Kornhauser and Tordella welcome original jazz musicians to San Diego Sessions

Podcast guests span from the funky-pocket types to mainstream cats to the avant-garde

Jazz podcast hosts Ian Tordella (left) and Ed Kornhauser. “Together we’re like one super host.”
  • Jazz podcast hosts Ian Tordella (left) and Ed Kornhauser. “Together we’re like one super host.”
  • Darci Fontenot

“The podcast was my idea,” says saxophonist/recording engineer Ian Tordella about San Diego Sessions, the bi-weekly show he co-hosts with pianist Ed Kornhauser. “With all the new energy in the jazz scene, I knew it was time.... Ed was a natural choice [to co-host]. He plays tons of local gigs and knows everyone in the community, so he does most of the heavy lifting as far as scheduling interviews.”

Kornhauser adds, “We only feature people playing original music on the podcast, and in October, we’ll have streamed 50 shows.”

Kornhauser and Tordella welcome jazz musicians “from the funky-pocket types on one end, the mainstream cats in the middle, and the avant-garde guys on the other end.”

“We usually do tapings on Wednesdays,” Tordella says. “And the show is recorded at my studio Dirty Boulevard in Golden Hill. Ed books the guests and writes the questions, I take care of the technical side, doing the engineering. To use a sports analogy — he does the play-by-play and I mostly contribute color commentary.”

So how has the podcast evolved, and where might it be heading?

“We’ve definitely progressed from mediocre to average as hosts,” says Tordella, setting off a wave of laughter in the room. “But together we’re like one super host – so we’re growing into it.”

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