Ocean Beach locals escort bully out of town

Rangers avoid going after homeless

O.B. hospitality has its limits.
  • O.B. hospitality has its limits.

On Wednesday, September 18, "Jane" parked in front of the OB Hotel at the foot of Newport Ave for her daily surf session. After getting out of the ocean, she rinsed off with a jug of hot water that she brought with her.

Doggie Lounge van. "The travelers/homeless kept moving closer."

Doggie Lounge van. "The travelers/homeless kept moving closer."

“After my session, I step off the side of my car by the curb and pour it over my head,” she wrote on social media. “Today a lady in a city car pulls up in the spot next to me. I was glad to see city presence...didn’t know what department, but I’ll take what I can get! She proceeds to get out of her car several minutes after I changed and was about ready to leave and tells me that what I have just done is illegal and she could cite me for it. I literally am like ‘huh?’ And she says that whatever ‘substance’ I have just polluted the street with is not allowed and that I will be cited next time. This was my warning.

“I said to her ‘are you kidding me? It’s warm, clean water.’ She said she didn’t care. I told her to look across the street where several vans are parked and asked her why she chose to focus her attention on me when I can assure her there are actual pollutants and real problems happening that need attention…She got angry – took pictures of my license plates along with the offensive clean water marks in the gutter and told me she was sending me a ‘notice.’ She drove off swearing at me and almost didn’t tell me her information but then threw her card out of her window as she drove off...I have pleaded for more city presence and law enforcement alongside so many of you – however they cannot think that behavior like this is somehow checking the damn box of helping."

Every Wednesday night

Every Wednesday night

In July another woman, Janis Sandlin, launched a business, Surf’s Pup, a mobile doggie lounge offering hourly rates to watch pups while owners go surf or play. But after a few months, successful months at that, she moved her business and herself out of OB due to the homeless population and concerns for personal safety.

“When I first started Surf's Pup I was going out to Dog Beach really early and setting up a little shop with the van to get the word out,” Sandlin told me. “There was a local guy that kept calling police on me right off the bat…police came and said I was doing nothing wrong and to let them know if this guy kept emailing and harassing me.

"This first public spectacle was done in such a way as to send a message ."

"This first public spectacle was done in such a way as to send a message ."

Then about a week later a park ranger started harassing me about my set-up. I moved all my stuff onto the van to abide by her requests yet she continued to harass me for days...I finally asked her why she wasn't talking to the travelers or the homeless who are drunk and doing drugs and selling things with NO permits and she told me she was ‘afraid for her personal safety’ talking to them. I was blown away…so because I am nice I was harassed repeatedly and the assholes get away with everything? I finally told her to leave me alone and don't come back unless she has the police with her because they were nothing but awesome for me. I stopped going there shortly after that, and then made the decision to leave OB in my 2nd month when the travelers/homeless kept moving closer to my van when parked by the pier. I was spit on and felt so uncomfortable getting there early to get parking – it is dirty, unsafe, and only getting worse. I could hear them (homeless/travelers) talk about how great OB is because they could do whatever they wanted…the word is spreading and its getting worse.”

Sandlin left Ocean Beach on September 13.

While locals have been pleading with elected officials for help, the San Diego Police Department say their hands are tied.

Since mid-August a homeless man had been going around town sucker-punching people; he was observed initiating fights, trespassing, shoplifting, and snuffing out a cigarette on someone’s hand. Police reports were filed, yet SDPD did not arrest this person.

The evening of Friday, September 13, the troublemaker was caught by locals at Bacon and Newport and escorted over the bridge out of town.

I spoke to Garret Deplachett, one of the members of the Ocean Beach Troll Patrol Group, who explained the situation.

“I/we are only trying to make a difference in the public streets of OB so that it isn't a place of violence. What got me most infuriated when it came to this individual is the fact that he struck a few females of the community and socked up on an elderly man. I’ll put money on the fact things like this won’t happen again out of fear of another community uprising against them. I think the fact that it was overly publicized and such a spectacle in the busiest places (Newport Ave) and times of OB during a Friday night was a good thing-mainly because every other one of the possible future offenders were present in the outlining crowd.”

Deplachett hopes this incident sends a message.

“What happened Friday night in my own opinion this first public spectacle was done in such a way as to send a message that these disrespectful little assholes running around our streets aren’t welcome.”

“The reason that he was escorted out of town was simply to protect ourselves from what he did to countless other people in OB. It was not meant as an act of vigilantism, it was not was it done out of hate. He had personally attacked 3 members of our patrol group, so tensions were high not only due to this, but also due to the infuriation that the town has amounted to. We not only offered resources to help him but also told him if he got help he was more than welcome to return – with proper behavior of course.”

