Allied Gardens – a fight for serenity

Superior Ready Mix, farmers market, sinkholes, Kaiser parking, Cowles Mountain, Grantville, Navajo Canyon, Iowa Meats

Neighbor looks down on Superior Ready Mix from hillside. Mission Gorge Road on left.
  • Neighbor looks down on Superior Ready Mix from hillside. Mission Gorge Road on left.
  • Image by Matthew Suárez
  • Superior Ready Mix dusts Allied Gardens

  • “We sweep the streets three times a day, at 4:00 am, mid-day and then mid-afternoon. We paved the interior street that is the extension of Princess View several months ago, and have installed a truck wash to remove the dirt from truck tires before they exit the quarry at the main entrance/exit.”
  • By Joe Deegan, Oct. 4, 2018 Read full story

Joe Huston, Diem Do, David Klaman

Joe Huston, Diem Do, David Klaman

  • Allied Gardens gets lucky in produce department

  • By the last weekend of April, Klaman said vendors included "vegetable guys" and an "orange person." The market won't offer flowers because SD Flower Shop is a center tenant, and Klaman will "not bring in anything that competes" with businesses. Do said market offerings will include prepared foods and crafts. Tables and chairs will be set up so residents can dine and visit.
  • By Liz Swain, May 1, 2016 Read full article
  • Pipe project to prevent sinkholes in Allied Gardens

  • The project started on Fontaine Street west of Princess View and Lewison drives. That work is expected to last approximately three weeks, Pond said. The next phase, Fontaine Street east of Princess View and Fontaine Place, is projected to take about three weeks. The final phase is Princess View Drive, which Pond said would last approximately four to five weeks.
  • By Liz Swain, March 3, 2014 Read full story

Former council president Marilyn Reed

Former council president Marilyn Reed

  • Parking solutions for Kaiser hospital in Allied Gardens

  • "Maybe Kaiser needs to be petitioned to park where they're supposed to," said Charles Bostrom, whose wife and daughter work at Kaiser. Bostrom lives on Glacier Street (which is not in the district) and said he recognizes the nametags of Kaiser employees who park there. "You can't force employees" to park somewhere, said Barrett Tetlow of Seventh District councilman Scott Sherman's office.
  • By Liz Swain, Nov. 30, 2013 Read full story
  • Allied Gardens to re-make itself, but how?

  • A critical issue was development proposed on Cowles Mountain, then known as S Mountain because of the white "S" painted there to represent SDSU. Stepner recalled 1982 community-plan discussions to preserve at least 10 acres on S Mountain. He attended planning commission meetings where school children came and "dumped" numerous letters containing the message, "Save S Mountain."
  • By Liz Swain, April 1, 2013 Read full article
  • Public? Private?

  • Peterson questions the role of Navajo Community Planners in making decisions about Grantville. "Most of the Navajo group's members come from San Carlos and Del Cerro," he says, "and they have no feel for Grantville. Grantville needs its own planning area, though Allied Gardens should be part of it, because Grantville is its industrial and commercial area."
  • By Joe Deegan, June 28, 2007 Read full article

Bart Boyer: "I don't want Allied Gardens to get into the situation that North Park got into."

Bart Boyer: "I don't want Allied Gardens to get into the situation that North Park got into."

  • Too many mansions

  • Boyer's 1400-square-foot house sits on 50th Street, immediately to the east and uphill from the proposed development, where bulldozers are currently grading the land into terraces on which will sit 25 new homes. The neighborhood lies a few blocks to the north of Zion Avenue, near the Allied Gardens recreation center. It's a tract of small homes along narrow, tree-lined streets.
  • By Ernie Grimm, Nov. 21, 2001 Read full article
  • Discover some inner-city serenity in Navajo Canyon

  • Native willows, cattails, and a couple of cottonwoods could be seen crowding into the bottom of the canyon, where a small stream trickled. But so, too, did nonnative fan palms, pampas grass, eucalyptus, and two kinds of pepper tree. These unwelcome if not-bad-looking interlopers were disparaged for their invasive behavior; I could only agree with that, having seen the canyon years ago in a more pristine native state.
  • By Jerry Schad, Feb. 17, 2000 Read full article
  • What is going on with the house in Allied Gardens at the I-8 exit?

  • The odd little colony of five buildings is a pump station for the city's water department. It's served Allied Gardens and other uphill neighborhoods for decades. Until about 15 years ago, a caretaker lived in the largest house, and just maybe he raised rabbits. Nobody at the water department remembers now. There's the remains of a fenced-in garden, but no wildlife or caretaker these days.
  • By Matthew Alice, Feb. 17, 2000 Read full article
  • Iowa Meats: "We're offering something that supermarkets don't sell"

  • Asked how his shop, which he admits is high-end, can survive in the supermarket world, Glenn at first shrugs and says, "I don't know. I took this place over six years ago. Since then, our sales have gone up 60 percent. But in that same time, three other shops have closed up. One out in El Cajon, one in Escondido, and one in Hillcrest."
  • By Ernie Grimm, March 18, 1999 Read full article

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