Hybrid Mule in Pacific Beach

Good for breakfast, brunch, lunch and/or dinner

Bub’s Pacific Peach Mule
  • Bub’s Pacific Peach Mule

Ashley Pelletier

Ashley Pelletier

The classic Bellini cocktail is a peach-forward Paris import inspired by the tawny-fleshed hues with which 15-16th century Italian master painter Giovanni Bellini often dressed his subjects. And now, Ashley Pelletier, a bartender at Bub’s @ the Beach, has traded out the Bellini’s old duds—the traditional champagne flute—for a copper cup.

Bub's Dive Bar

1030 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach

She calls it the Pacific Peach Mule (and judging from the public’s response, the big seller’s new look fits just fine).

Inspired in part by the breakfast bubbly of the Bellini and the end-of-day encore of the Moscow Mule, Pelletier says her hybrid is the newest addition to the pack of Mules already trotting the menu at Bub’s @ the Beach.

“Bub’s is known for its Moscow Mule,” she says. “We have a full list of Mules with different flavors – some with tequila, rum, gin, whiskey, you name it. We’re always finding new variations. Every month we come out with a Mule of the Month. We were looking for a new one for the summer and that’s what inspired the Pacific Peach Mule.”

The drink’s flexible schedule—showing up for breakfast, brunch, lunch and/or dinner—is only one of its virtues.

“Many of the different ingredients set it apart,” Pelletier says. “Topping it with champagne makes it a bit more upscale—and a good brunch option for clientele coming out in the morning to Bub’s. The one thing that really made the drink was the elderflower liqueur, which doesn’t usually go into a Bellini or a Moscow Mule, but adding the hint of floral makes the entire cocktail.”

According to Pelletier, this fruit-and-floral upgrade allows the traditional Mule to sparkle at its seasonal best.

“When you first take a taste,” she says, “you’re going to get a lot of fruity notes, tasting the peach from the vodka, first and foremost, and little hints of strawberry, and lastly finish off with the floral notes on your tongue, which is a nice little punch at the end.”

Bub’s Pacific Peach Mule

Pacific Peach Mule

Pacific Peach Mule

• 1.5 oz. Deep Eddy Peach Vodka

• .5 oz. Elderflower Liqueur

• 2 strawberries

• .75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

• Ginger Beer

• Champagne

Muddle strawberries in cocktail shaker, add peach vodka, elderflower liqueur, and lime juice, dry-shake, pour into copper mug filled with ice, top with equal parts ginger beer and champagne, and garnish with lime wedge.

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But the cup doesn't look like copper in the photo.

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