2011 Photo Winners

Looking at the vineyards at Napa.
This photo was taken on a family vacation in Ensenada, Mexico. We visited a fish market. All the fish had been caught that morning and the bustle in the market was incredible!
Central markets around the world are a mixture of culture, foods, sounds and smells.  The markets of the South Pacific are no different.  Taro anyone?

location: Luganville, Vanuatu
This was the beautiful sunset on New Year's day January 1, 2011 .Venice Beach was a crazy place with all of the colorful and weird people, but the sunset was calming and beautiful
A view of the bridges in Florence. I love Italy!!!
The Met Life blimp floating over Chula Vista.
It's not the best photo but it's a little furry creature who seems to be doing what many around the county are doing right now, digging out of the mud. As I was salking up Washington St. up the canyon which is between the Washington/India intersection and the University Ave. "offramp" I came across some movement near the shoulder/bike lane. This little guy or gal seemed to be clearing out their little abode.
Picture was taken yesterday, January 3, 2011 about 4pm.
Belmont Park
This is a shot from under Crystal Pier in PB.
Where the water meets the road.
An iguana strolls a secluded beach on this island paradise.
Minskoe Sea in Belarus during the fall.
Jefferson Memorial and Marine One, on its way to the White House to pick up President Obama for the memorial service in Tuscon, AZ.  Picture taken from atop the Washington Monument,  January 12, 2011.
View of the Battle Hill Cross from the bottom of the hill. January 7th, 2011.
Car explosion at 4:00 a.m. December 2010
Shot this photo on a walk around Sunset Cliffs on a beautiful Foggy day.
Nighttime view of the neon-lit canal along Lindun Road, Suzhou.
While hiking into village with friends on our Amazon River cruise we discovered this native and asked if he would allow us to take a picture with his Anaconda.  He said yes!
Famous Pelicans that attract tourists and they like the attention it seems like.
Brightly colored rental kayaks are out in force near La Jolla cove.

