Legoland city in carlsbad.
Play Star Wars at Legoland in Carlsbad.
Play with your kids at Legoland.
Ride a dragon at Legoland in Carlsbad.
Elvis Presley bust at Legoland in Carlsbad.
George Washington made our of Legos at legoland.
Statue of Liberty in Carlsbad.
Baseball game legoland style in Carlsbad.
Mini Washington DC at Legoland.
Mini DC monument in Carlsbad.
Nasa at Legoland in Carlsbad.
The Acura Classic is a Tier One event on the Sony Ericsson WTA
tour and part of the US Open series.The Acura Classic is held at
La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad.
Legoland miniatures in Carlsbad.
Legoland California in Carlsbad
a lion made out of legos in Carlsbad.
Legoland is one of the best parks to take your children Southern California.
Play with your kids at Legoland in Carlsbad.
Kitty made out of Legos in Carlsbad.
A lego masterpiece.
Legoland makes a lego city.
One happy guy at the County Of San Diego Department Of Animal Services
A view from the beach looking north towards Carlsbad State beach and the Encino power plant.
Getting ready to paddle out before the sunset in Carlsbad.
Hummingbird at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center... Just one of many sites you can see at our Pollinator Awareness Week... June 22 - June 27, 2009.  Call 760-804-1969 for info.
A Spring day at the Batiquitos Lagoon, shortly after a big rain finally came to an end.
This beautiful photograph of a tree was taken at Legoland at dusk, just as the fog started to roll in. We'd spent a lovely, sunny day enjoying the Lego exhibits and the lush landscaping and water features throughout the park.
If the Egyptians had only patented the 'bricks', made it smaller, and called it Legos...
One happy pup at Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad
The beautiful wrap around fish tank at the Sea Life Aquarium
A seahorse at the Sea Life Aquarium
A stingray at the Sea Life Aquarium
Are we looking at a cityscape from San Francisco? Not exactly, this deceiving Frisco-esque photo was taken in Mini Land at Legoland. Some of the lego creations in Mini Land are extremely realistic looking, San Francisco and Las Vegas were especially fun to look at. The Lego version of Washington D.C. even features the scene of the 2009 Presidential inauguaration, comlete with Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Sasha and Malia. Very cool.
The Fairy Tale Brook ride at Legoland in Carlsbad is my nephew's favorite. Even though he's a big boy now, at age 4, he can still appreciate the finer things in life. After a long day running around experiencing the thrill of the roller coasters and the spinning and rocking and bouncing of the other rides, the Fairy Tale Brook ride is a welcome relief. While riding in a leaf shaped boat, you meander slowly down a stream whilst viewing scenes from favorite childhood stories. The foggy mist surrounding the boat in this photo just made it all seem more magical.
FREEverse member drinking a coffee bean iced tea.
Although this picture looks like it could have been taken in Holland, it is actually the Holiday Inn just west of the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. The restaurant at the Holiday Inn is currently T.G.I. Fridays, but it was originally a Pea Soup Andersen's. The windmill is a great landmark for giving directions.
A perfect day at Carlsbad State Beach.
This solitary person walking across the dunes at South Carlsbad State Beach embodies the idea that October is the best month to vist the beach in San Diego. It's still sunny and warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but there are aren't any crowds.
