What's the craziest thing a boss ever told you?

March 15, 2007

Jerry Griffin

At my previous job, I told my boss that going to Mexico to surf makes me nervous because of the police down there. She ends up telling me and a few other employees about a time she's crossing the border and pulling out ID and that she had cocaine between her license and a credit card. We all just looked at each other in shock.

T. J. Muro

At one job I had, it wasn't what she said but what she did. She chugged a beer with her cleavage. Obviously, it wasn't at work, but at a bar afterwards. We were all drinking, and she put a beer between her breasts and threw her head back and drank it. Actually, thinking back, it was a morale booster.

John Cocktoasten

Back in Jersey City, it was like the movie Boiler Room. This short guy had a Napoleon complex going. The craziest thing he told me was "Show up late again, and you're fucking fired!" Then, five minutes later, he's buddy-buddy with me. He tried to sound like a tough guy and cursing.

Janette VillaseƱor

At a previous job, my boss was this 70-year-old lady. After she hired me she said, "Make sure you use a condom, because I won't give you time off for baby leave or anything." My jaw dropped. I was in shock. All I could respond with was "Okay."

J. Garcia

I had a boss that said, "Do you play baseball?" I said I didn't and asked why. She said, "Because I'd like to see you in those tights." I just thought, "I think my break's over now" and left the room. I didn't want her to fire me or anything. She said a lot of weird things. She was young and attractive. But I was dating somebody at the time.

Eric Stone

I was an office manager. The boss thought I was Italian. And I was hiring new employees. He could see them through the window. He said, "Don't hire any of those three niggers. I don't want them working for me. And those Mexicans. You can hire them, because they work for less." I told him I was Mexican. He had this blank stare on his face. The guy looked like Santa Claus but acted like Sam Kinison. I was friends with his son and told him the story. I ended up quitting a month later.


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