Child witness: boyfriend behaved badly

Argument in Escondido apartment

Taylor has stayed at their apartment “on and off” since the two women moved there.
  • Taylor has stayed at their apartment “on and off” since the two women moved there.

An Escondido woman claimed that an argument about sharing costs of an apartment ended with her getting dropped on her head. The alleged fracas occurred three weeks ago, on August 13.

Rochelle testified in a brief court hearing on Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

Rochelle identified defendant Dominic Danner Taylor, 34, in court. “He is my sister’s boyfriend.” She has known Taylor about two years, since she moved with her sister to the Hacienda Del Norte apartments in Escondido in November, 2016. Rochelle said her sister and the sister's daughter, moved in with her at the same time. The sister’s boyfriend Taylor has stayed at their apartment “on and off” since the two women moved there, Rochelle testified.

It was about 6 pm. on a Monday evening when Rochelle said she was having words with her sister, “We were arguing about rent and different bills.” Her sister left the apartment and got into her own car, Rochelle said, but boyfriend Taylor remained. “I recall saying that he needed to leave, he needed to get out of the house, and I didn’t want him here anymore,” Rochelle testified.

Rochelle complained that Taylor did not contribute to any of the bills, and he allegedly asked what he needed to pay for, and Rochelle reminded him that he used water and electricity.

Rochelle claimed that Taylor told her he did not need to “get out” and that she could not “make” him. That was when Rochelle grabbed an armful of Taylor’s clothing from her sister’s room, still on hangers, and started marching toward the front door of the apartment. She said she intended to “throw them out the house.”

Then, “all I remember is him rushing at me.” This statement was recorded on the body-cam of responding Escondido police officer, Richard Rivera.

The sister’s 15-year-old daughter spoke to responding paramedics and officers.

The child said she witnessed the boyfriend grab her aunt and pick her up to shoulder height and then drop her on the living-room floor. Rochelle landed on her back and hit her head on the ground, the child reported. Her aunt was unconscious about ten seconds, the girl reported, and she was finally able to awaken her. The girl said her mother had driven away in her vehicle, with her boyfriend.

The alleged victim was transported to Palomar Hospital. She said she suffered pain and headaches for weeks. Rochelle told the judge, “I would like some consequences for what he did to me.”

During her testimony, Rochelle said she believes her sister is still dating Dominic Taylor, because their mom saw him across the streets from her apartment, he was sitting in her sister’s car. And although Rochelle has not seen her sister lately, she still sees Taylor’s laundry.

Honorable judge Harry M. Elias ordered defendant Dominic Danner Taylor to face trial on felony assault charges. Rochelle was granted a criminal protective order. The defendant remains at liberty on bond.

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