Another fine example of a hibiscus flower. This one was growing in the lush gardens at Legoland in Carlsbad.
The Chula Vista Park View All Stars, winners of the 2009 Little League World Series are currently being honored with a display in MiniLand USA at Legoland.
Christmas time at Legoland.
On Tamarack Beach. Low waves around 2 o'clock. Loved how the stones were placed.
Open To Public: Carlsbad Lagoon
Westfield Plaza Camino Real Shopping Mall Merry-Go-Round: "When the Tiger lays down with the Frog", Carlsbad, CA
These are a selection of giant Margaritas available at Diane Power's new Casa de Bandini in Carlsbad.
This picture was taken at Carlsbad State Beach Campground in August of last year. It was a cloudy day but the sun was shining through the clouds for an instant and I saw the perfect opportunity to take a picture.
My name is Sade Kimora Young and I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!! I live in a culdesac in Carlsbad California. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! Our neighbors are more like family. We celebrate all of our major holidays together in the culdesac also known as "Caminito Sueno". We have a cool parade every 4th of July, a sleigh ride with real horses for Christmas, and last but not least a Huge Brunch/ Egghunt for Easter! Everyone is so festive during the Holidays as you can see from my photo!
This is a very active boy waiting SO patiently to go play in "Santa's Village" at the Carlsbad Flower Fields.
Lights over the bar at Casa de Bandini in Carlsbad.
By the sea in Carlsbad on July 4th
Morning at Tamarack Beach jetty
A new Harry Potter statue at Legoland.
Carlsbad street fair
Carlsbad street fair
Carlsbad lake
Carlsbad railroad track
A happy dog at San Diego County, Department of Animal Services in Carlsbad.
A volunteer pets a dog at San Diego County, Department of Animal Services in Carlsbad.
Carlsbad Village Drive atomic sunset.
After random thunderstorm in Carlsbad, CA. Hotel view.
Sun setting on Carlsbad village.
Sun setting on Carlsbad village.
Sun rising on Carlsbad village.
Sun setting in a carlsbad park.
Jogger on Carlsbad beach.
Carlsbad Village beach.
Carlsbad Village beach.
Carlsbad Village beach.
Running at Carlsbad Village beach.
Carlsbad Village beach.
November sunset, Carlsbad, CA.
Sunset South Carlsbad Beach.
Walk at Sunset....
First Sunset of 2011
doggie at Tamarack beach parking lot...and NO! it's not a Norman Rockwell painting...
"Pacific Roots" by: iolanda scripca
" Look What I Found On The Beach!..." :)
"Elvis Is Alive At Tamarack Beach"
A lego Star Wars creature on opening day of the new Star Wars exhibit in mini-land at Legoland.
Winged Grand Piano, in the MUSEUM OF MAKING MUSIC.
Carlsbad State Beach - long exposure. Taken after midnight, 4/21/2010
I took this long exposure underneath the cliffs at Terramar Beach in Carlsbad. I still got pretty wet, despite the low tide. This is thirty five second shot of the water, shot through my cheap neutral
density filter, which is just a sheet of welding glass super glued to an old UV filter.
Paciic Thirst
Cool Wendy and Harley D. at Tamarack Beach.
" Childhood Forgotten At The Beach "
Tamarack State Beach.
Typical gray day at Tamarack State Beach
Sleeping cockapoo
A summer sunset in beautiful Carlsbad!
A beach in Carlsbad
"Lost on Tamarack Beach, Carlsbad" by: iolanda scripca/
Terra Mar Beach in Carlsbad
Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad Sunset
Carlsbad Personals:" Hi! I am Chip looking for Dale at the beach." :0)
Hi! Have you seen Chip? I'm Dale at the beach in
"We'll Play For Carlsbad"
"Spring Whispers in Carlsbad"
"Nightfall at Tower 36", Carlsbad, CA Photo: Brian Ribbey
Moon Over Carlsbad

