Still wearing stolen Metallica shirt and Vans shoes

Oceanside victim sees his stuff on LetGo app

Suspect: "Well it looks like me, I must have a doppelganger.”
  • Suspect: "Well it looks like me, I must have a doppelganger.”

The suspect said, “I’m a dumbass,” when the cop told him he was trying to sell things stolen in a burglary, according to testimony on November 25.

Oceanside police officer Christopher James arranged to meet the seller after the victim said he saw his stolen things offered for sale on the LetGo app. When they met in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center, the suspect was still wearing the stolen Metallica shirt and red Vans Skate shoes seen in surveillance video from the burgled apartment, the cop testified.

Stolen shoes on LetGo

Stolen shoes on LetGo

Officer James said the burglar in the video had a distinctive overbite and profile, which matched the suspect in the parking lot. When the alleged burglar was shown a still photo taken from the video, “He said, 'Well it looks like me, I must have a doppelganger.'”

The victim claimed that $9,000 worth of name-brand goods were stolen from his apartment near Oceanside Boulevard and Coast Highway. The items ultimately recovered included Yeezy shoes, Louis Vuitton purses, a Gucci duffle bag, red Vans Skate shoes, Dolce & Gabbana cologne, several tablet computers, a Kindle and iPad.

The cop asked him about the computers, and the suspect said they belonged to a friend and he was trying to repair them. When officer James asked about the other pricey items, “He initially told me that he was given the items.” The cop testified, “Then his story changed to he purchased the items for $20 each.”

Suspect Christopher Lee Hill, 52, was arrested by Oceanside police. At the time, Hill was on probation for a prior DUI, and he is now held without bail. Hill denies all charges through his public defender.

Hill reportedly told police that he had TBI, a Traumatic Brain Injury, and that he was “in an interesting place in his life,” while he explained why he was selling those items.

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