How many tats?

Asked by Josh Board on January 23, 2008

Photo of Cynthia Stevens

Cynthia Stevens

I have six. But four of them are really small, so they don’t count. I was young, and they’re just things like a tiny heart. When I met Debbie Harry, I had her autograph my arm, and then I had it tattooed, with the band name above it. I had Chris Stein sign also, but it got smeared, so I didn’t have it tattooed. I’d eventually put the other band members on there. I want to have Debbie Harry’s face. I’m going to have Kat from L.A. do it. She’s known for doing great portraits.

Photo of Dagwood Reed

Dagwood Reed

My one tattoo is really tiny. It’s a genie’s lamp. I was 14, and this girl was 14, when we learned how to tattoo. She tried to do a seagull but messed it up. Then she tried to make it a scorpion. That didn’t turn out right either. So, we made it into a genie lamp, which worked well, since it’s like my mom’s name. She passed away, and it is a remembrance of her.

Photo of Frankie Koppelman

Frankie Koppelman

I waited after a Blondie concert to have Debbie Harry sign my arm. She came out especially to do it. Clem Burke went and got her. I thought about having him sign my arm as well, but you can’t have a guy’s tattoo on your arm. I saw a picture of her on this shirt, and I might add that tattoo. I’m not sure. I like knowing, though, that for those two minutes she was signing my arm, I was a part of her life.

Photo of George Figueroa

George Figueroa

I don’t have any. I’ll probably get one eventually, though. I think about it. I thought about getting a gargoyle. But I thought it might look horrible when I get old. If my mom died, maybe I’d get her name. But, I think the thing I decided on is a lion, because I’m a Leo. When I do get one, that’s probably going to be it.

Photo of Lewis Schafer

Lewis Schafer

It’s hard to say. I have a lot that blend into each other. I have more than 20 but less than 30. One arm is a sleeve. I have a big leopard-skin print with flames. I have one arm that is all Southwestern, Native American designs. There’s a totem pole. And, I have the standard dagger with a rose wrapped around it to show I’m tough but sensitive.

Photo of Roberta Sopone

Roberta Sopone

I do have two tattoos. Both are representations of tigers. I love the animal, and to me, it represents beauty and strength, and that is something I look for in my life. For several months now, I’ve been working on designing a larger tattoo. That will be an angel that will combine my two original ones to create one large tattoo. The previous ones hurt like hell when I had them done, but I would do it again.


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