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Howard Richmond

Howard E. Richmond

unknown - November 3, 2016

Howard E. Richmond, MD began a tough battle with pancreatitis
over a year ago. He had constant medical care in addition to loving,
healing hands and prayerful thoughts from all over the world. In spite
of his resilience and strength, force of will and zest for life, the
disease overwhelmed his body and he passed on Thursday, November 3,
“EMA shows you the keys to unlock hidden emotions and limiting beliefs
to increase your capacity for joy, creativity, empowerment, and,
ultimately, inner peace,” Dr. H said.
Over the course of his illness, Howard continued to lead twice monthly
EMA events. He also maintained his patient load of dozens of patients
every week and spoke to groups about joy and empowerment. “My husband
was the embodiment of living life using the Emotional Martial Arts™
tools,” said Elana Cohen Richmond. “He had the strongest
mind-body-spirit connection of anyone I have ever known and he was
fearless.” Elana went on to say that Howard was getting his life's blood
from working with people and teaching the EMA tools.
“We are blessed to have a treasure trove of Dr. H's words and thoughts,
tools and concepts, prescriptions and encouragement,” Elana says. The
Healing Field community will be able to dive deeper into the tools using
a series of Emotional Martial Arts™ Coloring Journals that accompany his
soothing voice and original 12-string guitar playing through dozens of
guided meditations. There are also countless audio and video trainings
featuring the concepts that EMA students have reported changed their
very lives.
His work is rich and timeless, and Elana and her team will keep his
legacy alive by sharing the EMA tools as he would have wanted. His
family, friends and colleagues will do their part as well.
In addition to creating the EMA framework to help people in their quest
for inner peace, Howard was an accomplished writer. In September 2014,
he published a novel called The Healing Field: A Young Psychiatrist’s
Battle with His Anorexic Patient, Her Hunger Strike against God, and
Their Journey through the Dark Night of the Soul. The story is a
real-life journey about moving from fear and shame to love and
redemption. The book won four national and international book awards in
Based on a true story, The Healing Field chronicles how an anorexic
woman and her psychiatrist are both transformed through their remarkably
candid interaction.
Howard often said he wrote The Healing Field at the urging of his
patient he called Lori in the book. “She is one of the bravest and most
giving people I have ever known. She wants her story to be a gift and
provide hope to others with eating disorders or debilitating emotional
When the family is ready there will be an honoring for this special man
who touched so many. If you’d like to be notified about this or the
continuation of Dr. H’s work, you can send his team your email at His transforming work will continue through
The Healing Field Foundation
As Dr. H would say, “Inner Peace ~ Wage It!!”


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