How often do you lie?

Asked by Josh Board on February 13, 2008

Photo of Kirk Johansen

Kirk Johansen

I never lie. But, you don’t know me, so, I could be lying right now. Seriously, I don’t think I lie, but I have to think the odds are that I do once in a while, like if you want to spare someone’s feelings or something. Oh, I’ve sometimes told people I was a race car driver, and that isn’t true.

Photo of Jennifer Williamson

Jennifer Williamson

Very rarely. I skipped class on Friday morning. One of my classmates asked me why, and I lied, even though the real reason I wasn’t there made a lot more sense. It was kind of personal, and you don’t need to share stuff like that with nosey people. But, generally, I’m not telling lies for no reason. And if I have to tell a small one, it’s probably for a good reason.

Photo of Alex Rocha

Alex Rocha

Really, doesn’t everyone tell lies? Some may tell more than others. It could be something small, like saying you tried some food item someone suggested and that you liked it. I guess I lie when I call in sick to work. I do that once every few months, but I get seven sick days a year. I’m not sure if you’d really consider this lying, but when you’re messing with your friends, that’s a form of telling a lie.

Photo of Sean Stidham

Sean Stidham

I don’t lie that often. I’d rather people be mad at me, even when I’m telling the truth. Some people don’t like the honest approach. Another problem with me lying is that I have A.D.D. So, I can’t even remember what it is I lied about. I know it’s best for me to just not make something up.

Photo of Stefanie Carroll

Stefanie Carroll

I think everyone tells white lies, especially if they don’t want to hurt people. The last time I told a lie was on my résumé for a job interview. I figure if it’s going to give me more of an edge. And it was nothing big, like saying I was CEO of a company. It’s something that they won’t know is a lie, and I think when it comes to job-related fields, doing that is probably fairly common.

Photo of Sam Morales

Sam Morales

I never lie. Ever. I’ve never told a lie. Okay, well, seriously, I think everyone has. That’s why I want my answer to just say that I never have. Because that would be obvious that I’m lying right there. Basically, I don’t think the question really works. Everyone has lied at some point in their life.


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