Pick of the Litter is the pick of the litter

Plus other new movie releases, including The Predator and The Apparition

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This seems to be shaping up as the Year of the Dog in cinema, what with Alpha, AXL, Dog Days, and now the delightful documentary Pick of the Litter. After that, you may end up Searching for something else that's good as if it were some kind of ghostly Apparition. Shane Black's latest had more troubles than just allowing a Predator into the mix, and James Stern didn't really do enough to sort out the American Chaos that bothered him so. Paul Feig couldn't do us the Simple Favor of making a straightforward thriller, though some folks probably won't mind overmuch. And with so much unpalatable cinematic fare, you may find yourself craving some sort of visual Peppermint to perk up your senses, but alas.

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