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Woman brings charges against Kellen Winslow from 2003

Kellen Winslow at Oct. 15 hearing
  • Kellen Winslow at Oct. 15 hearing

Kellen Winslow Jr. faces two more rape charges after a new accuser testified in a San Diego County superior courtroom yesterday, Monday, October 15.

Evidence photo of Winslow with alleged victim in 2003

Evidence photo of Winslow with alleged victim in 2003

The accuser said she awakened when Winslow was behind her, forcing himself on her, and pulling her hair; she said at the same time he was trying to push her face onto a second, naked man on a bed. This alleged sexual assault happened in June of 2003, when the accuser was 17 years old, a high school student, and had met Winslow at a party two weeks earlier. She said she was crying and pushing at his legs and saying “stop stop stop.” She said he “flipped me over” and continued to have sex with her. She looked to one side and saw a man with a videocam recording the assault, and there was one more man in the room, according to her testimony.

The woman said Winslow left the room, and one of the men helped her put her clothes on. While the one man was helping her dress, she said Winslow walked back into the room and said, “She’s a stupid bitch anyways” and then he walked out again.

The newest Jane Doe said she was 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 92 pounds at the time. Winslow Jr. was 19 years old in June of 2003. He is now 35 years old, and 6 feet 4 inches tall and 235 pounds.

Jane Doe said she started that evening at a party for another, graduating high school senior. Afterward she and a girlfriend identified as Nicole met Kellen Winslow and his friend, they were all fueling up at the same gasoline station, and they all agreed to go on to another party. “I was the only one at the time who did not have a cell phone,” Jane Doe testified. The accuser said she went with Kellen Winslow in his car, and she arrived at a home unfamiliar to her, and the last she remembered was sitting on a couch waiting for other partiers to arrive. Then she awoke being assaulted in a bedroom.

A woman identified as Nicole testified and did verify some of Jane Doe’s story. But the memories of each woman did not match exactly, and defense attorneys closely questioned each witness about details of what allegedly happened in 2003.

Jane Doe said that over the years since then, she has awakened screaming and crying, and she has flashbacks to the traumatic incident. A boyfriend and her husband are reportedly witnesses to her struggles. Jane Doe said that over time she has seen a therapist, and she is willing to have her medical records become part of the evidence in this case.

After she became aware of news reports about current rape accusations against Kellen Winslow Jr. in San Diego County, Jane Doe said she became “disgusted.” And she wanted to come forward to help the other victims.

Jane Doe said her husband told her it was a huge weight on her shoulders and caused her depression and if she told her story maybe she could move on.

Judge Harry Elias ordered Winslow Jr. to answer two new felony charges, forcible rape and rape of an unconscious victim, and set his next court date for October 30. Winslow Jr. remains at liberty on bond previously posted.

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He is in a serious fix. May we assume that victim's age at the time (under 18) extends the statute of limitations in this case? There's probably little chance the video of the attack is still around and could be found and entered into evidence. We can assume that if anyone still has it, it will soon be destroyed, if it hasn't been already. Well, innocent until proven guilty.

Wonder if it was "white privilege" that allowed Winslow to think he'd get away with it. No, it was "wealth and fame privilege." Shame, who's the stupid b%*#h now?

This dude has been a sexual predator his whole life. Let's stop being stupid and wonder "where does this behavior come from?" Either somebody taught him (learned behavior or emulation of somebody else's behavior) or his neural network is wired to be such a creature, or both. Most likely he didn't wake up one day and say, "going to start that life of sexual aggression and assaults today."

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