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Bill Missett

Bill Missett

unknown - December 7, 2016

According to a Dec. 9, 2016 <em>U-T</em> story by Logan Jenkins:

"In the ‘60s, Tom Missett, Bill’s brother, was hired at age 26 to publish the <em>Oceanside Blade-Tribune</em> (later the <em>Blade-Citizen</em>). He soon hired his brother, a hard-boiled reporter, to be the editor....

"One was nitro and the other glycerine, former <em>U-T</em> surf writer Terry Rodgers, a <em>Blade</em> alum, recalled.

"Tom was the salesman who could sell an ad to a car dealer on life support. His writing was limited to checks. “Bill’s raison d’etre,” Rodgers recalled, “was old-school, smash-mouth muckraking journalism.”

Jenkins on Missett's death:
"After a prolonged chronic illness that caused him acute pain, the 77-year-old writer smoked a bowl with friends, watched the sunset, and went inside to quietly end his life."


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