Farewell to a professional love

Don Bauder retires

Don Bauder talking to Reader writer Matt Potter in 2013.
  • Don Bauder talking to Reader writer Matt Potter in 2013.

In 1960, I entered the journalism profession with a Master’s degree and an addiction to work in a field I already knew that I loved: writing and reporting. I had worked 40 hours a week as editor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus newspaper and almost that much under a fellowship as a graduate student. Initially, I erred by going into advertising and public relations, but four years later had the fortunate opportunity to join Businessweek magazine in Chicago as a reporter.

In two years, I was promoted to bureau chief in Cleveland — good duty, because it involved covering the tire, steel, and glass industries, consumer companies such as Procter & Gamble, and all manner of metal fabrication firms. After writing a big scam story, I was told I could cover organized crime in business. I did — splendidly — but the magazine wouldn’t even print smoking gun items that were a matter of public record. (Later, Forbes printed the whole story with my help — one of my greatest thrills, although my name wasn’t on it.)

So I took a job as financial editor and columnist with the San Diego Union (later Union-Tribune), and was able to chase financial bandits. But not the biggest ones. I got in trouble when I saw the planned Padres and Chargers subsidies as scams on the taxpayers. I thought billionaires should build their own stadiums, but the newspaper, which got abundant advertising from its sports pages, didn’t see it that way.

I wasn’t fired, but was a skunk at the garden party with management. Earlier, in 1981 and 1990, I had had quadruple bypass surgeries, but, thank goodness, my heart held out until I joined the Reader in 2003, and for the 15 following years in which I was encouraged to do the kind of scam reporting I loved. Working for the Reader was the highlight of my career.

However, as was inevitably going to happen, my heart is telling me to jettison my love/addiction. It appears the grafts from my earlier surgeries may be clogging. I have had some tests, will take more, and have more consultations with cardiologists. Chest pains abound. I hope an 82-year old body can take a third surgery, if that is required. Maybe I can make it without serious surgery. In any case, I must retire, and thank all the editors and blog contributors who made my Reader years such a joy. Best, Don Bauder

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Thanks for the writing/coverage, Don! I know both KPBS-FM and even Mark Larson (conservative) on KFMB-AM, have discussed the reality of salaried workers in Northern California like San Francisco, and especially Santa Clara Valley (tech boom area like Silicon Valley) who live out of the cars. I find it interesting our own San Diego City Council just moved to prohibit the police from citing car owners who live overnight in their vehicles. But keep all this very quiet because many of the alphabet news agencies out there program into us daily that the economy is running on 11 cylinders (on an 8 cylinder engine), that all of us could become millionaires overnight, and that the economy has never done better than now. When in Rome...

Darren: There is no question that both the U.S. and the San Diego economies are not sailing along as advertised. The most important thing is that only the richest few are enjoying this economy, both nationally and locally. Inflation-adjusted household incomes have been stagnant for almost 40 years. Best, Don Bauder

Cheers Don Bauder, I'll miss your coverage. Be well, Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson: Thanks so much. The Reader, with excellent reporters like Matt Potter, and an excellent owner/editor/publisher Jim Holman, will go forward. Best, Don Bauder

All the best, Don Bauder. You'll be missed. Good health to you, Mary Beth Abate (Hal Steward's friend)

Mary Beth Abate: Oh, how I miss Hal. He lived into his 90s. I hope I do. Best, Don. Bauder

Bob Hudson: It was great working with you as we fought the planned Southern California Edison takeover of San Diego. Gas & Electric. Through the years, I wound up writing more about the sharks at Edison than those at SDG&E. Best, Don Bauder

Bruce Wilcox: Even when I use words like "contumelious?" Best, Don Bauder

Gail Stoorza-Gill: Believe it or not, I started out in advertising/PR. Not long ago, there was a TV show called Mad Men, about advertising rascals, beginning in 1960. I was in advertising in 1960, but in Chicago, not on New York's Madison Ave. Best, Don Bauder

Monica Bolger: I promise to do my darnedest to stay healthy. Best, Don Bauder

Don, your reporting will be missed. You are a journalist with the utmost integrity. You have left your mark and will leave a enormous hole to fill. Take care of yourself and gather those rosebuds. Julie

Julie Stalmer: I have never been able to relax and smell the flowers. I'll give it a try. Many thanks, Don Bauder

First off, bless you for not knowing a lick about movies. The thought of you always trying to second guess me is a nightmare even Freddie Kruger couldn't survive. It's been a pleasure batting for the same team. (God forbid you should have come to one of the Reader Christmas parties so I could have told you this in person!) Your coverage of the Filner fiasco was the best this town had to offer. Here's hoping #3's the charm and that you'll be back batting out columns in no time. Thanks, Don!

