SDSU President pleads for dead student’s family to respect the University’s privacy (and policy) in this time of great distress (and potential liability).

Will Frats Take the Fall for the Fall?

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  • SDQT SDSU President pleads for dead student's family.jpg

On November 7, San Diego State freshman Dylan Hernandez was found in his bed without a pulse. He died soon after; the cause was blunt force trauma to the head. Investigators determined that he had fallen from his dorm room’s top bunk during the previous evening, and then had been helped back into bed. SDSU President Adela de la Torre was quick to respond: she quickly suspended 14 fraternities and announced the formation of two Presidential Task Force groups to investigate both student behavior and alcohol and drug use. “It is our hope,” she said in an address delivered to the entire SDSU community, “that this speedy and targeted action will distract attention from the school’s policy of stuffing as many students into unsafe and overcrowded conditions and possible and then charging them exorbitant amounts of money for it. If it turns out Mr. Hernandez wasvfurnished alcohol at a frat party — well, we can’t blame the victim, but I think it’s pretty clear the problem doesn’t lie with a university that buys its furniture from bulkbunks.com. That’s just crazy. And we hope that any would-be journalists or attorneys out there will think twice before exploiting this extremely painful situation for their own personal gain.”

President de la Torre was then interrupted by a protesting SDSU student who managed to sing a little song before he was escorted out by campus security: Rock a bye freshman, in the top bunk/ If you fall out, we’ll say you were drunk/ And if you die, we’ll blame all the frats/ And we’ll get off scott-free, how about that?

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This is not funny, it’s in poor taste, and it disrespects the dead. The Reader should know better than to publish such dreck.

Certainly, but it points out that everything has been dumped on the fraternities. Four of them were under suspension at the beginning of the year, now all of them are. SDSU has too many students and the campus is under "impaction" rules all the time. I'm sorry the kid is dead, but everybody (especially the out-of-county/out-of-state/ international students) needs to know the reality of SDSU: packed to the gills, fighting a persistent "party school" atmosphere that was beaten down by the last administration, and expensive for what you get.

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