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1,500 pounds of fish planted on November 19

Gabriel Lerma with his 8.5 pound trout caught on the second day of the season.
  • Gabriel Lerma with his 8.5 pound trout caught on the second day of the season.

Dixon Lake, a small, deep reservoir in Escondido, was made famous as the home of an enormous bass. The trout can be quite large, too, and are caught en masse after the lake has been stocked, during the 40th Annual Dixon Lake Trout Derby.

Past Event

Trout Fishing Tournament

  • Friday, November 30, 2018, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Dixon Lake, 1700 North La Honda Drive, Escondido
  • $5 - $8

The day after the first plant of the season, a 7.75 pound trout was hauled in at Boat Dock Cove by Patrick Hodge. He used Chunky Cheese Power Bait, but caught his limit using Kastmaster lures. Gabriel Lerma caught an 8.5 trout the next day out of Jack Creek Cove with Smoking Jigs— so the fish are biting a variety of presentations. As the second plant of 1,500 pounds of fish was November 19, the population of trout should be substantial for the tournament.

The season opener was scheduled for the same day as the first plant, but had to be pushed back a day due to unsafe conditions of high winds and low humidity. That was during the first two days of Dixon’s trout season, and speaks well about how fast the fish are settling in. Often, stocked trout will be skittish and slow to bite for a few days after they are planted.

Stocked trout tend to cruise the edges when first planted, as though maybe they are looking for the exit, and can be sighted often from shore. For that reason, anglers fishing from land can do well. A boat is not needed to catch, but can be rented at the lake. Private boats, canoes, and kayaks are not allowed due to the possibility of introducing invasive quagga mussels.

The tournament will run Friday through Sunday. Prizes will be awarded for biggest fish with special categories for kids and seniors. Escondido Senior Anglers serve as weigh masters and will provide fishing gear, bait, and advice.

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