Pork rinds and Mexican ice cream at La Jolla Shores

Are there any sane people left in San Diego?

When not reading to kids at libraries, Xaime Aceves Esquihua and Francisco Soto have been known to rap on YouTube about dildos, fisting, and gay-bar hook ups with “twinks” and “DL bros.”
  • When not reading to kids at libraries, Xaime Aceves Esquihua and Francisco Soto have been known to rap on YouTube about dildos, fisting, and gay-bar hook ups with “twinks” and “DL bros.”

Kind of a drag

Yes that was a good article on the Chula Vista Library (“Who are the drag queens at Chula Vista library?”” City Lights, September 18). Those people are 100% sick and I condemn Councilman Steve Padilla and Mary Salas for not being intelligent enough to realize that. I am in total sympathy with my friends in Chula Vista. Yes I do think that somebody took advantage of that neighborhood. A lot of those people don’t speak English too well.

  • Paul Student
  • San Diego

Mauricio: "If I lose this, what will I do?"

Mauricio: "If I lose this, what will I do?"

Bells of the beach

I have been going to La Jolla Shores for over 50 years. This year the city of SD has allowed street vendors with carts to sell pork rinds and Mexican ice cream on the sand (“First the swap meet, now the Oceanside Marketplace to close,” Neighborhood News, September 13). Now there are four Hispanic vendors rolling carts up and down the beach every day engaged in this cash-only business on public property. Each vendor has four cow bell’s attached to his cart to attract kids/customers to his cart. Is La Jolla Shores an underwater park, an oasis in the city of sd where people can enjoy nature, waves, ocean? There are signs when you walk up to the beach No Loud Music and other things you shouldn’t do at the beach. I think the should add: no bells! This noise from the vendors bells should be outlawed! They are ruining my beach experience. It reminds me of tawdry Third-world countries where beach goers are constantly harassed to buy things. Get it together, San Diego and get this nuisance off the public beach!

  • Name withheld

Different drummer

This is very minor, the only kind of thing I comment on (“Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice,” Movie Reviews): In the Stone Ponies (sic) song, you don’t “pull in the reigns”; you “pull in the reins”: those leather straps for controlling a horse, don’t you know, not the period a king spends on the throne. As I said, no big thing.

  • Don Ridgway
  • El Cajon

Under the pier, August 7

Under the pier, August 7

Broke, unmarried, and car sleeping

I listened to Trump talk about the homeless problem, and as usual he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I volunteer for one of the organizations that works with the homeless here (“Homeless weigh heavy, even in Ocean Beach,” Neighborhood News, August 12). When many of us think of the homeless we think of those we see sleeping on the sidewalk or in doorways in downtown, Hillcrest, North Park, and Mission Valley. Some of these people have drug or alcohol addiction. Some of them have mental illness. But those sleeping out in the open also include families, the handicapped, and those down on their luck. And I don’t think anyone realizes how many people here are living in RVs, vans, minivans, and cars. The lucky ones are able to sleep in one of the Safe Parking lots at night. There are hundreds of single women living in cars, divorced women with kids, and senior citizens. There is one 84-year-old woman who is forced to sleep in her car. Many have jobs, but can no longer afford rent. Some were born in San Diego or have lived here over 25 years. As businesses have cut back benefits, some individuals have to pay $700 a month for health insurance, or live just on Social Security benefits. Some are not getting child support. Some of these people in vehicles are college grads; a few have master’s degrees. Until recently they were normal middle class people. Our mayors and governors have waited too long to try to correct this problem. We’ve had outbreaks of disease here. This is a true epidemic.

  • Nancy Davis
  • Del Cerro

From Scoot Safe video

From Scoot Safe video


Scooter follies

Are there any sane people left in San Diego? (Insane Diego) Or have they all committed hari-kari on Todd’s toys for little 30 year old boys (“San Diego scooter scene calms down,” Neighborhood News, August 6)? Hey man, absent Elvis walking down Broadway Avenue during rush hour, Todd has got this Mayoral farce bagged. How many more folks will be needlessly admitted to emergency rooms before voters wake up to this city wide fiasco of scooters which coincidentally serve no useful purpose. Yeah, right, some profess that these idiots on scooters are Mom and Dad on the way back home with a full load of groceries. C’mon man, do you think I’m a dumb Pollack? Why don’t these grown men actually begin acting like men and try walking, running or better yet pedal a bike. I’ll tell you why. Because they are too weak, have no will power and are out for a cheap thrill. They are the scourge of society. I’m proposing a total ban on scooters in San Diego. Get this trash out of our city, now! I’m Daniel Smiechowski candidate for Mayor and I approve this message.

  • Daniel Joseph Smiechowski
  • Bay Ho

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