Scott Marks: It has indeed been a pleasure dealing with you, although I don't know a lick about movies -- certainly not enough to second-guess you, a master at your craft. Best, Don Baudet

Don, if honesty and integrity are important in staying healthy, which I am certain they are, then that 82-year old body of yours that hosts them in such abundance will take a third surgery in its stride, if that is required.

You deserve a happy, healthy retirement. You have earned very day of it. But sadly we who love you and have been your avid readers and admirers for so many years will truly miss you. You are one of a kind.

You responded to every comment, which must have been very onerous, but you always did and was always polite. I know of nobody else who did that.

Stay healthy Don. You will always be the model for every writer to follow.

Thanks for the memories, Pat Flannery.

patflannery: Pat, it has been a. joy working with you. I always missed you when you went back to Ireland, but you always came back to San Diego. You had a great website. Few know as much about real estate and local corruption in that field. Best, Don Bauder

Boo-hoo! This is terrible news! My hope here is a couple of stents will do the trick and save you from full retirement, Don. For the moment, let us focus on your restoring much better health and some well-deserved down-time smelling the roses and enjoying aspens turning gold. Meanwhile, limitless thanks for your tremendous contributions to this city. Hasta luego y que le vaya bien.

monaghan: Obviously, I hope stents will do the trick. It's possible that doctors can keep the blood flowing in my arteries with medicine. I am taking stuff now. Still, I think that I have pushed it too hard and too long for someone who has had two quadruple bypass surgeries. You have been an astute contributor to the blog and I appreciate that. Best, Don Bauder

I share everyone's regrets and regard. Hope your health woes are short and your retirement long. Happy trails to you!

Cassander: Many thanks. You have been a perceptive commenter on this blog, and I appreciate that. Best, Don Bauder

Don - You've been a bright light in local journalism for as long as I can remember, and an inspiration to many journalists for speaking truth to power. I hope you come through surgery a champion and maybe come back to write an occasional special report. If you're up for a radio interview after your recovery, to share some highlights of your colorful career, I'd love to have you on my show. Miriam Raftery [email protected]

MiriamRaftery: I am a regular reader of your East County Magazine. After all, we lived on Mt. Helix for 30 years. You do an excellent job with that publication. It's remarkable how quickly you get fires and traffic tie-ups into print. Sure, I would love to be on your radio show. My phone is 719-539-7831. Best, Don Bauder

Caitlin Rother: Thanks for the kind comments. You are one heckuva good investigative reporter and writer. Your books prove that. Best, Don Bauder


I never got a chance to meet you and I never commented on your stories, BUT I always read them and read all the comments. Love how you always signed each comment and this last piece the same way you always do. Reader years have been my favorite as well and you are a true inspiration. I hope you get better and enjoy a nice retirement.

Best, Matthew Suárez

Matthew: Those are very kind words. In a way, though, I fear retirement. How does a work addict retire? I will figure out a way. Many thanks, Don Bauder

Caitlin Rother: It is always reassuring to get praise from someone who is such a terrific researcher and writer. Best, Don Bauder

Thanks for all the years of fascinating coverage, and especially the occasional kind word and helpful advice. Best wishes to you and yours in the days and years to come.

Dave Rice: I avidly read your stuff in the Reader. Many thanks, Don Bauder

How lucky we are to have you all these years with so many wonderful stories. Stories with information well researched, truthful, interesting, meaningful and moving. Your approach and leadership enlightened your readers. Your knowledge and ability to put together the pieces and people was amazing. You are true and genuine gentleman as demonstrated in your replies to those who commented on your articles. Don, you are one of kind and will truly be missed.

Don Bauder no matter what you wrote I always read each line. A thank you to the Reader for featuring this great writer and man. Don you are like a cup of coffee in the morning. A good start to everyday and always something to look forward to.

Much love to you! Best wishes for health and happiness.

Hereismycomment: Those are very kind words. I will cherish them always. Best, Don Bauder

Thank you for most of my financial education. Wishing you the best.

