Pajama suit inspired by Pheobe Philo-era Celine in Bankers Hill

“Finding treasures where I least expect to and turning them into a representation of who I am makes my clothes all that more special”

Striped chic in Banker’s Hill
  • Striped chic in Banker’s Hill

Cloudy days in San Diego aren’t the most welcome, but they do give locals an opportunity to show a different side of their fashion sense. Colder weather means warmer clothes instead of the tank tops, short shorts, sundresses, and sandals that typically adorn San Diegans. This was apparent one cloudy morning when I found myself walking down the streets of Bankers Hill.

Clad in her black and white pajama suit, Natalie Ramirez, a content creator from Chicago (@mipropriamujer), easily managed to stand out against the pale, gloomy sky. As we approached one another, I stopped her to compliment her outfit and the confidence she wore with it. When asked what inspired it, she responded, “Today I went for a pajama suit inspired by Celine when Pheobe Philo was the creative director. Give me monochramatic chic!”

Ramirez seemed to know her fashion, so I asked if she had any fashion icons. “I’d have to say Joan Jett,” she replied. “She really embraces her rebellious side through her music and wardrobe. She gave me a sense of confidence as a woman and taught me that I don’t have to show skin to feel like a beautiful badass.”

Natalie’s pajama suit (Buffalo Exchange, $25) was completed with comfortable Zara booties (Buffalo Exchange, $15), a dainty Mejuri necklace she received as gift, and a vintage silver clutch thrifted by her mom and sent to her in a care package.

I asked her if she thrifted many of her clothes and learned that Ramirez grew up shopping in thrift stores, which taught her to put her own twist on her outfits with her finds. “Finding treasures where I least expect to and turning them into a representation of who I am makes my clothes all that more special,” Ramirez told me warmly.

I told Ramirez of the days in high school I’d visit Goodwill with my friends to find men’s Levi’s to turn into shorts. The process made the piece of clothing more unique — and typically of greater quality.

She agreed, “Yes, quality over quantity! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my years of thrifting, it’s that quality is everything. Second-hand shopping doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get good quality pieces.”

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