This was shot from the open window of a Citabria as we transitioned from the coast and headed inland to Gillespie field.
I took this photo of the Ocean Beach pier on New Year's Day 2011.The tide was very low on this beautiful day.
Very small town in Ellsworth, Maine...was almost able to fit entire town in picture :) Very popular lobster fishing town.
Baja fisherman near Loreto, catching their bait at sunset before heading out for a night of fishing.
This photo was taken from Don Dhet Island, one of the Four Thousand Islands on the Mekong in southern Laos, one of the most peaceful places I have ever had the fortune to visit.
A Caribbean singer interprets songs from Celia Cruz in a busy flea market corner in Bogota, Colombia. The song was "Yerbatero" ("The Weeds Carrier")
The old bridge the runs along side the 94.
Moonlight Beach
Hiking in Santee.
My Girl Scout troop and I used some of our money from selling cookies to go on a trip to Catalina. This picture was taken on the boat ride back home. It was the most beautiful sky I had ever seen.
The night's first few.
This fruit vendor in a small Baja Beach braves the last few day of the off-season.
Gloves drying by the fire after a day of snowboarding in Big Bear.
Main "castle" in Chichen-itza. Their calendar. We climbed to the top, of course. Pretty steep. People would use the rope to get down or crawl down on their butts.
Chinese New Year Fair
My son took this photo while taking a drive through the Cuyamaca Mountains on the way to Julian.
Truck camping on a playa in Texas beneath the world's most famous limestone fossil reef, prior to ascending Guadalupe Peak the following morning.
After a recent snowfall in the Lagunas, I went up to do some sledding... With the usual hills crowded with daytripping families, I decided to hike a little higher and find some freshies... and a great spot to take in the view as well!
While taking pictures of the Memorial Wall in January of 2011 on Mt Soledad, I was very pleased to get this shot of the setting sun reflecting off the military plaques.
Morning hike around Uluru, captured this desert tree with the beautiful backdrop of Ayer's Rock. Taken by Brad.
The Jama Masjid seen from the streets of Delhi's Chandi Chowk. Gives you an appreciation of how big the mosque really is.
Canopy Zip Line in Tropical Puerta Vallarta.
Leaving work (NC Women's Specialists) glanced out the window and seen this beautiful view. Escondido right in front of Palomar Hospital.
Spring is in the air when the baby possums are in the trees outside your window!
One of many original cannons located at El Morro Castle Fortress built in 1589 in Havanna, Cuba to guard the entrance to the bay. I shot this photograph from the top of the El Morro Castle´s lighthouse.
8am, fresh powder in Guatay. Sun's out and the masses are on the I-8 east, headed this way.
Pacific and island views from Rosecrans National Cemetery.
Marketplace in Vietnam.
While driving down the highway through the hills of Sedona AZ, I couldn't believe tha amazing view of the canyon below. I pulled over and grabbed my point & shoot Canon 870 and flipped the switch to
panorama mode and click off 5 shots to re-create this breath taking
On the merry-go-round at the Del Mar Fair!
A couple of leaders play during break time at an English summer camp in Ping Tung, Taiwan.
This is the view, looking down, on the spiral staircase at the lighthouse at the Cabrillo Monument.
Chapel Of The Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona. Architect: Steven Holl.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
This sunrise Photograph was taken atop a sandstone mountain during a hike in Valley of Fire State Park on March 16th, 2011.
Winter view of Notre-Dame cathedral, shot from the parliament building in Ottawa, Canada.
View west from College Grove Drive.
Bleeding peace sign along West Pt. Loma Blvd.
A summer's sunset as seen from Hwy 115 looking West. "it's a Vilma!"
The most amazing place in the world, on a raft in the middle of the Mediterranean Ocean.
Bergen, Norway was the most important trading center in Scandinavia in the Middle Ages.
Train sighting Del Mar
The Coronado Bridge
doggie at Tamarack beach parking lot...and NO! it's not a Norman Rockwell painting...
Hiking to the Devil's Punch Bowl in Ramona
Shot at the penguin colony on the Cape in South Africa.
Picture taken next to Horton Plaza Mall. Balboa Theatre.
This is a picture of my daughter in front of the train station in Flag. She is such a fashion Diva and as i love documenting, so here is one of many photos snapped of her that day!
