "GIANT GOLDEN BUDDHA", and rightfully so. The thing is HUGE!
Local worker rents his binoculars at purple mountain. He's inside the highest traditional tower in south china, facing the inside of the tower, and sleeping.
In Xiamen, China you can rent fishing boats for parties!  We had a combined bachelorette/birthday party for me and one of my yoga students.  All GAL TIME in Xiamen, China!  Chinese BBQ is sooooooooooooooo good!  The only Chinese or men on our boat were the captain and the BBQ man!  What a party and experience!
Modeling Show at Smart Heroes Resort in Xiamen, China. To celebrate the opening of a nice resort called SMART HEROES and to show the public how HIP it is with WESTERN CULTURE, the cameras lined up from all local publications and radios to document this fiasco!  To begin at 8pm with lots of free food and drinks along with rows of their version of fortune tellers, character artists and other western style entertainment BUT once the show was over and the pictures were taken for the publications, all the local Chinese that took special efforts to dress nice for the occasion called it a night and WENT HOME! I couldn't believe all the money that went into such an extravagant affair had nothing to do with bringing people in to dance and party all night as western culture knows so well. So, us foreigners stayed and enjoyed the remnants and food provided!
Lijiang in Yunnan province.
Xiamen, China is a large modernizing island just off of mainland China connected by a bridge and a short boat ride to Taiwan.  Gulf Park is an area of the island where there are many modern clubs and western style restaurants just off of the water where I saw this beautiful view!  Even though Xiamen is modernizing it also has lots of it's traditions and customs evident as in this old fishing boat style.
The Taipei flora expo is the largest flower exhibit in the world, with 79 hectares and 14 pavilions of incredible veggies :) This is one of the top 10 indoor exhibits, made entirely of bamboo.
Summer Palace in Beijing, China.
A local girl in a Hangzhou marketplace
A river canal town in Suzhou, China.
Nighttime view of the neon-lit canal along Lindun Road, Suzhou.
Art galleries in Xiamen are quite different than the ones in the USA.  This is a comical picture showing the contrast of the beauty of the paintings with the reality of living with the UNDERWEAR hanging in the upstairs window which is probably the home to the gallery owner.  There are hundreds of talented oil painters in Xiamen that have formed OIL PAINTING DISTRICTS with simple galleries like this one, one after another.  The prices are VERY affordable and are often sold for wholesale in other countries.
Hear no evil, see no evil, (Lantau Island, Hong Kong)
 A girl is lost in a book while sitting on the Great Wall
I was traveling in China last month.  Walking around the drum tower in the center of the city of Xi'an... I happened to capture this girl peaking out from behind one of the big drums.
This is a photo of Hong Kong Island's famous skyline, seen from the Avenue of the Stars.
Taken in Gui Lin China
Sunrise over Shanghai. Last August I went to Shanghai for the first time. Because I hadn't adjusted to the time zone change, I worked through the night. I just happened to look up from my computer at the right time and saw  this magnificent view. I grabbed my camera quick!
View from the Bund in Shanghai China.  The Bund is a pedestrian walkway that runs along the river in Shanghai.
Locks in Beijing
City lights in Hong Kong.
View from the Ruins of St. Paul's (Macau)
Children find new sights to enjoy at the Summer Palace in Beijing, China.
Chinese woman performs for a crowd in a public park outside the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China.
Hong Kong Tunnel
The Beijing Opera
Chinese Opera Performers
Macau's casino district at night
Church of St. Dominic's
Guia Hill Chapel and Lighthouse
A Ma Temple
view of the Yangtze at the start of the hike
wheat pastures amidst sunshine
marching onwards
gorge below, smiles above
view of Halfway House
looking from the trail end back towards the start
Looking down on the Tram from the top of Victoria Peak - Hong Kong
One of many back-alley food stalls on the streets of Hong Kong.
Sha Tin Wai - Hong Kong
Descending the Great Wall of China to our mountain lodgings under the last rays of afternoon sun.  Trekking the Great Wall was the culmination of a team charity challenge for Interplast, an Australian organization that sends doctors to regions of Asia to provide free reconstructive surgery for those in need.  Twenty-one women from three countries, led by burn survivor and motivational speaker Turia Pitt, came together to raise $180,000 and share ten days of adventure in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
snow in china
Jing'an Temple in Shanghai, China
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.
Side street in Shanghai, China
Walkway off the Yangtze river.
Maiden on the Yangtze river
No nails!
Bright Lights of Mongkok Street
Forbidden City, Beijing
Peering through an arch at the Great Wall of China
Gondola ride in Tongli, China, the oldest village water town in the world
Chinese garden in Suzhou
Puppet show at the Yuyuan Bazaar in Shanghai
Forbidden City in Beijing
Late afternoon sun over Kunming Lake near the Summer Palace, Beijing
Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Early evening view from the Bund, Shanghai
Flowers blooming in Wuxi, China
People of Tibet. I captured this shot while walking through the city of Chengdu, China.
People of Tibet at the local market in Chengdu, China.
More lands supposed for leisure purpose are being seized.  Hong Kong's property price frequently tops the global chart.
Fashion in Tongli, China
 Bird's Nest (Olympic) Stadium, Beijing
Having fun with the transparent floor at the Oriental Pearl Tower observation deck, Shanghai
A simple view of the Shanghai skyline from the Huangpu River.
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