AlexClarke: The trouble with dishing out financial advice is that one can be wrong. I hope I am not. Many thanks for all the intelligent comments you have made on this blog. Best, Don Bauder

Mr. Bauder, I first came to notice your byline back in the days of your coverage of the J. David Dominelli/ Nancy Hoover scam. As someone who had something of a ringside seat to much of the action from my training and racing with Team J. David triathletes, I found your coverage to be accurate, informative and entertaining. Tom Shepard, Nancy Hoover and Roger Hedgecock were plotting how to criminally violate the campaign laws back then and Shepard ended up admitting criminal violation of the campaign contribution laws. Fast forward to today and Tom Shepard is promoting the SDSU West scam for developers. We will always need someone with your kind of investigative and reporting skills. Hopefully, Potter and others can fill your very large shoes. Best wishes in retirement from a long time reader.

In the spirit of Don Bauder's honesty in reporting and his encyclopedic historical memory of this town, thanks to you, beernsports, for noting the criminal past of perennial political consultant Tom Shepard in pushing the SDSU West "scam for developers." It is scandalous, but Shepard, like the rest of his buddies in this proposal, has a bronze face and depends upon the ignorance of the populace to skate. We are going to miss Don Bauder.

monaghan: I am in favor of the SDSU project, but not the soccer stadium hoax -- a scam for developers if there has ever been one. Best, Don Bauder

Touche, Don. I like the new faces behind Soccer City and the fresh notion of a professional soccer team for San Diego -- a world sport beloved and played by so many people.

monaghan: Your side is not likely to win, I believe, but I haven't kept up with it. Best, Don Bauder

We need to keep what we have for better public multiple uses. Can a YWCA YMCA rental happen?

shirleyberan: But the downtown oligarchs want to privatize everything -- with public money, of course. Best, Don Bauder

beernsports: Shepard has gotten away with murder in San Diego, just as he did in the J. David adventure. Another who got away with murder was Nancy Hoover. She was sentenced to ten years and only spent two in prison. She was released supposedly because she would provide information on Ted Pulaski. The government's case against Pulaski failed. I suspect Dominelli might never have pulled the Ponzi had he not been so mesmerized by Hoover. Best, Don Bauder

FJL: I'm not sure what you are thanking me for, but whatever it is, I hope you find satisfaction in it. Best, Don Bauder


like many of us, you are appreciated. best to wish we will see your wisdom and wit soon.


Murphyjunk: You have been one of the most percipient commenters on this blog, and I want you to know that I appreciate that. Best, Don Bauder

As a person with his own arterial challenges over the past 10 years I have personally witnessed great strides in the treatment of cardiac vascular narrowing. Starting out with multi-day stays in the hospital back ten years, to last year’s outpatient procedure, the practice of cardiac medicine and confidence of physician’s and their teams is well deserved. While every patient is unique and presents individually, some of us, as my cardiologist likes to say, are predisposed genetically to these kind of troubles. Nevertheless, even though you may feel ancient from time to time, the resiliency of our human anatomy, along with our faith keeps us going and going.

I too echo the wishes stated here for your rapid recovery. I also am saddened of the thought of your retirement and hoping you WILL choose to semi-retire instead, and will continue with a lightened writing load from time to time. All so WE, those who follow you here on the San Diego Reader, may selfishly continue to learn. And, for no other reason, to grow our vocabulary at the very least.

While we may not have always agreed on policy issues, I and so many others, have the deepest respect for the research and intellect you have put into each and every piece posted here. I especially want to underscore your willingness to respond thoughtfully to comments posted by readers. While this undoubtedly double, no, probably quadrupled your work, giving readers a voice in your stories is a testament to the honesty of your journalism. Something you and your family should take great pride in. Well done, young man, well done!

JustWondering: Young man? At 82? You have been one of our most knowledgeable commenters, up until today when you when you called me a young man.

I didn't look at commenting on every entry as work. To me, it was fun.

At this point I don't want to take the chance of semi-retiring. I want to listen to music all day and read books I have missed all these years. The first will be Woodward's "Fear." From what I have heard about it, I suspect I will agree with everything in it. Incidentally, Woodward grew up in the town next to mine, Wheaton, Illinois, and I knew his older sister, who dated friends of mine and went to Wisconsin when I did. Best, Don Bauder

To the Reader’s Publisher, The City of San Diego, and Mr. Bauder: I pray this is not to presumptuous of me but I suspect many feel as I believe.

