Why the Uber-Lyft confusion at airport

Santee lover, Chevy Cavalier lover, scooter hater

The notice on Uber-Lyft staging area
  • The notice on Uber-Lyft staging area

Spotty holiday

FYI, The staff of [San Diego County Regional Airport Authority] were off in honor of Cesar Chavez holiday thus reason nobody answered the phone (“Message at airport on Uber-Lyft staging area a joke?” Neighborhood News, April 1). Please Advise Grant Madden. This frequently happens all over SD County when we have holidays public services one is SOL until the next business day. Chavez holiday was one of those that some agencies honor and some don’t.

  • Howard G.
  • San Carlos

Fishing at Santee Lakes

Fishing at Santee Lakes

Photograph by Matthew Suárez

Small town crime

The article suggests 3,000 more new homes to Santee (“Santee – where everyone wants to live,” Cover Stories, January 30). That is not an option. Currently the new development opposite West Hills High School on Mast, causes traffic deadlock for up to 45 minutes, and that’s back through Santee, not toward 52. The people who live in Santee love its smallness, we don’t need more buildings, more people, and more crime. The new development previously mentioned is only 50% filled, over-priced and unattractive.

  • Kimberly Anderson
  • Santee

Borderline car-crazed

Why are you crazy to buy a car in Tijuana? (“You’re Crazy to Buy a Car in Tijuana,” City Lights, June 13, 2002) – that is what I had in mind, purchasing a 2019 Chevy Cavalier and bringing the car back to the U.S.A. – now, will the Chevy dealers and independent car shops be able to service the 2019 Chevy Cavalier in Ohio? Can I purchase the new Cavalier in Tijuana, Mexico and drive it to San Diego just like that, over the US-Mexico border? – this vehicle is not available here in the U.S.A. – which is why I would buy this car in Tijuana, Mexico.

  • John Shutrump, Jr.
  • Youngstown,Ohio

Coronado bridge, Nov., 2018

Coronado bridge, Nov., 2018

Day of the scooter

It’s understood that throughout history, humanity has sought an easy escape from work, truth, exercise and now a perception of transportation. The countless scooters littering San Diego are no better than a plague of locusts in the Western Sahara (“Dockless bikes and scooters in San Diego get new rules in June,” Neighborhood News, March 5).

These toys for little thirty-year-old boys are simply used for joyrides and civil havoc on our streets, boardwalks, and sidewalks. Most folks riding these weapons of mass destruction are just young fools with no concept of what the hell they are doing. Scooters have absolutely no import in alleviating our transportation gridlock and in fact may contribute to increased gridlock through erratic control and safety concerns.

Back in the day when men were men, we pedaled bicycles, walked, or took public transit. These kids today are wimps. When a sixty-five year old man wins his age group in a 5K while beating half the guys half his age, ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem in America. Think of our military. I see it now. A military training regimen replacing running with scooters.

In addition, we are diverting precious police resources in protecting the public’s right to safe sidewalks, streets and boardwalks. Why put more stress on America’s finest? They already are overstressed. I’m so incensed at these stupid contraptions that I put my name on the ballot as a candidate for Mayor as a protest. I’m proposing a total and unequivocal ban on scooters in the City of San Diego.

  • Daniel J Smiechowski
  • Bay Ho

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