Bit her lip at Sunset Cliffs

“I don’t say surfing is an easy sport"

Masa Rogers: "I do get bothered by the crowds."
  • Masa Rogers: "I do get bothered by the crowds."
  • Name: Masa Rogers
  • Age: 40
  • From: East County
  • Location: Tourmaline Surf Park

On a crowded day in Tourmaline, Masa Rogers was walking to the showers while balancing a board over her head. “There’s a nice community out here. I know everyone so I’m comfortable coming down to Tourmaline. I do get bothered by the crowds though, especially in the summer. I’ve been around a lot of yelling and drama in the water. If everyone followed the rules, then it might be fine. But even if everyone followed the rules, there’s just too many people out there.” Despite the crowds, she insists it’s her favorite place to surf in San Diego.

Rogers has been surfing in the area for 15 years. “I don’t say it’s an easy sport. My first time surfing, I went out on a day that had hard conditions, and I didn’t like it at all. Two years later I tried again when there were small sets, like today. I caught my first wave and I got hooked. My life changed when I started surfing. Now all my friends and my life revolve around surfing, and I work at a Patagonia surf shop in North County.”

When asked if she’s had any wipeouts, Rogers laughed. “Oh yeah, all the time. One of my bigger wipeouts happened when I was paddling around Sunset Cliffs and wasn’t looking at the waves. A set came up behind me, but I turned around late, and my board hit my mouth. I bit down and cut my lip open with my teeth.”

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