We submit for consideration:

WHEREAS, Mr. Donald Bauder has been a force for good in the San Diego Community low these many decades both within and without the San Diego County Boundaries; and

WHEREAS, throughout the many many years Mr. Bauder has contributed financial reporting, rooted out wrongdoing and doers, revealed scams, scammers and revealing their schemes as well as plots, promoting the public’s understanding of these heinous crimes and civil malfeasance; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Bauder, has spoken “truth to power” to the leading to demise of scandalous politicians, and to the chagrin of those who promote political corruption; and

WHEREAS, during his more than 40 years at the Copley Paper and San Diego Reader Mr. Bauder mentored a younger generation of writers as well as peers to the betterment of both companies and the citizens of the San Diego community at large; NOW THEREFORE,

Should be proclaimed and bestowed the title of Editor Emeritus on Mr. Bauder. Not only for his lifelong accomplishments as a contributor toward the betterment of the people of San Diego County, and mentor to writers, but also as an enticement to keep on contributing as he sees fit during his retirement years.

JustWondering:That is very kind of you. Trouble is, I was never an editor of the Reader. I was a contributor. So how could I be editor emeritus? "Contributor Emeritus" sounds a little weird. I do appreciate the thought, coming from one of our most active and astute commenters. Best, Don Bauder

Well let’s just call it Honorary then. Either way, there is no doubt, you earned it.

JustWondering: If I earned it, it was with your help. You contributed a lot. Best, Don Bauder

Jamie Reno: You have had a stellar career, too. Many thanks, Don Bauder

Cecil Scaglione: Scag, you did a great job as second in charge of the business section. I remember when Herb Klein called you upstairs to talk about business coverage. I was not invited. I always suspected he hoped he would be rid of me soon. Best, Don Bauder

Peggy Palmer: You are so correct The first day of my retirement, I listened to Mahler's Second Symphony, Humperdinck's Hansel & Gretel and Bach's B Minor Mass. Best, Don Bauder

Thunder N Wolf: In 45 years of covering San Diego business, I covered the waterfront -- NASSCO, etc. -- surprisingly little, unless you count my attacks on the convention center expansion as covering the waterfront.. Best, Don Bauder

Chris Robbins: Some people, such as Herb Klein of the U-T, did not read me quietly. His reading was accompanied by much profanity. He would take my columns to Helen Copley, who would stick by me, with some exceptions, such as when I was suspended a week without pay because I was sitting next to Bruce Henderson at a debate about the stadium. A photo of the backs of our heads got in the U-T, and Klein rushed it to Helen. The punishment followed. Best, Don Bauder

Michelle Kiewit: Many thanks, and we will keep you informed. Best, Don Bauder

Don: You WILL be missed, but hopefully it will just be temporary. I've always enjoyed your work in the U-T, and The Reader as well. Get well, get stronger, and keep writing occasionally.

Sincerely, David Crossley

David Crossley: Under the name Aardvark, you have been one of our most astute contributors. Best, Don Bauder

Don: That means a lot, coming from you, sir. But one question--does that mean that under my real name, I wouldn't have been as astute? :)

David Crossley: That's easy to figure: is a David Crossley smarter than an aardvark? Best, Don Bauder

Don: I think that aardvark is smarter. At least on this website.

aardvark: The person who used the name aardvark on this website is plenty smart. Best, Don Bauder

Don, you are young by some standards. I like to think you will be back after a stint/stent to take care of things. We love you.

nostalgic: I heard a good one the other night. An old man was seeing the doctor, who said, "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you will live to be 100. The bad news is that you will live to be 100."

Don - I know what you are facing. The best advice I can share with you is to "just go for it" retire and enjoy your family and friends! You have been and will continue to be inspirational to me along with countless others! BEST

Founder: You have been one of our most perceptive commenters. I have enjoyed reading your entries and responding to them. Best, Don Bauder

This fan will miss the laughs you brought us, thanks to the local scoundrels. I can testify that a emergency stent saved my life. Dr. Psycholizard recommends Mahler's Ninth and Das Lied at night, and Eric Satie in the morning. I'm certain you will keep writing, but only what relaxes you. Thanks.

Psycholizard: I love all the Mahler symphonies, including the ninth, of course, and the tenth as completed by other composers. I absolutely adore Das Lied van Erde, and may play it more than any of the symphonies, although the 2nd, 3rd and 5th send me into the stratosphere. We heard a wonderful 1st at La Scala with Esa-Pekka Salonen conducting. Eric Satie? That's a little late for me. My tastes don't go far into the 20th century with the exception of romantics who wrote into that century, like Rachmaninoff. Best, Don Bauder

If you like the slow movement of Mahler's Fifth, try Satie's piano pieces. I suspect you already enjoy Debussy. Delibes and Ravel.

