Got fourth at Trestles

Started with skate and boogie boarding

Dave Hopper: "The shark phobia is a little crazy."
  • Dave Hopper: "The shark phobia is a little crazy."
  • Name: Dave Hopper
  • Age: 54
  • From: Midway district, Sports Arena
  • Interview: Tourmaline Surf Park

54-year-old Dave Hopper started surfing at the age of 13.

“My younger brother was surfing before me, so he gave me some pointers in the beginning. I was skateboarding a lot and I used to boogie board, so I picked it up pretty quick. I have been surfing PB since 1991.”

Hopper’s favorite surf memory is winning contests. “I got third a couple of months ago, but when I was younger and competing more often, I got fourth in the Nationals which was exciting. That was at Trestles.”

Hopper has had his fill of dolphins and seals, but sharks have been rare. “I’ve seen a shark in North Carolina close up. It was probably between 8-10 ft. I got out of the water. Recently in PB they were talking about seeing a shark in the Cove area. I didn’t see it, but I was out there that day. The one guy that did die at Solana Beach, I’m pretty sure they were swimming pretty far out offshore. The shark phobia is a little crazy.”

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