Sunrise in Aviara

South Carlsbad State beach sunset
Sunset at Carlsbad

Carlsbad, California, USA
Green Flash at Terra Mar

Carlsbad, California
Dogs of Carlsbad

Carlsbad, CA
Fans interact with the 501st Rebel Legion during Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND.
Princess Leia fan takes picture with 501st Rebel Legion during Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND.
Refreshing beverage in Carlsbad
The Flower Fields in Carlsbad
The Flower Fields in Carlsbad
Carlsbad-   The Flower Fields
Albino Peacock at the Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad
Colors and textures at the Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad.
Carlsbad, CA  BHRibbey
Sunflowers in Carlsbad. April 19 2012

Summer crests and sleep somewhere in there is where
Were budding and bucking to fight to sigh to keep to sleep it away
Were morning eyes and foggy eyed and sliver dried
Were cut to bloom and kissed too soon and left in her room
Carlsbad Flower Fields
A seahorse at the Sea Life Aquarium near Legoland. They are awesome little creatures you should really check them out.
Strawberry Fields Forever- 5 year old Melanie at Carlsbad Strawberry Fields
Fountains at La Costa
Riders at Pirate Reef, newest attraction at LEGOLAND's Water Park. Photo courtesy of LEGOLAND California Resort.
Pirates battle on the "high seas" at LEGOLAND's Water Park. Photo courtesy of LEGOLAND California Resorts.
Misty Morning at Carlsbad Flower Fields
Staying Cool at Legoland Water Park, Carlsbad CA
A Day At Carlsbad State Beach
Oceanside CA by KC Strickland Photography.
Tamarack Beach, Carlsbad
Returning to my "home away from home" Carlsbad
Carlsbad Village -
Nightfall at Terra Mar

Carlsbad Sunset - 9 16 12
Carlsbad Bluffs Sun Dials - www;
Top side perspective of tree stump along marshes in Carlsbad
"Restless Soul" in Carlsbad by: iolanda scripca
" Water World of Carlsbad" by: iolanda scripca
Sunset on Carlsbad Beach
"Rainy Sunday in Carlsbad, CA"
Peacock roaming the grounds of Rancho Carrillo, located in Carlsbad.
"Pink Hope" Withered leaves revive in Carlsbad and in life...even in October iolanda scripca
"It's just the Sunset over the Pacific" seen from Carlsbad by: iolanda scripca
Surfer waiting for the next Carlsbad by: iolanda scripca
SUP at Carlsbad Lagoon
"Nature's Christmas Ornament in Carlsbad" by: iolanda scripca
The Twilight Zone in Carlsbad
Sunset at Terramar Point on New Years day 2013


Calsbad, CA
"Colors of Life" in Carlsbad
Carlsbad Sunset
Taken at the Carlsbad Marathon.
Medals from the Carlsbad Marathon
Synchronizing their watches, the elite runners from the half marathon in Carlsbad.
Carlsbad Flower Fields. The one yellow flower
Sunset at Terramar point, carlsbad
Millions of Renuculus buds await you at the Carlsbad Flower fields
Flower fields at dusk 

South Swell at South Carlsbad State Beach, Carlsbad
Shacked!  Ponto Jetties in Carlsbad, California
Sand and feet at Terra mar in Carlsbad, CA
Giant sand sculpture at the Carlsbad Beach Fest 2013
Carlsbad Sunset
Balancing act - Carlsbad State beach
Peacock - Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad, CA
A picture taken with my gopro on the Army Navy Academy beach.
Surf's up in Cardiff 2014
Firery Wintery Carlsbad Skies
Carlsbad tulips
south Carlsbad jetty.
Flower fields in Carlsbad.
The Flower Fields, Carlsbad
The Flower Fields, Carlsbad
The Flower Fields, Carlsbad
The Flower fields

Carlsbad, California
The Flower Fields

Carlsbad, California
North Carlsbad State Beach (Tower 28) at sunset.
Looking out over ocean from Carlsbad, giant cloud eruption.
Carlsbad Beach - a Bit of Heaven
Tracks over the Bataquitos Lagoon

Carlsbad California
Cooling Summer Rain - Carlsbad, California 92011
South Carlsbad State beach
Fall at the Carlsbad Pumpkin Patch!
Acacia Street, Carlsbad.
Cardiff Kook
Loading up the truck at the Flower Fields.
South Ponto Beach, Carlsbad.
South Ponto Beach, Carlsbad.
The overgrown reeds at Tamarack Beach.
Walking the dogs at sunset. Tamarack Beach.
Walking the dogs at sunset. Tamarack Beach.
Tamarack Beach.
A nice day for a ride! Tamarack Beach.
May Fires. Tamarack Beach.
Sun through palm trees in Carlsbad.
Flower Girl
Carlsbad Flower Fields
Jogging at the Beach
Watching the Sunset
Surrounded by Water
Enjoying the Water
Surf, Sand and Sun
Sunset at Carlsbad, California.
Terra Mar Bluffs
Stand Up Paddleboarding in Carlsbad
Hazy Carlsbad valleys early one morning.
"SunScreen" @ Carlsbad
Carlsbad Cliffs!
Carlsbad Goodness!
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