Going To A Place Where You Already Are, Dune Defenders

Events January 18-January 22, 2020

Dune Defenders
  • Dune Defenders

Saturday | 18

Going To A Place Where You Already Are

Going To A Place Where You Already Are

Going To A Place Where You Already Are

Going To A Place Where You Already Are

Is there a heaven? Joe says no, it’s all a bunch of hokum. His wife, Roberta, has always claimed to agree. But lately, she’s beginning to wonder, especially since they find themselves in church a lot: they have reached the age when funerals are more frequent than weddings. Their granddaughter Ellie doesn’t have time in her own busy life to ponder the afterlife. But when mortality confronts them, her grandmother’s claim to have gone to heaven and back doesn’t sound so crazy after all.

Wednesday | 22

Dune Defenders

Dune Defenders

San Diego Audubon Dune Defenders

  • Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 9 a.m. to noon
  • Fiesta Island, 1500 Fiesta Island Road, San Diego
  • Free

Dune Defenders

Come help restore nesting habitat of the California Least Tern, an endangered seabird. The California Least Tern hunts primarily in shallow estuaries and lagoons, or beyond the breakers, where smaller fish are abundant. Adults do not require cover, so they commonly roost on the open ground. But they have lost most of their coastal dune nesting habitat, and the habitat that remains is often overgrown by invasive weeds. We will be working to remove these weeds, repair fencing, and install signage.

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