Lanterns for sale at a night market in Cairo.
Picture of myself, the Sphinx is behind me and it is shockingly smaller than I had anticipated!  (Giza, Egypt)
Picture taken from a ship while sailing through Suez Canal. The journey took a whole day (and a whole night) to complete.
If the Egyptians had only patented the 'bricks', made it smaller, and called it Legos...
Sunset behind a baobab tree in the Masai Mara, Kenya.
This picture was taken on the Serengeti in Tanzania, East Africa. This turned out to be one of my favorite pictures from the trip.
Fishing sailboat in Nosy Be, Madagascar
T-shirt salesperson in the marketplace. Nosy Be, Madgascar Africa
Vendor in Chefchaouen market, selling powdered fabric dye that will be used by Moroccan rug and textile makers.
Shot at the penguin colony on the Cape in South Africa.
On safari at Ngorongoro National Park in Tanzania, we saw a family of lions basking under the sun. This little cub was staring us down!
Girl playing drums and rejoicing with children during "Evening Glory" at an orphanage in Mukono, Uganda.
Holiday Monday after Easter 2010 on the oceanfront road. Thousands of beach goers, families, young people and kids flocked to the beach.Alexandria, egypt
South Africa. Coming home after swimming.
View of Cape Town's waterfront in South Africa, taken in the Spring of 2011.
I left my suitcase in Ghana this past summer. I can imagine Ben walking to school in my comfortable running shoes, instead of his broken green plastic sandals. I can imagine Lucas using my old backpack to carry his books, rather than his recycled rice bag, which he probably found on the side of the road. These young people grew up appreciating everything, and learning not to waste anything. 

This picture was taken during my month long stay in Ghana, Africa during the summer.
Middle of the street in Ankpah, Nigeria.
Fishing Net, Kokrobite, Ghana.
June 2010
Busua Beach, Ghana.
Jean and Ritchie with the Zulu Tribe in South Africa 2010
A picture taken at the Cape Town, South Africa with Table Mountain in the background. It's gorgeous!
The dunes of Erg Chebbi near Merzouga, Morocco
African Light
Congo market on the shore of Lake Kivu. The DRC is in the background 23 miles away.
A double rainbow over the Karongi district near Kibuye, Rwanda.
Snake charmer in Marrakesh
Tanzania, East Africa.
Ian Harrington Productions
Monrovia, Liberia Taxi Driver Corner 2013
Masai women in Kenya going to get water for their famiilies.  I took this picture in May 2013 on our trip to Africa
Asilah, Morocco (Oct. 2012)
Asilah, Morocco (Oct. 2012)
Rabat, Morocco (Oct. 2012)
Chefchaouen "The Blue City," Morocco 
Chefchaouen, Morocco (Oct. 2012)
Chefchaouen, Morocco (Oct. 2012)
Chefchaouen, Morocco (Oct. 2012)
Sale, Morocco (Oct. 2012)
View of Morocco's Sahara taken from my camel, Aziz.
The Djenne Mosque, Mali
Market day in Djenné, Mali.
View over the Sabie River in Kruger National Park, South Africa
An impala at sunset at Kruger National Park, South Africa
Nairobi, Kenya
This photo was taken during my study abroad experience with the School for Field Studies this past semester in Kenya and Tanzania. This particular picture I took of an adult male lion was just before sunset. The pride was about 12 deep and scattered all over this kopje but this male stood up and walked to the edge of the rock formation and opened his mouth. The light was perfect.
While visiting South Africa, this baboon met a cobra...sports car
After a few hours, we reached the permanent bivouac site owned by our guesthouse.
Dead ahead: 3,000 miles of desert.
Omar prepares the dining tent.
There's nothing like transportation with some personality.
Dawn on the Sahara.
After dinner there was drumming under the stars.
South African Ostrich 

Walking along the coast at Cape of Goof Hope. - Kendall Alaimo
Double African Rainbow

Taken long the famous Garden Route. - Kendall Alaimo
Horse back riding on Noordhoek Beach, South Africa - Kendall Alaimo
Leopard in Gramstown South Africa -Kendall Alamio
Two school girls in Morocco
While traveling in South Africa, we spotted this Baboon feeling right at home in this Cobra roadster
Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park, Namibia!
Got an itch? Elephant scratches his back on an acacia tree in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.
Just a small portion of the Blue City of Chefchaouen, Morocco.
Game Drive in Serengeti
Chott El Jerid
Tozeur Main Square
The Medina
Sunrise camel ride in the Sahara.
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