How did you meet your spouse?

Asked by Josh Board on June 3, 2009

Photo of Jill Betka

Jill Betka

We just got engaged. We first met at a Chargers game but got engaged at a Padres game. We had a mutual friend who [my fiancé] had known since kindergarten. That friend called me up and said I was sitting with him. I was scared. And I’m a Broncos fan, so I was cheering for them, even with all the Chargers season-ticket holders around us. That first date was a rowdy game. Then we all went to a concert together, and it was a year and a half of us getting to know each other before the first date. We actually had our first kiss before our first date, which was a Padres game. And I’m a Rockies fan, too.

Photo of Bob Bramson

Bob Bramson

I had gotten back to my apartment after the horse races in Hollywood Park. It was a Saturday and I was tired, but a buddy of mine called and invited me to a party. He said there were a lot of new hides there…that’s what we called women back then. Judy was there, and as I walked out to the balcony she was coming in. We tried to walk around each other and went the same way so I said, “We might as well dance.” And then we did dance, and one thing led to another. We started dated in 1964 and got married in 1966.

Photo of Kristin Bramson

Kristin Bramson

I met Steve at my friend’s bachelorette party. She had gone up to him because one of the games was getting a business card from a guy with the same initials she’d have once she got married. She needed to find an S.O. He was an S.B. and said it was half, and I became the official on whether or not that would stand. I went over and talked to Steve, and he started flirting with me and bought me a drink. I told him I was already dancing with some other guy, but that didn’t stop him.

Photo of Cynthia Mary

Cynthia Mary

Which one? The first one I met at college, in the dorm I was living at. The second one at a café in San Diego. In college, we lived on the same floor, and I was known for my cooking. On a Sunday I was making French toast, and he said it smelled good. He was a good cook, too. We went to engineering school together. The second [husband] was [met] when I moved back after living in Greece for 12 years. I was feeling misunderstood by Americans and was working in a café and always talked to him and his friends. When I stormed out after a fight with my boss, he was driving by. He pulled over and asked me out to dinner.

Photo of Ariel Conde

Ariel Conde

I was dating a girl who worked in the same building. She was nice, but after six months she transformed and was overbearing and bossy. She wanted to get married and set a date, which was news to me. I lent her money to pay rent and get her car back from being towed away. She didn’t get along with my family. Meanwhile, I got to know all the people she worked with, including her supervisor. After we broke up, I asked her supervisor out. That was December 1982. We married in 1985 and have been together ever since. I guess we owe it to my ex-girlfriend.

Photo of Ann Moore

Ann Moore

I met my spouse while delivering mail. His parents went camping, and I was going inside and feeding their birds. He had just gotten back from Vietnam, and I didn’t realize he was in the house. I was at the birdcage and he came up behind me. That’s how we met. Back in those days, letter carriers sometimes did a lot of those extra things for people on their route.


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