Del Cerro – in the shadow of Adobe Falls

Graffiti and trespassers at the falls, 60s homes, Junk House, college housing, Seussian trees

Lower falls. Some people want to hike where rocks and trees are covered with graffiti.
  • Lower falls. Some people want to hike where rocks and trees are covered with graffiti.
  • Image by Eric Frost
  • Adobe Falls lovers pin hopes on Sally Roush

  • Frost spoke of a “battle against the internet,” which continues to draw people to the area. “As of this morning, there were 7132 Instagram pictures of Adobe Falls. The worst thing would be if it was on Pokémon Go. Social media has changed. It used to be Twitter; [but] it's becoming passé.”
  • By Liz Swain, July 31, 2017 Read full article
  • Adobe Falls trespassers keep trespassing

  • San Diego State police lieutenant Ron Broussard said officers have made 141 canyon checks since June 1. During that time, Del Cerro residents made 56 calls for service. Broussard said campus police worked with the San Diego Police Department, and 16 citations were issued. These included “four for marijuana.”
  • By Liz Swain, July 31, 2016 Read full article

Tony Pauker

Tony Pauker

  • Developer's traffic study challenged

  • Some residents spoke about the route from the development to Phoebe Heart Elementary School, which is on Del Cerro Boulevard west of College. Returning home could mean driving south to make a U-turn by San Diego State University.
  • By Liz Swain, Dec. 4., 2015 Read full article
  • More '60s homes in Del Cerro

  • Project access would be on College Avenue, about 100 to 150 feet south of the Chevron station on the southeast corner of Del Cerro Boulevard and College. There are plans for a deceleration/acceleration lane on the property, and the right-turn lane from College to eastbound Del Cerro Boulevard will be lengthened.
  • By Liz Swain, July 25, 2015 Read full article

Junk House has much appreciation for graffiti art

Junk House has much appreciation for graffiti art

  • Does the Junk House encourage junk art?

  • The Junk House was designed to "fit into the neighborhood," general manager Richard Langlois said in a May 1 interview. The architect called for graffiti panels, and the Junk House contest awarded prize money to artists.
  • By Liz Swain, May 11, 2015 Read full article
  • Del Cerro Action Council gets answers

  • When asked about the five "worst" streets that needed slurry sealing or resurfacing, the Del Cerro Boulevard/Madra intersection was named 12 times; the Del Cerro Boulevard/College intersection netted 10 responses; Airoso Avenue received 7 “worst” ratings. Airoso parallels Interstate 8 west between Del Cerro and Lake Murray boulevards. Wilson termed the street "like an E ticket ride."
  • By Liz Swain, Apr. 29, 2013 Read full article
  • College Housing Will Ruin the Gorge

  • “San Diego State owns property near the Alvarado trolley stop. The transit district owns adjacent land. Part of the area is privately owned, but apparently, they [SDSU] never seriously looked into working out a deal to build housing there. It would have been ideal from a traffic and environmental standpoint because the project wouldn’t have put more cars on the road."
  • By Moss Gropen, July 28, 2010 Read full article
  • Up on the Hill

  • The first houses, mostly moderate-sized single-stories, were built along horseshoe-shaped streets like Ashland and Meredith, many of them coming off Del Cerro Boulevard. As Hill says, each house is different. Some are wood, some stucco, others faced with brick or stone. Cacti rise high in front gardens, Seussian trees and small palms along with them.
  • By RF Jurjevics, Nov. 15, 2007 Read full article
  • Fine day for sewage

  • Pat and I manage to scramble through it and hop over some large rocks until we meet the stream at a four-foot-deep pool. A ten-foot waterfall spills into the pool upstream, while another smaller fall drains the pool on the downstream side. Up the hill and down, I can see another dozen such falls, house-sized rock formations, some a slate gray, others a rusty red color.
  • By Ernie Grimm, Oct. 12, 2000 Read full article
  • Series of cascades through a narrow little gorge

  • Decades ago, when San Diego State lay isolated at the city’s eastern fringe and I-8 was but a gleam in some civil engineer’s eye, students and professors trekked down to this formerly idyllic site for picnics. Today the runoff from winter storms still rushes head-long over bedrock slabs and boulders beneath a pleasing array of willows, sycamores, and volunteer palms.
  • By Jerry Schad, Jan. 2, 1997 Read full article

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And Jerry Schad died a few years ago, the housing development was never built...this was some sort of anthology of old articles, though I don't know the purpose of it. Dels is good, I agree.

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