Psychodlzard: I adore the Adagietto from the Mahler 5th. Who doesn't? If I remember correctly, Leonard Bernstein had the music from the Adagietto buried with him in his casket. Among so many things, Bernstein deserves credit for letting the public know how great Mahler was. (Maybe the fifth best of all time.) Debussy, Delibes and Ravel -- yes to all three. And I would add Faure. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: Oops! It's Das Lied von der Erde. I inadvertently left out the "der." And it's spelled "von," not "van." Best, Don Bauder

Thomas Weller: And thanks for the solid tips you have sent me. Best, Don Bauder

Debbie Terry: I certainly hope to have more years ahead, but I am not sure I want to make it to 97, as my mother did. After a serious stroke, we brought her to San Diego, where she lived her last three years. I went to see her almost every day, and wheeled her around in her wheelchair, but she was miserable in her final years -- going blind and deaf, and unable to speak well as a result of a stroke. She was locked into a dying body. I don't want to go that way. Best, Don Bauder

Fred Rasmussen: I have heard you are ill. I would love to have coffee, although I don't drink the stuff. How about herbal tea? Give me a call. Don Bauder

Jeoffry B. Gordon: I hope my financial advice keeps you in good health. Don't count on it, though. Things look good now, but will go in reverse in a couple of years. Best, Don Bauder

Todd Wallace: The U-T has a story today (Sept. 20) of the reopening of that building. Best and many thanks, Don Bauder

Scott Kovacik: I chased the bandits until my heart gave out. Many thanks, Don Bauder

Darren G. Servie: Many thanks for the kind words, and for your contributions to the blog (if you were the Darren that posted.) I don't do Facebook but my email address is [email protected] Best, Don Bauder

Richard Ross: And thank you, too, for your activism in good causes. Best, Don Bauder

Milo Jensen: I was a paperboy in my youth, too, and got scammed, but never knew Copley was pulling similar stunts. My strongest memory is that we had a softball game between the paperboys of Glen Ellyn (Illinois) and adjoining Wheaton. It ended in a fistfight. I stayed out of it -- chicken as always. Best, Don Bauder

Don, I’ve followed your stories a long time, from before J. David at the Union-Tribune and then The Reader. To hold out to 82 to retire certainly underscores enthusiasm for your craft.

We will miss you! But some are breathing a sigh of relief, namely the local scammers, greedy developers, errant lawyers and dirty politicians. One less watchdog to expose their misbehavior.

I’m sure you won’t miss being hung-up or cursed out when contacting sources for comments. You can set your own deadlines now. As some people have said, you can now indulge fully in the other passions you love.

I wish you the best with your health and that you enjoy many long, happy years with your family and friends.



Ponzi: You have been one of my best sources for information. I feel I should be giving kudos to you, not the other way around. You are an amazing sleuth who found things I never would have found myself. Yes, I won't get the screams over the phone. But anybody who wants to be an investigative reporter must know this: you will get many screams and some death threats. I got five death and/or maiming threats along the way. Best, Don Bauder

Dan Bookman: And thanks to you, too. Don

Happy retirement, Don! It's been an honor to share a page with you.

Neal Obermeyer: You are a terrific cartoonist. Best, Don Bauder

Thanks for the hours listening and investigation my concerns on corruption in San Diego.

Please. Please join Twitter.

With Love, Katheryn

Katheryn: You gave me a lot of good information through the years. I don't do Twitter or Facebook. Should I? Best, Don Bauder

Just think Don, you do Twitter, then you can read all the early morning tweets from Donald Trump. It's really exciting, and your blood pressure will actually come down reading his tweets.

Darren: It's bad enough to read ABOUT his idiotic tweets. Please spare me from having to read them. Best, Don Bauder

Don - my previous submissions went in but didn't come out, so I was told. We can't know all things. I adore you. Maybe too simplistic, but I want to tell you: l-arginine converts nitric oxide and helps maintain blood vessel tone. At least 2xdaily,3 deep breathes, I'm sure meditation helps focus on self-calm-breathing but I don't have much patience for it. Studies have shown blueberries (1c daily) can reverse some heart damage. I do Trader Joe wild boreal from Canada little concentrated pesticide free. Vitamin D, Krill oil, CoQ10, not a nutritionist but read some stuff, still truth seek bee pollen (essential) amino acids. Aspirin for pain 2x2. If heart disease related to binge drinking had been common knowledge...

shirleyberan: When I meditate these days, I get very mad. I do take aspirin and eat blueberries. Best, Don Bauder

Of course, for a proper diagnosis, I'll have to examine you.

shirleyberan: You will be disappointed. Best, Don Bauder

Don, you are so humble. You are always the best looking man in the room and probably the smartest too!

