Check out ties, briefcases from San Diego Public Library

Pot cafe PAC donates to Bill Baber and Chuck Lowery

United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs

San Diego VA lowlights

The Department of Veterans Affairs “February Highlights” report has just disclosed a heretofore unrevealed incident of violence in San Diego. “A veteran was arrested on charges related to knocking over objects and throwing items in a VA [Medical Center] social worker’s office, including a computer monitor,” according to the release. “When attempting to escape, the veteran allegedly grabbed the social worker’s head and forcefully and repeatedly pulled it into his body. After the social worker escaped, the veteran continued to grab and throw items inside the room until the VA Police Service officers arrived. The social worker sustained head and neck injuries related to this assault. While in police custody, the veteran also threatened to assault an [Office of Inspector General] special agent.”

Sheriff Bill Gore – called out for shut-down of closed-circuit TV

Sheriff Bill Gore – called out for shut-down of closed-circuit TV

Sheriff Bill Gore has been called out by the county’s Citizen’s Law Review Board for an unexplained blackout of downtown jail surveillance cameras jail coinciding with a fatality. “During the course of the [Sheriff’s] investigation into the death of an inmate, it was discovered that the closed-circuit television within the housing unit was not functioning properly and had not functioned properly during the week prior to the incident,” per the review board’s March 19 findings. “It is recommended that the jail surveillance cameras be inspected for functionality during each shift; dayshift and nightshift.”

Chris Cate – transferred $5000 for ties and briefcases

Chris Cate – transferred $5000 for ties and briefcases

Photograph by Matthew Suárez

Something borrowed, something bling

Down-on-their-luck job-seekers looking to impress their potential bosses with fancy new attire and related upscale business gear now have a free way to ramp up their act, thanks to San Diego city councilman Chris Cate. The District Six Republican has transferred $5000 from one of his council accounts to the city’s Library Accessory Check Out Program. “These funds will provide professional accessories such as ties and briefcases for residents to check out and use for job interviews and other temporary professional needs,” says a February 1 memo from Cate posted online. No word on what brands are available for lending, but with the men’s business suit market in a tailspin due to loosening of mainstream office dress codes, sartorial bargains may be in store for smart shopping librarians. “It is no longer unthinkable to wear Lululemon pants to the office,” the Wall Street Journal reported March 25. “Sales at Tailored Brands, which also includes the K&G and Moores chains, fell 10.7% in the most recent quarter to $768.1 million. It predicts sales will continue to decline in the current period at all brands except K&G.”

Dallin Young

Dallin Young

Up in smoke

A well-heeled group of San Diego pot advocates has been hit with a warning from the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission for failing late financial disclosure reports. “You and the Committee violated the Act by failing to timely file a 24-hour contribution report for a late contribution in the amount of $1,500 made on August 29, 2018,” says the FPPC’s letter to Matthew Weido of the Association of Cannabis Professionals PAC. “However, the Enforcement Division has decided to close this case with a warning letter because you disclosed the late contribution in question well before the election on the campaign statement filed on September 27, 2018.” The PAC’s latest San Diego push has been to legalize pot cafes. “When we have a cool place like this where people can gather and participate in the legal market, that’s ultimately going to take people away from the illicit market and bring revenue back to the city,” PAC board member Dallin Young told TV station KNSD after a March 23 San Diego city council committee hearing on the matter. “There’s a big concern with drug-impaired driving,” complained Scott Chipman of San Diegans for Safe Neighborhoods. The marijuana PAC has been a major provider of campaign funding to local politicos. Disclosure reports on file with the county Registrar of Voters show the biggest recipient of 2018 pot PAC funding was the San Diego Democratic Party, with a handsome total of $63,000 received late in the election cycle, from October 14 through November 5. Democrats now control a majority of the San Diego Council. Next on the PAC’s gift list was pro-cannabis Oceanside city council candidate Chuck Lowery, with $10,000 on November 5. He lost out to Esther Sanchez. Republican lawyer and San Diego ethics commission member Bill Baber, who received $6000 from the PAC, won reelection to the La Mesa city council.

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Bill Baber is an ass. I was in a discussion with him and he just walked away. Of course I didn't have any money in hand. Typical slimy politician.

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