Carmel Valley

Sunset in Carmel Valley
Bruce (1 year old English mastiff) and Jack (10 week old kitten), despite the 175 lbs difference, they love each others company any and all the time.
I don't like bugs, and spiders really creep me out.  My daughter on the other hand, just loves them.  This photo was a fun, but a surprising accident.  Every evening around dusk, our spiders rebuild their webs for the evening, and we often visit, and feed (moths, flies, etc...) our creepy friends.  On this night i decided to take a picture. When the flash lit up, and i looked in the Lcd screen of the phone, well - this is what we got.
 Vernal pool
Driving down a windy mountain during a beautiful sunset.
The love of flowers, and perfect lighting of course.
I got home and this is what I found.
This is a picture of my cat taken in Torrey Hills.
The night's first few.
Used some night-to-day exposure here
Fiery clouds
Blood-red sunset
Carmel Valley
Having some fun on the streets of Carmel Valley
Waterfall in Sorrento Valley to Mira Mesa trail that runs in between east Carmel Valley and West Mira Mesa.
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