Kellen Winslow goes after 18-year-old after school, 77-year-old at Crunch Fitness

Played footsie in the jacuzzi, says prosecutor

Kellen Winslow (in court on Mar. 5) "faces well over 100 years to life.”
  • Kellen Winslow (in court on Mar. 5) "faces well over 100 years to life.”

A judge ordered ex-NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. to be held without bail, after new accusations that he inappropriately approached two more women in Carlsbad, while he was at liberty on $2 million bail for multiple charges of rape and kidnap.

Prosecutor Dan Owens described one of the new, alleged incidents, in which 35-year-old Winslow Jr. approached a teenaged girl while she was walking in Carlsbad.

“Mister Winslow, back in January of this year, had contacted an 18-year-old high school student (who) was walking home from school, and he commented that he had seen her in the area the last couple of days. He told her that he thought that she was cute, he asked her for her phone number, he asked her how old she was, he asked her where she lived, and she rebuffed his advances. She did not get into his car, but she went into a friend’s home who lived nearby.” The young woman reported what happened and her parents contacted law enforcement, according to prosecutor Owens who spoke after a hearing today, March 4.

The prosecutor said he filed no criminal charges related to that January incident, but Winslow Jr’s conduct was disturbingly similar to the way he allegedly approached two women who did get into his car and were then raped, according to their testimony in hearings last July.

Judge Blaine Bowman commented, “His other crimes involved getting victims in his car,” when he denied defense’s request for Winslow to be released into “home detention” with a GPS monitor.

The prosecutor said Winslow is facing one new, misdemeanor charge for lewd conduct directed at an elderly woman on February 13, 2019.

On that day, Winslow Jr. allegedly approached a 77-year-old woman while she was exercising at a Crunch Fitness gym in Carlsbad. Winslow Jr. allegedly touched himself through his clothing, and he asked her if she saw that and if she liked that, the prosecutor said today. One week later, on February 22, Winslow Jr. saw the same woman at that same gym, she was alone in a jacuzzi; Winslow Jr joined her in the jacuzzi wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist; first he touched himself and then he touched the woman on her arm and she drew away; Winslow Jr. then touched that woman’s feet with his own feet, the prosecutor alleged. That woman told her husband who reported it to the gym, this resulted in the most recent arrest of Kellen Winslow Jr., the prosecutor said today.

Before today’s hearing which alleged new victims, his prior alleged victims were said to be aged 86, 71, 59, and 55 years. Investigators have recovered 35-year-old Winslow’s DNA from the clothing of at least one of his rape-kidnap accusers, the prosecutor said.

Winslow Jr. was first arrested briefly on June 7, 2018, he posted $50,000 bail and was released. He was booked again on June 14, facing more charges; eventually he posted $2 million bail and gained his liberty.

During the hearing today, defense attorneys successfully got one kidnap charge dismissed, after they argued that the alleged victim did not expressly state she was forced or fearful when she got into Winslow’s vehicle. Prosecutor Owens unsuccessfully argued that Winslow Jr. fraudulently persuaded the woman to get into his car by promising to take her to a Denny’s restaurant.

Even without that one kidnap allegation, the prosecutor said, “He faces well over 100 years to life.”

Trial is currently set to start at the end of April 2019, before Honorable judge Blaine Bowman, in San Diego’s North County Superior courthouse in Vista, California.

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Say good by to the good life Kellen. You had it made but now will spend the rest of your worthless life in prison. I am sure that a prison gang will be glad to have you as a member and other prison gang members will want to "make their bones" with you. Your father must be sad that he gave you his name.

As Poppy Bush said, he's in deep, deep doo-doo. I know about the presumption of innocence, but this bail revocation says the judge sees too much solid testimony of him violating the conditions of his bail.

What a scumbag. Those fake eyeglasses and suit are not going to be enough to hide his disgusting perverted character.

Just like Jussie Smullett, Mr. Winslow is entitled to presumption of innocence. With that said, I’m just wondering which one ends up in prison first?

Judge Blaine Bowman declined to break up the charges and accusers into three different trials for Kellen Winslow Jr., after he listened to vigorous argument from defense attorneys today, April 30, 2019. Potential jurors will be called by the hundreds into the North County Superior Courthouse in Vista, California, starting the week of May 13. Jurors will be pre-screened to see if they are available for a trial that might last 2 or 3 weeks, and then those prospects will be sent to judge Bowman's courtroom for voir dire by attorneys for both sides.

Opening statements for this trial are tentatively expected on Monday, May 20, 2019.

You might be confused about how many times Kellen Winslow Jr. has been arrested and released. Or which charges have been added, and which charges have been dismissed, since the start of this criminal case. We created a mini-book which features a helpful timeline to understand when crimes allegedly occurred, and when they were revealed, and if those alleged acts are actually going to trial, or not.

You can find on Amazon.com the new paperback, Kellen Winslow Jr PLEADS NOT GUILTY, by Eva Knott.

A jury of 9 men and 3 women was seated today, Friday, May 17, 2019. On Monday morning this jury will hear opening statements from attorneys. If you want to catch up on facts of this case, look on Amazon for our mini-book Kellen Winslow Jr PLEADS NOT GUILTY.
Available in paperback or ebook with Kindle. Find out how many alleged-victims, numbered Jane Does there are now. What charges have been dropped, and what four charges were most recently added?
Which are felonies and which are misdemeanors?

A juror declared an unexpected problem at his work, and he was excused from jury duty the morning of Tuesday, May 21, 2019. He was replaced with a female alternate, which changed the jury to 8 men and 4 women. Jane Doe 1 spoke from the witness box on the first day of testimony, Tuesday. Jane Doe 2 is expected to testify on Wednesday, May 22.

On Monday, June 10, 2019, the jury declared that they had made decisions on four of the 12 charges.
They found Kellen Winslow Jr guilty of the rape of Jane Doe 2, a homeless woman who accepted a ride "to get coffee;" this is a felony.
They found him guilty of exposing himself to Jane Doe 3, a woman gardening in her front yard, on the same street where Winslow has his own home; this is a misdemeanor. They found him guilty of lewd act to Jane Doe 5, an elderly woman who was exercising in a gym; this is a misdemeanor. They declared him not guilty of a second lewd act to Jane Doe 5 at the same gym, apparently believing the woman could not see what he was actually doing beyond those bubbles in the gym's jacuzzi; this was a misdemeanor. The judge encouraged jurors to continue deliberating on the remaining 8 counts. Judge Bowman invited jurors to request clarifications of law, or read-backs of testimony, anything they might need. Jurors continued deliberating this morning at 9 a.m. June 11, 2019.

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