The quest for silky smooth legs

“One quick stroke, even over knees — even over knobby knees — gets the job done.”

Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment With Coconut Milk And Almond Oil and Dorco Shai SoftTouch Six Blade Razor
  • Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment With Coconut Milk And Almond Oil and Dorco Shai SoftTouch Six Blade Razor

We Kellys are constantly running out of certain items, near-essentials of life: coffee, chocolate, toilet paper, and razors.

That last item is especially true, as the number of face and leg shavers in the house has climbed. Seems we’re always running out of razors. Correction, there are plenty of them sitting around in the bathrooms, but nobody knows who used which to shave what. The last time I used one of these mystery razors, my legs ended up looking like I’d run through a mess of cactus. “Never again!” I vowed.

The experience made me recall my growing-up days, when my dad had a silver-colored razor that sat on the top shelf of his medicine cabinet. I can still feel the heavy weight of it in my hand as I sneakily used it to shave my legs. The cheap pink disposable razors my mom bought for us always left razor burn, but Dad’s old school razor never did.

Dad’s razor being unavailable now, I asked a few pals what razors they have good luck with. “Funny, I was just discussing this with someone else,” offered Margaret. “I’ve only used lady razors a few times. Know what? They’re not as good as my husband Pat’s cast off razors. His triple-blade Gillette disposable-head razors he deems as too worn out for his face still have tons of use for my legs, and I rarely cut myself with them. Less money, less waste,” she added. (Gillette Mach 3, base razor, $8.79 at Walgreens)

“Silky smooth legs in the least amount of time possible and no nicks,” offered Teresa. “This is what I’m looking for in a razor. I’ll pay an extra few dollars for a razor that can keep up with my busy life without leaving my shower looking like a crime scene. Anyone else ever wonder how so much blood comes from such a little wound? I’ve spent hundreds of dollars experimenting with different razors, and here’s what I’ve found. If the blades are too close to the skin, you might get that silky smooth texture, but unless you are careful and meticulous in your strokes, you will inevitably get nicks, especially around those trickier areas. And some even cause mild inflammation and redness. The blades must be ever-so-slightly lifted. Also, the number of blades doesn’t seem to matter as much as the quality of the blades, and only name brands pass the test.”

Teresa’s razor of choice: the Schick Quattro. “It’s roughly the same price as other brand names, and one quick stroke, even over knees — even over knobby knees — gets the job done. And keep in mind that you will be saving money on special foams and creams, as this one doesn’t require any special skin prep.” (Schick Quattro, $9.97 for 1 razor and 4 refill blades at Walmart)

“I buy the Venus disposable razors from Costco,” replied Sarah. “With four females shaving in the family, it’s been a great option. With the Venus razors, you get a nice close shave but they are also easy on the skin. And they do seem to last longer than most other razors we have tried,” she added. (Venus Disposable Razors, 14-count, $21.99 at Costco)

Kathleen agreed. “I always use Venus,” she said. “They can be rather pricey, but the razor stays sharp for ages.”

“I like the Dorco Shai SoftTouch,” explained Rose, “because it comes with extra blades, and they are easily replaceable, and I feel smooth after shaving, and it never nicks.” (Shai Softouch 6 blade razor, $22.99 on Amazon for one handle and 10 cartridges)

“I like the razors with built-in shaving cream, even though it can be pricey, because I’m too lazy to find and use shaving cream,” answered Anne. “So I use the Schick Intuition.” (Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment with coconut milk and almond oil, $9.09 for 1 razor handle and 2 refills at Target).

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