El Jardin owner shuts down high-end Mexican restaurant in Liberty Station, promises massive redesign

Closed for Bertovation

This is why we can’t have nice things.
  • This is why we can’t have nice things.

“Apparently, a rave from the New York Times, a James Beard semifinalist chef, and a Michelin Guide award aren’t enough to convince you pig-ignorant philistines that Mexican alta cocina is actually a thing,” said owner John Enigma about his decision to remodel and rename his flagship venture. “So when Chef Zepeda offers up a $17 Ceviche Cocktail that uses dried shrimp and adds octopus, uni, roe, young coconut, sangrita, and callo de hocha, all you can do is go on about the $2 stuff you scored from a street cart that one time in Rosarito. Right, got it. Who wants crispy pork from the Yucatan in a spicy pumpkin seed sauce and a reduction of sour orange, red onion, and habanero when you can get an adobado taco with green hot sauce? Fine, you win, you thick-tongued savages. Margaritas and carne asada combos for all! Check back for our grand re-opening in four weeks!”

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Worst place ever. It's hard enough to stand out in a location where the roaring jets are blasting overhead every 60 seconds. But to have weird unseasoned cold food sent to your table after waiting two hours and paying $40 for a plate is an insult. So glad the "chef" is gone... again.

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