I.B. Pier at dusk.
There was a huge gecko in my room in Siem Reap. At first I thought that it was a wood carving. I was scared when I realized that it was real. It took 3 men to take it out of my room. A Cambodian friend says that large geckos are a sign of goodluck...I will see what happens!
Encinitas Ranch Golf Course on a magnificent Spring morning. Taken with smart phone camera.
Pro wrestling took over the Unity Lodge for one night in September of 2010.
A view from the Sky Tram in Brazil.
Sunrise sets a spectacular massif afire in Torres del Paine. Sparkling lakes – each a different hue of blue – dot the Chilean national park and frame the alpine peaks that are the namesake of this amazing corner of the world.
This is a picture of our sweet 5 month old daughter, Isabella, at the Polar Bear Exhibit at the San Diego Zoo.  Her little head is popping up through the ice, just like the seal's head.
A vineyard in the hills of St. Helena
Sunny days in RB with water balloons the size of watermelons!
Believe!  This alien creature has been waiting for "you!" Located off Hwy 111 in the Imperial County line near the Border Patrol Checkpoint.
"it's a Vilma!"  Vilma Ruiz Pacrem
Looking up a spiral staircase in a castle on a trip to France.
While exploring the neighborhoods in Big Bear Lake, I found this red house in the middle of nowhere. Taken with my Nikon D5000 and 18-55mm lens.
The Cardiff Kook is well prepared for the royal wedding.
Picture of a children riding a train in a park during festearte Tijuana.
View of Ross Castle on a clear morning.  Killarney, Ireland
A fisherman playing guitar on Colombia's Caribbean coast.
Coming home after a vacation in Borrego Springs, I snapped this photo while passing through Julian.
Sunrise from Cowles Mountain.
Ferris Wheel in the parking lot of the Santa Monica Avenue Lifeguard tower.
Cemetery in Julian with a storm coming in.
The Eiffel Tower lit up at night.
As I'm taking pictures, this beautiful creature comes up to the glass, sits down and poses... very cool!
Just walking back from Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica,  and we see two amigos just hanging out.  Relaxing!
Beautiful, rolling meadows along the highway in Livermore, CA
A beautiful day on Mexico's stretch of the Caribbean, Playa del Carmen.
The City that never sleeps in all its splendor.
Carlsbad State Beach - long exposure. Taken after midnight, 4/21/2010
Under the Pier.
In Chinatown, San Francisco.
Street Dancers in Venice Beach.
130 miles south of Tijuana. a beautiful sunset.
Sunrise in Spring. City Heights.
Fish market in Barcelona, Spain
The annual dragonboat race in Xindin an important holiday (one of five) in Taiwan. It dates back to the 3rd Century. Legend has it that a poet loyal to the king was falsely accused of treason so rather than living shamed in exile he decided to drown. The townspeople, who loved the poet, threw rice cakes to the river so the small fish wouldn't eat him and raced boat with dragons to scare the larger fish.
The music-filled cobblestone streets of Avignon.
Street Fair...
My wife and I were visiting the Painted Hills in eastern Oregon last month when we were caught in a severe storm. The wind was howling and the rain pouring down in buckets. All of the other visitors had packed up and gone home. Just as we were getting ready to follow them on out, the clouds lifted, the rain abated and we were treated to the most magnificent rainbow we had ever seen.
 A girl is lost in a book while sitting on the Great Wall
Tilt-a-Whirl and Farris Wheel at the San Diego Fair.
A rainy day didn't keep these surfers away.  They had just finished surfing for the day at Swami's beach in Encinitas.
It was a rich and mysterious morning as I drove through rural Arkansas, the fog and mist making it difficult to see the road. I saw this broken down barn from out my window and just had to stop and capture the moment. In the foggy silence, I stood a while, utterly alone, and fantasized about the people that built the barn,what kind of things transpired there, and what happened to make them abandon it. The overgrown tree next to it, the lush, eerie green land surrounding it... I drove away lost in imagination and curiosity, creating stories to go with the enchanted setting.
Dubai panorama before sunset
Sub-dome, Yosemite National Park
Evening in Old Town.
A lighthouse, I can't remember the exact location.  There are so many.
El Castillo is in the center of Chichen Itza. Created by the Maya Civilization for their God, Kukulkan, the Yucatec Maya Feathered Serpent deity.

