Calif. insurance department hits NRA with cease and desist

At issue: Carry Guard policy

The policy holder must be engaged in an act of self-defense.
  • The policy holder must be engaged in an act of self-defense.

The California Department of Insurance yesterday (September 11) issued a cease and desist order against the National Rifle Association (NRA). The association sponsors Carry Guard, which it describes as a “membership carry program” offering comprehensive coverage and training for those carrying a gun.

The policy covers legal damages from bodily injury or property damage resulting from use of a firearm, air gun, bow and arrow, or trapping equipment. The policy holder must be engaged in an act of self-defense, using a legal firearm in hunting, trapping, or recreational shooting. There were 2,397 California residents with an active policy as of July 26, according to the order.

NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre sent a message last year urging members to”[s]ign up for NRA Carry Guard today!” according to the order. This was done without a valid license, says the Department of Insurance.

Yesterday, NRA said it has done nothing wrong.

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The order was, according to the state Department of Insurance, issued because the sellers did not have a valid state license. If that's all it is, I'd guess the matter can be smoothed out quickly.

Many gun owners are concerned that if they use one in self-defense will find themselves having to deal with criminal charges and/or lawsuits. So, they're looking for some peace of mind--just like buyers of most insurance policies.

Visduh: Yes, sellers didn't have a valid license. Yes, gun owners want protection in matters that they consider self-defense. Sometimes, there are disputes over whether a gun's use is in self-defense. Best, Don Bauder

How about a little more depth? Is Beccera behind this? Is the SD Sheriff finally issuing CCWs to good citizens? Is this insurance underwritten, and by who?

CaptainObvious: In posting a blog, I have to decide if it is worth more depth. I decided this one wasn't. Best, Don Bauder

Mike Murphy: This would be called a personal liability policy, as I read it. Best, Don Bauder

lots of other companies offering the same plan, no need for the NRA

Murphyjunk: But the NRA is worshipped by members, so it has a natural market. Best, Don Bauder

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