When was the last time you were on a bus, and your worst experience?

Asked by Josh Board on September 20, 2007

Melanie Warming-Grey

It was on this trip down to San Diego on Greyhound. There was an obese 13-year-old girl that kept rubbing her butt on me as she moved. She was wheezing, too. Her mom and her kept eating chocolate cookies. Oh, there was a time recently a guy got on with painted fingernails. He noticed mine were done and started talking about them. He asked where I worked, since I was wearing my waitressing outfit. I subtly covered my badge. I didn't want a stalker. When an old woman came in, I got up and let her have my seat. It was a great out.

Dianne Day

My last time on a bus was probably back in school, on the school buses. I was always worried because they didn't have seat belts. And I remember the bus driver was this huge fat guy. I'd watch him as he tried to turn the steering wheel. He barely could. He wasn't a good driver, so it wasn't the best experience.

Edita Davtyan

I don't remember riding buses where I grew up in Moscow. So, no bad experiences on them. When I didn't have a car in the United States, I had to take the bus places. It was usually on Greyhound. The only bad thing I remember was sometimes a bus would have a really bad smell. Luckily, I didn't have to ride the bus that often.

G. T. Myrick

I don't think I've been on a bus since high school. I guess some people took the bus when they didn't have a vehicle to drive. It's been so long since I've been on one, I can't even guess when it was. I remember always thinking that buses smelled like Tijuana, though.

Ed Benson

I was really drunk on a bus one time. I was a teenager. I started to feel sick, so I opened up the emergency door and threw up. That was so long ago, back in the days when I didn't have a motorcycle or a car. And when I couldn't hold my liquor.

Nicole Blundell

It was when I was a kid, on a school bus a long time ago. We were at a stoplight, and when we looked over, there was a guy in his car. He was, uh...well, let's just say the police were called and arrested the guy. It was so bizarre. As an adult now, and having kids when they were that age, you sometimes think about things like that.


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