Thousands of people visit this temple during the spring and fall equinox to watch as the shadowed serpent appears down the four corners of the pyramid.

Mexican government discovered a second temple hidden below El Castillo in the 1930's.
Black sand beach, on volcano day trip to the Big Island
This was La Jolla Cove on Independence Day. With the humidity and a rising fog, it looked like an outdoor club.
Dog tags hang in support of our armed service men and women at the Memorial Garden in Boston.
Seal at the Central Park Zoo in New York.
Yummm! Limoncello in various stages of production: Sorrento, Italy
A meeting of minds in the Mira Mesa Mall parking lot. Note the awesome "I Hate Everybody" t-shirt.
I came across this boat while on Shelter Island.  Thought it would be a good picture.  I ran home to get a different camera,  and when I got back,  it was gone.  11/21/1989
Girl playing drums and rejoicing with children during "Evening Glory" at an orphanage in Mukono, Uganda.
Curbside garden 2010 sunflowers and herbs.
Rainbow Bridge in Arizona.
I was traveling in China last month.  Walking around the drum tower in the center of the city of Xi'an... I happened to capture this girl peaking out from behind one of the big drums.
This photo was taken from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, of the beautiful New York City Skyline.
Swamp tour.
Perspective of the Santa Barbara Mission from the Rose Garden.
Local travel: from the top of Double Peak in San Elijo
One of the statues on the boardwalk.
Korean Market... Not sure which one, because I just moved here, and don't know where I am half the time.
A team on the beach
Walking to the white sand and clear water in Seaside, Florida.
A man in St. Catherine, Jamaica, cuts up a sugar cane for his children using his machete.
Taken in early July 2008. While traveling around Ireland, I made my way down to the south-western edge of the Burren to see the Cliffs of Moher. These cliffs are some of the most beautiful things I've
seen in my life.
This is the view of the Anza Borrego Valley from the view point in Julian. This was taken on Monday the 1st as a storm was passing through.
On top of the world at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas. January 2011
Balboa Park daises, 2010.
Row of Buddhas in Ayutthaya, Thailand
A sunset on a floating shrine in Iwo Jima.
Stub Jetty area.
Twilight at the Ocean Beach Hotel.
A reitired bike/food cart caught my eye while exploring the fountains and gardens at Versailles.
Inside the convention center.
Honey bee hearts ~ remembering Amber's love for animals and Chelsea's for sunflowers.
The ice calving of the active Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay of southeast Alaska, June 2011, accompanied by the cracking thunder-like roaring sound in the midst of wilderness of tranquility.
Niagara Falls. A crowd of people on the observatory deck were checking out the falls, thus covering a light located at the bottom of their feet.
Mt. Shasta is a popular mountain that thousands are able to summit each year. It is one of the tallest volcanoes in the US and has snow on it year round. This picture was taken in the last few days of June 2011, and the snow was over 60 feet high in some areas!
A dramatic view of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France!
June 15, 2011, Yosemite Falls and all the rivers and falls through-out the Valley, were fuller and faster than we had ever seen before!
Bora Bora Bliss!
After running the 8 Tuff Miles on the island of St. John, it was time to relax.
A summer afternoon strolling through downtown Nantucket.
This was at the Broadway Pier during the blackout. People watched the big football game on the police truck. September 8, 2011
Green Flash at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
Lunchtime at the Zoo.
Nice view for lunch in Bali near the Besakih temple.
This animal was on the rocks near the water on the Colorado.
My family and I were spending a few days in the desert and Snickers was playing peek-a-boo.
A two-year-old girl makes eye contact with a woman making handmade tortillas in Old Town.
The Hillcrest sign at night on a timed exposure with the trailing lights of a city bus.
After work I saw a beautiful sunset near Rosa Parks Elementary. I had to take a photo
A ladybug drying its wings after being rescued from the pool at The Lafayette Suites
Sharing a secret outside Mardi Gras World in New Orleans.
I just got back from Vietnam.  The country was beautiful,
the people very poor but very happy.  This was a picture of a villager
in the hills of Sapa Vietnam.
One of the painted monasteries located in Bucovina, Romania, this Sucevita Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Nicknamed the "Jesus Lizard" for its ability to scurry across the water, these were everywhere in the Pacific Side of Costa Rica.
A view of the valley from Duck Pass in Mammoth Lakes, CA
This is a photo of Hong Kong Island's famous skyline, seen from the Avenue of the Stars.
The Hermit & The Cliff: There's an old man staring into the cliff at Solana Beach.
Clouds over the North Park water tower.
Del Mar Beach
My memory of this amazing place, from a few years back. Christmas Day in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
Mazatlan: Oct. 02, 2011 saw yet another awesome sunset on the beach north of the Golden Zone...
South Africa. Coming home after swimming.
The North park sign at sunset, shot from University and 30th
Stop in and say hello to Eddie "The Godfather" and Sam at the United Market on 54th St.
Early morning sunrise over Laguna Mountains
A lovely sunset on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador after a long day of yoga and surf lessons, walking back to homebase at the Betty Surf Camp.
The sun trying to fight through the clouds as our little boat went out to a dive spot at South Water Caye, Belize.
Fall colors at June Lakes California, 10-22-11
Taken in Gui Lin China
The Lower Reid Falls at the Gold Rush Cemetary in Skagway, Alaska.
Desert View Tower, Jacumba California.

This is an HDR image of some nik-naks for sale in the Desert View Tower gift shop.
The Jamek Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has an almost otherworldly beauty at night.
"Mutant of the Pacific" - Maui, Hawaii
Trapped on the inside: Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco.
Goose posing for a Ponte Vecchio shot in Florence.
Just passing through - Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park.
Family building sand castle Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico
Heading to second base. 
Cactus Park, Santee
Katz's Deli NYC.
Poor fin whale awaiting transport to deep sea burial at Fiesta Island.
Buddie's Sand Buddies in Buttercup Thanksgiving 2011
A starry night as the campfire shines on the large boulders encompassing the campsites at Joshua Tree National Park, in Joshua Tree, Calif., on September 3, 2011. (Photography by Vicente Guerrero)
Copyright:© Vicente Guerrero
The Santa Monica Pier is alive at night time.
Looking over the city with camera in hand from the helipad on top of San Diego Police Headquarters.
Located at Seaport Village right on the Midway.
La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Gas pumps still in operation at the four corners in Gustavus. (Called the "four corners" because it's the only intersection in town.)
Futbol Rosarito Beach
Walking in Daddy's Footsteps
The pelican...

(C) Jerry Hilburn - 2011
Seattle, Washington
San Francisco Pier 39
Modesto winter
View from the Bund in Shanghai China.  The Bund is a pedestrian walkway that runs along the river in Shanghai.
Kensington December 2011
5 Stair, Balboa Park.
Imperial Beach Pier
Terra Mar Beach in Carlsbad
My son, pelting me with a snow ball, at Sea World's Snow World.
Escondido gorilla love
Pisa, Italy
Entering the Cu Chi tunnels, used by the Viet Cong to evade American troops and bombs during the Vietnam War.
Alcazar Castle - Segovia, Spain
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