Ponzi: The only time I am the best looking man in the room is when I absent-mindedly walk into the ladies' restroom. Smart? Remember the book about Enron was named "The Smartest Guys in the Room." I am about as smart as those who ran Enron into. the ground. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Oh, I have disappointed a lot of people through the years -- my wife, my parents, my sons, for openers. Best, Don Bauder

Tanya Mannes Castaneda: Yes, I have spoken truth to power -- and paid for it! Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Taking on the power structure of a city may be an act of love, but it generates a lot of hate. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Trouble is, when you take on the power structure, it has the money and the clout with the judges. Best, Don Bauder

On their part, not yours let me be clear. You're always "what would Jesus do?" and you probably don't even realize it, so pure.

shirleyberan: I don't follow any religion or its gods and leaders. Best, Don Bauder

Hi Don, keep exposing the bad guys: White light always illuminates the dark.

Darren: But my health gets in the way. The ticker isn't ticking as it should. Best, Don Bauder

Don: A long-time reader here. Congratulations on a job well done. Your reporting has made a real difference. I bet we (your followers) could come up with a long list of malodorous transactions that you were the first to report on, or the only journalist to report on. I'll start the list: The shenanigans surrounding development of the Ballpark. I also must praise your ability to turn a phrase. "Taxpayer-financed giveaway" comes to mind every time I see another "public/private partnership" scam percolating.


PS Take care of that ticker. Been there.

Jimgee: One thing I am most proud of is exposing crooks before government stepped in -- thus in many cases, saving investors money. Best, Don Bauder

We're losing one of the best – the best – in our industry. Keep in touch Don B. Comment often.

Ken Harrison: Those are very kind words and I appreciate them. Best, Don Bauder

Thomas Weller: Right now, a wind at my back could blow me over. I appreciate your help through the years. Best, Don Bauder


One of my SD sadnesses is that you and Ellen left town for Salida around the time I got going with feature work at the Reader. I recall interviewing Ellen about fairy shrimp and other botanical insights, many years ago. I would have loved to get to know you two better. Especially to share my own love of opera (Candide and Doctor Atomic in Santa Fe this summer: Were you there?). I do appreciate your responses over the years to my queries, and I always admired the thoroughness of your research and the doggedness of your digging, especially in pursuit of these land grabs and strutting developers, none of which see any greenery in Mission Valley other than monetary. A helluva reporter you were, a breed not dead yet.

Thomas Larson

nosralmat: Yes, Ellen often speaks highly of you and the reporting you do. I appreciate your work, too, but Ellen is the one who knows the scientific subjects.. I am sure we won't get to Santa Fe next summer, and possibly Central City and Colorado Opera, too. At this point, I cannot walk very far. Maybe I will be better in the summer. Best, Don Bauder


I didn't quite finish. I always thought of your articles to be so well sourced; I was confident that the people you spoke to (at least the men) were at work and wearing a coat and tie. But more, I appreciated that Jim gives us the freedom to write from a reporter's, an artist's, and/or a muckraker's point-of-view, and that you took advantage of a rare opportunity in financial journalism to advocate for economic justice. To be honest, that's the main reason I read you weekly--for the moral pungency that moved from your heart, as "bypassed" as it's been all these years, to your pen.


nosralmat: Yes, that is exactly what Jim Holman does: encourage writers to speak truth to power. Yes, it was an excellent opportunity for me. I hate to see it end, but my health prevails, and the news is not particularly good at this point. Best, Don Bauder

Peter Ward: Many thanks for the comments. I will miss this work. Best, Don Bauder

Don, you have helped to educate a great many people regarding what goes on in San Diego political and development circles. We are all the better for it. Thanks so very much for your honest, clear and reasoned approach, something that is not all that common these days. You are a wise man, and we are fortunate to have had the benefit of your wisdom. I wish you all good things, and hope to read more from you as your schedule permits. "Bless bless" as the Icelanders say!

eastlaker: And you fed me some great information, particularly about the attempted closing of San Diego Opera. Best, Don Bauder

Still think Filner was lynched?

Your horrendous, insulting coverage of that disgusting man and the stain he brought to our city will forever be part of your legacy.

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