City board to SDG&E: Drop dead

Will city compete with utility?

How would SDG&E shift costs to non-City customers?

Recommendations from an advisory board to San Diego's city council and Mayor Kevin Faulconer that a clean energy plan from San Diego Gas & Electric be rejected could clear the way for the city to form its own utility to compete with the energy giant.

"The Sustainable Energy Advisory Board for the City of San Diego cannot support SDG&E’s proposal for a 100% Renewable Energy Program as presented at this time," reads a decision from the board issued last week.

In late 2015, the city adopted a climate action plan calling for 100% of San Diego's energy consumption to be sourced from renewable sources by 2035.

According to the board, SDG&E has been aware of criteria needed to meet this goal for "nearly three years," but its proposals have been light on details. Last month, the board sent its latest request to the utility to respond to questions, including ratepayer fees to fund the transition to renewables or to allow them to opt out of utility service.

The latter option would be available should San Diego turn to community choice energy, a system under which SDG&E would retain ownership and maintenance responsibility for power infrastructure, but the electricity flowing through the lines would be purchased by a non-profit entity and then sold to ratepayers. Similar programs in Northern California have resulted in lower rates for customers.

A feasibility study completed last July and approved by the board in November found that community choice would be a viable option for the city, providing ratepayer savings even if the cost of wholesale solar power doubles as compared to current market rates.

"As noted in the Peer Review, 'the main challenge associated with SDG&E’s proposal is the requirement to obtain [California Public Utilities Commission] approval for any program…other challenges include how SDG&E would address potential cost shifts to non-City customers,'" notes the board report's conclusion.

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Sempra has filed that it's directly lobbying the city council and the mayor regarding "Energy procurement, emissions reduction proposals, and community choice aggregation," and seeking an outcome of "Neutral." At the same time, they've hired the so-called Responsible Solutions LLC (and the chair of Kev-boy's personal "charity," Lani Lutar) to lobby to ensure "Evaluation of Community Choice Aggregation...takes into account new and pending regulatory and legislative changes such as the exit fee."

In other words: heads they win, tails we lose.

Sempra has raped SD ratepayers for far too long! Remember that Gov. Brown's sister is on the Sempra Board and "they can do no wrong" for their shareholders"!

SD ratepayers will only pay LESS if any other options are available to them to offset what SDG&E are getting to charge them.

Remember CHOICE always results in lower Energy bills since those supplying that Energy must compete for your business, which is why SDG&E is trying to stop Community Choice from becoming an option for SD Ratepayers!

Want to learn more, see what other localities are now paying for clean energy now they they have instituted Community Choice!

Don't continue to be a SHEEP, be wise like an Energy Fox, the money you save will help you enjoy a better quality of life.

Remember SCE and SDG&E ran San Onofre over its RED LINE and that resulted in both reactors new steam generators (that were designed "in house") being damaged more than any other reactors steam generators in the USA "fleet". The CPUC not gave SCE and SDG&E no fines but also saddled SoCal ratepayers with billions in "lost profits"...


I think the use of the word rape is at the very least unwise, if not downright inappropriate given today's climate. As for Kathleen Brown, she's only been on the board less than 5 years and is merely 1 of 14. I don't think she has nearly the sway that you think she does, Governor's sister or not, and especially not over the 4 board members who have been there barely a year or less. These shenanigans by Sempra have been going on much longer than 5 years and I would be looking at the ones who have been there for close to 2 decades, like William D. Jones, William G. Ouchi, or Bill Rusnack. I mean if anyone one the Sempra board is complicit, you have to look at these guys, right? And what about Lynn Schenk? She was the chief of staff to Grey Davis for God's sake, not to mention also being on the board of the California High-Speed Rail Authority. And with Debra Reed stepping down at the end of the year as president and CEO, will she maintain her position on the board or relinquish it to another new member. I mean come on man. Lose the blinders. It seems there are characters far more devious to worry about than Kathleen Brown, yet some how it seems you ignore them all the while being somehow fixated on her. That is not the CaptD/Founder we've come to expect. Oh, and how about giving us something useful, rather than just a link to another 2 year old rant.

Just my opinion.

Opinions vary.

Good Reply Thanks for the food for thought!

Utilities should be ratepayer owned. Compare Sempra to the Imperial Irrigation District. IID is ratepayer owned and their rates are 40% lower. They have the same equipment, same management, same well-paid workers. The difference is profit for the shareholders.

LA has had a duel system for decades. Depending on where you live, you get either SCE (for-profit) or DWP (non-profit). Anyone know how that system originated?

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