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Troll,patrol group....we had one in my days.....was called the OBT’s........sounds like the war zone is retuning to form.

Choose your battles wisely, and learn to keep your eyes and ears open, and keep your mouth shut.

What this post fails to mention is this group "escorting" a person out of Ocean Beach was really a mob.  After pinning this person to the street, and forcing traffic to maneuver around the scene, the mob then proceeded to run after this person, shouting obscenities and for a few cringey moments chanting "OB UNITE!" before surrounding this individual in the parking lot at the Ocean Beach Hotel.  During this portion of the confrontation you can hear the sparking of the taser that one member of the group is brandishing and threatening to use on the person who is trying to run away from them.  They continue to run after this person up  Newport Avenue shouting threats the whole way.  Then while the mob was chasing the person back up Newport Ave, one member of the mob decided that another homeless person deserved to be "escorted" out as well.  This person then grabbed the homeless person and sort of flung him across the sidewalk.  When a bystander got involved and yelled that the person they just assaulted did not do anything, the mob decided that the bystander was not "local" so they don't know anything.  This disgusting event was streamed live on Facebook.  It is not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last, and if this "troll patrol" keeps imitating background actors in the Purge, I can only hope that it does not end in tragedy.

You wanna know what the tragedy is? The tragedy simply is not only your lack to read and understand all the posts on the subject, if you’ve followed it you’ve also read or even talked to me about the truth, and this lying crap about that night you do is crap. You well know what actually happened Is plain. First, that person was pinned the ground for being violent, it was for our safety... second, we’re you there, if not skip to the last paragraph. Third, the chasing and running after, well I know you weren’t there so STFU about this chasing n yelling and violent chanting mob BS. We weren’t chanting at all, and traffic didn’t maneuver around anything, they wouldn’t have been able to get by the, I’ll call it a crowd, mod sounds too witch-hunt.,., due to the fact that the crowd was the rest of the town who knew and are following or heard of this person. THE DAMN TOEN WAS YELLING “GET OUT OF OB”!!! I never chanted nothing... yes I yelled it once or twice to him, but I guarantee you I yelled a lot more while we were “chasing” (more like escorting as I said many times prior, since he walked and we walked behind since no one ran once. I rode personally, but that was... never mind off subject) this man out of town, for sockin up on men, women, and elderly. He’s lucky we made him go b4 he went to jail, elderly abuse us a very painful charge in jail... and since you know so much about how we “chased” him out, tell me what else happened... exactly u don’t know so stop talkin shhh and drop your opinion since it’s all lies. I despise a liar...

I wasn't there, however, I did see the video. At times people were shouting at cars to go around, so yes, the street was obstructed. The person was pinned to the ground for your safety, but then you continue to pursue this person as they try to get away? That is not self defense. Yes there was running, and someone riding a bike on a crowded sidewalk, which is it's own kind of annoying. I saw that members of the mob assaulted another homeless individual, who committed the grave offense of being there. And yes, if the whole "DAMN TOEN WAS YELLING" then yeah, this was a mob.

Ahhhh OB, uncivilized as ever, seems untamable too. Want the cops, don’t want the cops. A schizophrenic community where some have decided to take the law into their own hands because they’ve decided they know what’s best. I’m just wondering if OB will ever change for the betterment of its residents.

We pride ourselves on being different thanks.

OB is a choice. Love it or leave it. SDPD will do nothing about the worthless human trash on our streets.

Ocean Beach is a “go to“ spot for human debris that went West to get away from it all and live on the beach in California. Down and out social rejects, drug-addicted delinquents, violent offenders, thieves who got out of prison, etc. somehow made it to the end of freeway 8 West and decided to live here, on our streets, in our bushes, and in our yards. This happens in the summer, and as the weather cools and gets damp and uncomfortable they start looking for crawl spaces, things to steal, stupid women to be their “mama”, We DON’T owe these hords of losers a thing! You have seen the runoff on Sunset cliffs, on Bacon St., on Cable St., during a hard rain, and the dirty water flows like a river into the sea. Let these bums flow with the dirty water OUT OF OUR TOWN. Don’t feed them. Don’t let them sleep on your porch, don’t give them a blanket. They can leave. These people are bad news.

This is happening all over San Diego. Ocean Beach is still part of San Diego, far as I've heard. I feel bad for them, but I also hope they feel bad for the rest of us. They just escorted a bum to another part of San Diego. Thanks a lot, guys. Stop navel-gazing at your imaginary "unique vibe" and enjoy the new Target. In the meantime, stop pretending you're special and deserve better treatment than any other part of town.

It’s the millennials.....for all the good about them they have a very impractical sense of entitlement. Most of them wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes in the OB I was a part of 30 plus years ago.

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