Wild Thyme Table: Turkey vs. roast beef

Each sandwich has a different thing going for it

A counter full of pastries and side dishes
  • A counter full of pastries and side dishes

Turkey or roast beef. How often do I find myself in this position?

I’m visiting The Wild Thyme Table, a newish deli counter in between the train station and the courthouse downtown. There’s a lengthy list of sandwiches and salads on the wall in front of me, but the most popular, I’m told, are the Citrus Turkey sandwich ($9), and the Oven Roasted Beef ($9). I think to myself, I’m always choosing between turkey and beef at a sandwich shop. This has become standard.

Oven roasted turkey sandwich on cheddar jalapeño bread

Oven roasted turkey sandwich on cheddar jalapeño bread

But then the sandwiches arrive, and they’re not standard. They’re kind of memorable.

Wild Thyme Wild Thyme Table is an extension of The Wild Thyme events and catering company. The pastries behind the glass counter at the front of the shop were baked at its Miramar HQ. So was the focaccia used to make my roast beef sandwich, which tastes like springy pizza crust.

Everything on the sandwich is thinly layered. The roast beef has mellow, umami forward flavor. There’s a light tang of white cheddar, a little earthy arugula, and a bite of horse radish. Really setting the sandwich apart though is the “oven dried” tomato: slow roasted at low temperatures until its virtually spreadable. It gives the sandwich just enough to stand out.

Roast beef with "oven dried tomatoes"

Roast beef with "oven dried tomatoes"

The bread of the turkey sandwich was not baked in Miramar; it’s a jalapeño cheddar bread from another local bakery, Bread & Cie. It turns out a nice choice for the thick slices of citrus roasted turkey, spruced up with a fresh tasting basil aioli. It’s a lot of flavor for a turkey sandwich, and I’m diggin it.

Wild thyme replaces a Waters Fine Catering at this location, and offers a fairly similar approach. I would have to say this feels like an upgrade, while acknowledging I partly think so because Wild Thyme only charges $2.50 for cold brew coffee.

I’ve barely grazed the surface of its daily menu, which changes with the seasonal produce, but I get why these sandwiches have sold well for the young eatery. It was good enough to lure me back here next time I get jury duty, for sure.

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