238 calls to 911 by one man in Vista

Sheriffs lose body cameras while wrestling him into custody

Daryl Vaughn in court
  • Daryl Vaughn in court

Daryl Mayol Vaughn made 238 emergency calls to 911 in the year 2018, according to testimony from deputy Max Blumenshine in court yesterday, January 3, 2019.

In those not-really-emergency calls, Vaughn typically claimed there was drug smuggling going on, specifically crystal meth, and that there were children in the home from which persons were moving boxed drugs into a car, according to the officer’s testimony.

When Vaughn made false reports he often gave a fake address in Spring Valley as the location of the claimed criminal activity, plus Vaughn would leave a fake phone number for a call back, according to deputy Blumenshine.

Defendant Vaughn was on probation for two prior cases, in which he admitted making false crime reports and obstructing officers, when he allegedly called 911 again, on October 9, 2018.

Deputy Blumenshine said that when he got a radio dispatch that day, three months ago, he immediately recognized the fake address on Rosedale Way in Spring Valley. The deputy said he already knew that address number does not exist because he had driven out to find that location at least ten times before.

Two weeks later, a different deputy, officer Robert Tockstein, arrived at the front door of Daryl Mayol Vaughn’s apartment at 245 Cedar Road in Vista, California. “It was me and one partner,” deputy Tockstein testified. “We knocked on the door, and a male identified himself as Daryl Vaughn.” Tockstein said he has worked for the San Diego County Sheriff’s department for 22 years but “That was the first time that I ever met him.” That was on October 22, 2018.

After 34-year-old Vaughn was informed that deputies had an arrest warrant, Vaughn allegedly ran inside his apartment and hid in a bathroom and then a bedroom. “He was saying he is not going to jail today, you are not taking me to jail today,” deputy Tockstein testified.

After different negotiations and discussions, “He pulled away, and me and my partner tried to wrestle him to get him in custody, basically.” The deputy said he considered using his Taser, but decided against it. “But it just turned into a prolonged wrestling match.”

During the scuffle, both deputies lost their body-worn cameras. “We were just rolling and wrestling all over the place.” Tockstein said his radio came off and “I lost my sunglasses.” The deputy eventually he called for backup, he said, after he recovered his radio mic by pulling on its tether.

By the time other deputies arrived, Tockstein said he and his partner had Vaughn handcuffed.

Daryl Mayol Vaughn pleads not-guilty to one felony charge of resisting arrest, plus three misdemeanors for making false report of emergency, and false report of crime to law enforcement, and communicating with 911 to annoy or harrass.

Vaughn is described in jail records as 34 years old, 6 feet 1 inch tall, 153 pounds. He is held in lieu of $225,000 bail.

Honorable Judge Sim von Kalinowski ordered Vaughn back in court on Jan 31 to confirm a date for trial.

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Oh no! It can't be true! Now another black man will be going to prison. There will be marches in the street and calls for justice.

He'll soon be "wrestling" his cell mate, 300-pound Bubba.

He should look into being a stunt double for Snoop Dogg.

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