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Uber driver Grant Madden

Don Bauder talking to Reader writer Matt Potter in 2013.

Don Bauder talking to Reader writer Matt Potter in 2013.

Farewell to Don Bauder

Best wishes for health & happiness in retirement(“Farewell to a professional love,” News Ticker, September 17). I have enjoyed your columns ever since you arrived in San Diego. You always ‘called em as you saw em’; you leave a void in the local editorial scene.

  • Tom Applegate
  • Carlsbad

Hitting the Marks

Scott Marks questioning about who Donald Trump has ever killed is like The Reader having a holocaust denier on staff (“Fahrenheit 11/9,” Movie Reviews). For starters, every person killed by bombs made in the USA and delivered over to the war criminals in Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates, with mid-air refueling of their jets by American planes, and with American satellites and intelligence identifying the “targets” for them, is a person killed by Donald Trump.

Obama and Bush Jr. also have dead bodies on their resumes, in Yemen and Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria and Libya and Somalia and Palestine...and Katrina/New Orleans and Maria/Puerto Rico...Trump is not alone in being a war criminal and guilty of crimes against humanity. Marks is right to call out liberals for downplaying the crimes of “their guys” but ignoring the bloodshed Trump is doing right now, and doing nothing to stop it, makes Marks complicit in the mass murders.

  • Monty Kroopkin
  • Normal Heights

Wonacott’s Flight Tracker showed nighttime aircraft flying at 295 degrees, not 290.

Wonacott’s Flight Tracker showed nighttime aircraft flying at 295 degrees, not 290.

Deegan was right

This written in response to three successive Reader issues content about San Diego local commercial air flight travel businesses. Namely, Reader staff Joe Deegan’s cover article 2 August 2018, also 9 August letters section responses by “Randy” and M. Hamersly, with three sdreader.com entries printed, and 16 August letters column author Deegan’s response to two prior issue print letters with author article follow up.

First, kudos and thanks to the Reader staff featuring Mr. Deegan’s “airport noise complaints from La Mesa to La Jolla.” The seven-page feature read as an admirable effort to try to present some vantage on the enormously complex yet quality of life-salient question of airport commercial air traffic in the twenty-first century. And grateful acknowledgement to Deegan’s clear effort in 16 August response to two letter presented 9 August issue.

As the American author Upton Sinclair discovered in the animal meat making stockyards of the 19th and 20th centuries it was a scandalous and sordid jungle crying out for a major muckraking effort to try to mend or redress. So the “wild blue yonder” (as the (ch)air force has it) of current times is a jungle in the planet’s skies and airport environs. To list some of multiple problems:

  • -ecology/planet husbandry, e.g. the massive scale combusted consumption of fossil fuels et al. finite resource.
  • -government law and order regulation, making or keeping peace, or not, in and from the sky.
  • -aeronautical engineering – enormously powerful machines – remember the 9-11 attacks?
  • -And, questions of ethical business practice of many globally active passenger/cargo carrying companies
  • - checking a relative sound decibel chart jet engines are about the loudest of all unnatural events.

This written from a more or less inherited –not so much personally chosen – location housing- San Diego city including “Banker’s Hill” designated area residence of over one year. A time in which one thinks he might not have had a proper full night’s sleep in those four seasons.

Unlike the several San Diego neighborhoods perhaps more affluent or established neighborhoods overflight problems named in Mr. Deegan’s article, mostly or all departing San Diego overflights, Banker’s Hill is in the arriving flight zones. Not to disparage, ignore or downplay “La Mesa to La Jolla” problems, yet in contrast Banker’s Hill into portions of centre city downtown, roughly from Balboa Park to the east, Date street to the south, Laurel street to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west is unrespited aircraft activity.

That to tell, major areas of much human populated sections of San Diego are subject to the many decibel howling and shrieking rumblings of low altitude arriving jet aircraft overflight, 24/7, every day of the year. Departing aircraft routes are at least found to be limited or controlled to about 6 a.m. to midnight hours of operation. That reserves , presuming one’s work hours allow, six hours of unperturbed sleep a day. Bankers Hill/portions of centre city get industrial grade volume all hours of night and day. And more so in the foreseeable. Do the terms “unfit for human habitation” or “uninhabitable “ mean anything these days one wonders.

A form letter to this citizen at his residence received this year from “San Diego International Airport Quieter Home Program”, their stated motto, “LET’S GO”, from “manager C.S. Mayer appeared to indicate that agency’s proposed remedy for excessive residence volume is something like converting housing of any year construction to specifications that would be perhaps part submarine, where open windows are relegated to never to be used for air-circulation nautical port holes, and part Professor To l k i e n ‘ s Hobbit town subterranean burrow style.

Human-made environmental potential stress factors as described, with zero or near zero reasonable business practice regulation or guidelines for much human populated areas for centuries in San Diego that do not recognize or acknowledge the standard issue human requirement and need for sleep, not to mention peace, go beyond mere “complaint” into hot topics of basic sane survival. Illogical, simplistic, emotional, vested interest claptrap content such as letter senders “Randy” and M. Hamersly/Santee response to Mr. Deegan’s efforts to describe a global scale giant, pervasive and burgeoning at present problems act merely to demonstrate how folks with deeply seated phony “sacred cow” prejudice and bias attempt to defend their irresponsible and loose optional vanity lifestyle choices. Something like, “try to pry my self-styled privilege for easy passenger air travel, anytime, anywhere, at any frequency, for any purpose, at any social or environmental cost to anyone, out of my cold dead hands!!” “Ear-plug” hearing protection is found to be of limited use.

  • Cristenson
  • Centre City

Morning at the Greenlight Hub in Santee. "Uber Help support is a misnomer, talk to a real person in the Greenlight Hub to get results."

Morning at the Greenlight Hub in Santee. "Uber Help support is a misnomer, talk to a real person in the Greenlight Hub to get results."

Uber under

Uber has failed to provide any real explanation for its problems with paying drivers (“Good morning, Ma’am. I’m your Uber driver today,” Feature Stories, August 10). Numerous forum members report missing direct deposits, tips, trip credits, etc. Now Uber is running an ad showing a pregnant woman in labor using Uber to go to hospital. Uber has failed to respond to drivers’ concerns that this is a completely irresponsible image to plant in the public expectation. Drivers say they are not qualified as medical transportation providers.

  • Uber driver
  • Out of state

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Equating Scott Marks to a Holocaust denier because he asserted the gravity of the Holocaust and defended its victims against people who trivialize what happened to them is idiotic and makes Monty Kroopkin more like a Holocaust denier. In other words Monty is someone who is out of touch with reality, like all the people who equate Trump to Hitler and have changed the definition of Nazi from genocidal authoritarian to person who exercises their freedom of speech to disagree with liberals. Scott Marks and the Reader should be commended for speaking some sense into a climate of sensational political rhetoric.

You make me laugh, Monty. Did you even bother seeing the movie? No. You just want to dump on Trump. I hate what the man is doing to our country, but turning the extermination of 13 million people into a punch line is not the answer to the problem. Thanks for the impassioned defense, Jefferson1776. This Hitler stuff has been around for too long. Once upon a time Dick Durbin likened Bush to Hitler. It's too easy.

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