San Diego one of best places to raise family

But high cost of living sharply lowers ranking

San Diego comes in 24th out of 182 in the best cities in which to raise a family, according to a new report by WalletHub, which does statistical studies of United States places to work and live.

San Diego ranks 8th of the 182 cities in family fun, which measures such metrics as playgrounds per capita, parkland aceage per capita, number of attractions, walkability, and, hardly surprisingly, ideal weather.

San Diego is 27th in education and child care, which ranks such features as the quality of the school system, high school graduation rate and child care costs. San Diego is 27th in health and safety, which ranks such factors as air and water quality.

But San Diego is 57th in socio-economic metrics such as the separation and divorce rate, families living in poverty and on food stamps, the wealth gap, and family debt levels. San Diego is a sorry 103rd in affordability.

The best city is Overland Park, Kansas, and the worst is Newark.

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Interesting that WalletHub doesn't mention political leanings. Kansas is a very conservative Republican state.

dwbat: But Kansas has been whacked economically. Gov. Brownback was counseled by former San Diego supply side economist Arthur Laffer. The state slashed taxes and now doesn't have the funds to support education and other governmental functions. It's a disaster.

Overland Park, however, is a rich suburb of Kansas City. Maybe it has escaped the woes. Best, Don Bauder

My point was that KS is Trump country. Overland Park is still in Kansas, even though it's affluent. So that in itself is enough woes for many to avoid moving there.

When the politicos talk about affordable housing many think they are talking about housing that working people can afford. Affordable housing is defined as housing that is 80% of the market rate. Most people who work by the hour can not afford rent that is 80% of market. When a developer agrees to set aside a percentage of their project they are not talking about income qualified Section 8 housing but the 80% of market affordable housing. Be it "affordable" or income qualified housing it is just another way government subsidizes low wage low/no benefit employers.

AlexClarke: Residential real estate developers promise to have a certain percent of their homes "affordable." But, as you point out, the definitions are the devils in the details: are those homes really affordable for middle-income or low-income families? Best, Don Bauder

dwbat: Good point. I guess I missed it. Maybe one should be hesitant to move to Kansas because of its self-inflicted economic woes. Best, Don Bauder

Its neighbor to the south (Oklahoma) also has decimated its public education. OK Teachers have fled to TX cities for much better pay, including Plano.

dwbat: Oh yes, there has been a lot written about Oklahoma's education problems. Teachers there have demonstrated and, as you point out, have left the state. Quite frankly, I believe Oklahoma is destroying itself. Best, Don Bauder

But on the bright side, they are building a new Bob Dylan museum in Tulsa, in concert with the University of Tulsa and Gilcrease Museum. Whoda thunk Tulsa would land such a significant music museum? But an Oklahoma billionaire bought the Dylan archives for $millions, and donated it.

dwbat: Sounds similar to Cleveland. It had (and may still have) the greatest orchestra in the U.S. so it built a rock and roll museum. Best, Don Bauder

Mike Murphy: Yes, San Diego's perfect weather was a part of the study. Best, Don Bauder

Well, not really similar to Cleveland's decision. The Bob Dylan museum will be near the Woody Guthrie museum, so that makes sense. I can also envision Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton museums there one day.

dwbat: I am not much on popular music, but believe it or not I have heard of Bob Dylan, Woody Gurthrie, and Garth Brooks, although I had never heard of Brooks until there was some Padres promotion featuring him. I have never heard of Blake Shelton. Best, Don Bauder

Shelton is one of the biggest country music stars in the country.

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